Our Understanding of Memory Is Limited


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The human body is a truly amazing place, and we have to learn to conserve it, on a day to day basis.

It is very imperative that we conserve the human body, because if we don’t we shall surely die one day, and be the maggot’s food.

We need to know, exactly what it is, that we put into our bodies, if we don’t then we won’t be able to have control of the things which manifest out of our body, because we don’t know what we consume most of the time.

We need to have control of the body, and always be on top of things we consume, physically and spiritually, so that we may live on this earth a little longer.

When we don’t take care of our bodies, we are committing suicide, and we don’t even realize it until, it is too late.

Therefore, awake, awake, and take care of the only temple you have, in order for you to be able to continue to enjoy all the things of this life.

In today’s article we are going to talk about memory, and how it helps us cope with a life, that is so complex for many people.

This life is a complex life, for many people, but if you learn to stay in school and sharpen your brain, you will be able to cope with a very complex life, which grows in complexity, every day.

Learning will help you with your memory, which is a very important to you, to be able to function in this life.

We have limited understanding, of memory, due to the fact that the word brain, means different things to different people.

However, many of us do understand that, the brain is the biological organ, used for thinking, intelligence, reasoning, language and memory.

The brain is a very fragile organ, when neurosurgeons have to fix it, they have to be very careful, when they handle the brain.

The brain have to be handled with care, because neurosurgeons, can actually cause a hemorrhage, due to the fact, that the brain is surrounded with blood vessels.

The brain is divided into separate areas, and regions, which have their own complex function; therefore, neurosurgeons need to be very careful when they handle the brain.

When you plan, think and monitor, for example, you would be using the frontal lobe of the brain.

Each parts and regions of the brain, have their own appearance, micro-anatomy and function.

The brain is the organ involved, with your memory, and to have a better understanding of memory, we need to understand the brain.

If you don’t understand the brain as a whole, then understanding bits and pieces of it, will prove to be very difficult.

Your memory, is there to serve you, record and register, the things that matter the most, or provoke a stimulus in your life.

Your vision, is one of the most used senses, of your brain, to record parts of your life, and is also part of the memory system.

When you record something with your vision, there is a proper, beginning, and ending period, that your memory will retain an image.

Things in the brain are very precise and the beautiful part about it, is that you don’t have to do anything for things to work correctly, all you have to do, which is very important, is to take care of your brain, by reading books and going to school.

You need to sharpen your skills within your brain or you will start to lose things, such as memory.

Your vision, is the key to your memory’s beginning and ending story.

For example, for how long do you think, you can remember a person’s face? Not for long right? Well that is what we are referring, when we say that, your vision has a beginning and end period, it gives your memory, the power to retain a photograph image.

Some images, you may never erase from your brain though, as much as you want them out of your life, they will always follow you, for the rest of your life.

Your memory, also stores things, for a very short time, regardless, of the sense that was used to store that information.

Meaning, you could be blind and still remember something that happened to you, you only need your vision, to retain a photographic event.

When information is in the short-term part of your memory, that image or experience will be destroyed, almost immediately after that experience or image have disappeared.

However, if the subject, who is holding the memory, would like to retain that memory, for a while long, he/she can.

Neuroimaging technology, has allowed us to pick into the normal functions of the brain a bit deeper, we are now able to understand how memories form, how they store information and how they find information when we most need them, during a test.

We are still working to fully grasp the idea behind memories though; we have not yet, reach a level of understanding of the brain, where we feel comfortable to eliminate many of the epidemics that are plaguing us today.

A lot of the brain still remains a mystery, and we still have to do more research, to understand, the correlation, between brain function and memory process.

The question that still bugles my mind though is, where in the brain is your memory being stored? Well we will try to answer that question and many other questions, which you may have in mind.

However, the brain is a very interesting area of study, which is still very foreign for many doctors.

You will find that there are tremendous practical applications, in understanding how the brain, forms, stores and retrieves memory.

The type of cells that form your brain, is known as neurons, these are biological cells, which are responsible for transmitting and retaining information.

Without these cells, you wouldn’t be able to use your brain, you would be brain dead, if you didn’t have these specialized cells.

The basic building blocks, of your entire nervous system including your brain, is known as the neurons.

The information that travels through your body, uses a huge network of communication, formed throughout your body by the neurons.

Your neurons also supply with nerves, all the sensory systems as well as your muscular system, so that you are able to move around, talk, think and most importantly remember.

Your brain needs to stay connected to the rest of the body, and a network of neurons, which travels all throughout your body, helps your body and your brain stay connected.

You need to understand fundamentally, how neurons transmit information throughout the body, if you want to understand how your memory works.

When you look at neurons, you’ll find that it has a nucleus, similar to any other biological cell found in living organisms, which also is in your body right now.

The nucleus, contains the chromosomes, which contains the genes, and each individual gene contains a DNA, which codes for a specific job, inside a living organism.

The mitochondria, Golgi apparatuses, and other organelles are found in the soma or cell body of the cell.

The soma or cell body is the part that surrounds the nucleus, of the neurons, and allow the cells of your body to work properly.

Neurons are similar, to all other cells, of the human body, because they are both structured the same, but they don’t perform the same function.

The other difference, you would also notice about the neurons, are the fibers that extend outward from the soma, also known as dendrites.

Through the dendrites, the neurons are able to transmit information, throughout your brain, and through the body, using the nervous system.

If brain cells, didn’t have dendrites, then your body wouldn’t receive any information from the brain, to execute commands.

The very fact that you are able to read this article, is an example of how dendrites work well, within your brain, because they signal your body about anything interesting you may find on this website, such as this article post.

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, the neurons are able to communicate through dendrites, because one leads out of the neuron, and another type of fiber called axon comes into the neuron.

Through the neurons of the brain, the transmission of information in the brain occurs, due to small electric pulse, which are happing in your brain.

Some of these electric pulse are taking place right now, for your brain to allow you to read this article.

You may have neurons with hundreds of dendrites, receiving all types of high and low pulses.

The voltage that neurosurgeons see, is known as the cell’s potential of electricity.

Other than electricity, there are also chemical processes, which keep the message from one neuron to the other strong, through the axon.

A synapses exist between neurons, because neurons don’t actually touch each other, for the transmission of information.

Here is where the chemistry of elements, come into play; through a little nodule called terminal button, neurotransmitters are transmitted, one an electrical pulse, reaches the end of the axon.

Some of the chemicals, found that are being released by the end of the axon, are dopamine.

The flow of information in the brain, is both chemical and electrical, the electrical part of the transmission, happens with the dendrites, while the electrochemical part of the transmission happens at the axon part of the neuron.

During the transmission process, things are stored in your memory, which build your personality and gives you a character.

Memory is undoubtedly, a major part of our everyday life, and as we get older we seem to forget things, which are very basic to us, when we were young and had all the energy in the world.

Memory is defined as the application of knowledge over time, but you need to continue to gain that knowledge or upgrade it, so that you are able to never forget things.

If you don’t use your brain you will surely lose your brain, and will be a brain dead.

You will forget, very basic things, trust me, as you grow older, so you should be in the business of always challenging your brain, and putting things to practice, which you have learned throughout the day.

The brain on its own, does not have complete control of creating your memories, storing them or retrieving them.

The memory system, is controlled by something that is above our knowledge, and we can’t understand it as of yet.

If we understood, how our memory system worked, we would be able to understand a lot about life and death.

However, this is not the case, one of the first things that happens to us, is that we forget everything when we die.

This is why I claim, that we don’t know nothing about memory.

You may be wondering, how do I know that when we die, we forget everything, right? Well, you are right, we don’t tend to forget everything, but we do become something different, when we die, and our memories change dramatically, because we are something totally different, because everything about us changes, when we pass away.

As we get older and older, we forget people’s names, family’s faces and we even forget how walk, to the point where we need a walker to be able to properly walk.

It is not a mystery though, but most of us don’t want to believe, that The Most High, created all of us and that we owe our existence to Him, so He is in control of our memory, He is also in control of our lives, and He, only He decided when we live, or when we die.

If you really want your memory, to work, at all times, then you need to be in prayer, and talk to The Most High, so that He may have mercy on you and let you keep your memories, other than that, the only memories He may allow you to keep, would be those that make you feel uncomfortable and beat you down like a dog depending on the type of life you lived on earth, if you die one day.

Hopefully though that won’t ever happen to you, because you can live for ever.

Thank you for reading this article!!!