Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

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The programming arena, is growing by the minute, you have to understand that many people, are starting to open their eyes, to the many benefits of learning how to program with a programming language.

Therefore, you too need to get in the game early, so that you don’t feel as though, you have been left behind.

CSS Can Make Your Life Simple

In today’s article, we are going to talk about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how it can make your life a lot simpler when you use CSS.

Simply put, if you want to add styles, such as fonts, colors, spacing, text-size, headings to your documents, etc.

… You Need to Utilize the Power and Versatility of CSS.

If you don’t know how to use CSS, you will have a hard time, updating your website, when you want to make site wide changes to your site’s style and look.

It is very important for any website developer, to understand how to use CSS, if they want to make their lives much better in the future.

When you build websites, you will understand the power of CSS and therefore, you will be happy that they do exist.

You will not only have a better handle on your styles, for your documents, but you will also be more organize, when you develop your web pages, and want to change the feel and loo of them, all at once.

CSS Allows Web Developers to Control A Websites’ Style

You will not be stuck having to change the entire website, page by page, but you will be able to make a change in one document, which will change you entire website.

Using cascading style sheets, is the standard of the web space, so if you would like to build a website, you better make sure that you know CSS, before you jump into that arena, or else you will have a hard time developing your web pages.

If you don’t learn to standardize your coding skills, you will always seem to be an amateur, even if you are an experience programmer, because you haven’t learned how to take advantage of the tools, which are available to you online.

Best Features CSS has to Offer

One of the best features of CSS, is that you can use, customized fonts, to deal with your fonts issues, it is very important, in the website world, for you to be able, to have your fonts, right.

When you don’t have control of your fonts and they don’t appear right on your website, then you will be in big trouble, because you won’t be able to, retain your visitors, and your website will fail.

One of the main reasons, for developing a website, is to gain and retain visitors, when you are not good at that, then you might as well just pull down your website, because it doesn’t serve any purpose.

King Info Life Serves A Purpose

King Info Life, serves a purpose, and that is to bring to you, the most up to date information, about medicine, science and technology.

Your fonts, are extremely important, in the website world, because it does something, to the mind of your visitors, when they come to your website, which makes them want to stay and come back all the time.

Your fonts can also help your visitors to have an easy read while they visit your website.

Lucky for you though, you have available at your fingertips, thousands of fonts available to you online to choose from, so you won’t have to be coming up, with your own fonts, but you could, design your own customized fonts.

Developing Website Using CSS Makes The Experience Much Better

I know many people like to work a little harder on something they hold dear, such as their website, therefore, they take their time to build everything from scratch.

However, if you would like, to move things a lot faster, with your website, then all you have to do, is find the customized fonts which best suits your websites needs, download them and use them on your website.

In order for you to do this though, you’d have to make sure that there are no issues, with your website skills, for accomplishing this task.

You will need your website coding skills, to be very good, because somethings may go wrong, and it will not be as easy as you may think.

It is Always Tricky to Develop A Website

Website development is always trick, and things can and will go wrong pretty easy, so don’t expect for things to go as plan, when you are developing your website.

Downloading your customized fonts, and installing them onto your website, is different for each working environment that exist today, so you’ll have to also keep that in mind.

If you for example are working with Drupal, then you can either, make your fonts, load up from Google’s server, if you are using their fonts, and/or from whatever server, you are using to download your fonts.

You can tell Drupal, to download the fonts, directly from the CSS files, through a link, you can set up on your files, on your local machine and download them from there; or you can just copy, and paste the whole CSS code, that the link renders, when you click on it, to your HTML page.

The third choice is of course not recommended, because your code will not be well written and your website will have latency issues.

We all know what happens to websites that are very slow to load up information, they of course are thrown out of our book mark list.

Keeping things Simple and Moving Fast

You eventually want your website to be bookmarked by your visitors, so keep things simple, and moving fast.

You should also know, that in Drupal, there is also a module that can help you with the transforming of your website.

This module, can help you deal, with your customized fonts, that you find online, or the fonts files you create.

You should also know, that when you go online, in order to download your fonts, you will be downloading certain, type of files.

So be aware the types of files; you will be downloading online are many of them, and you can find the list online, we won’t be getting into that list, but the most used ones, are: .OTF, which stands for Open Type Fonts, .TTF, which stands for True Type Font, and .FNT, which stands for Windows Font Files.

A Website is An Application

Font’s files, can be accessed by operating systems, or an application, such as a web site.

Yes indeed my fellow reader a website is a type of application, it is not just a bunch of documents thrown together.

In Drupal, you would be able to easily manage, your fonts through the font’s module, and you won’t have to deal, with certain issues, that may happen, when you try to fire up, your downloaded, fonts, from different servers.

Use the Right Server for Your Website

You can’t always rely, on someone else’s server, to always, be working in order for you to build your website.

So try not to build your website around servers, which you are not paying a lot of money, because it will cost you at some point or another.

Your website, will only rely, on the server that you are paying for, if you are not paying for a server that you are using, it may not always workout for your website.

A good example of this, would be if you are using Google server, for the fonts, that would be used on your website.

You may not always, be able to download the fonts, from Google directly, using just a link, on your CSS files, you may have to download the CSS code, from Google, and use the fonts that way.

Use The Tools and Resource Available to You

If you don’t use Drupal, or any tool or resource available to you, to use fonts. Then you will have to do some, file downloading and you would have to place your downloaded files, in the right place, in order for your fonts, to be visible on your website.

Dealing with fonts, in today’s website arena, is not as easy as you may think, because fonts, have become, a lot bigger in complexity and you may have, to do some minor coding, just to use them, so don’t underestimate fonts, you may pay a huge price, if you think you are just going to use any fonts on your website.

Don’t Just Create your Own Tools and Resources

You have nothing to worry about if you are not creating your own customized fonts. However, if you are planning on creating your own customized fonts, then you’ll have to do some coding, because you have to end up with a .ttf file, .otf file or a .fnt file, to name a few.

You will find tools, though to create your fonts, so you don’t have to worry about too much coding either, when you create your own fonts; however, you will have to worry about knowing how to use these tools, which can get complicated.

You will have to be a designer though or a painter, to be able to create your fonts, because you will have to draw your fonts, either on a piece of paper or you can also, draw them digitally, with a stylus pen and a pad.

When you draw, out your fonts, you’d have to start with the alphabet, use punctuation characters, graphics, characters and accent characters, to help you with your fonts.

Creating Your Own Fonts Can be A Pain

Once you have drawn out your fonts, now it’s time to scan your paper, you would want to use a 200 dots per inch setting (DPI).

The scanned image, has to now be converted, into a vector, you would have to use a vector graphic for your conversions to happen.

The best way to create your own fonts, though, is using the edit tools that are available to you online.

You won’t have to deal with, scanning anything or having to use several editors, just so that you can create your fonts.

Use the Features Available to Develop your Website

You will find all types of, useful features, on these tools, such as editing, image creation, image conversion, image import, and many other features. Which will allow you to definitely, draw up your fonts, and create them on the fly.

You don’t have to worry about, all the headache that comes, with creating fonts the hard way, when you don’t use font creation editing tool.

Fonts as mentioned before, are an integral part of CSS, and we had to address them here, because in today’s website arena,

There are Many Fonts, that are Being Created.

The complexity of the website, technologies which exist today, have pushed CSS. To become more and more complex every day.

Things are not easily being done, anymore, you can’t just add some CSS to the HTML tags, of your web document anymore, because it has been proven to be very difficult, to style your HTML documents.

Besides, with the many devices, which are appearing today, your websites, have to be well presented to the public, so that you don’t fall behind, and lose visitors, due to user experience.

Learn to Follow Online Trends

Losing visitors, due to user experience, is not an easy thing to experience; you also will learn that, it would take you almost forever, to get back, to where you were with your previous website, when you have a bad reputation.

We can all see these trends, with many social networking website, because these websites, don’t give the user, something valuable, or a good experience, that they can learn to take home.

Website Can Flop and Become Forgotten

A good example of a flop website is MySpace, we all know MySpace and how bad it did, after it reached so high, but many people have forgotten about that website.

CSS though, is for websites, which have something very valuable, and that is full of information, as well as updated information.

Some people believe that, just creating a website, and allow other people, to come and do the same things over and over again on that website, that people will not become bored, eventually and leave you website for ever.

Well, CSS or how good your website looks, will not be able to save you, the only thing that will save you, in the online world, is information, if you don’t have it, you will lose in the online game, and your website will go to the dark side of the Internet.

So yes, get your fonts right, and learn CSS, when you are trying to develop your website; however, at the same time, you may want to make sure that your website, has a lot of valuable, quality information in it.

Thank you for reading this post!!!