The War We All Have to Face In This Life Time

war within

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As we grow older in this society, we all seem to understand, the rules and regulations, of this society.

We all have to remember that we must follow the laws of the society we live in, or else we all have to pay the price and be judged, according to our doings.

Many of us of course don’t follow these rules, and as a result we have to pay a hefty price with our lives.

When we don’t want to pay attention to the laws of the society, and we all choose to treat each other and the world around us, very spitefully, we are calling on spirits, which can only bring about trouble to our lives.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about war, and how it resides in the hearts and minds of mankind. We are also going to talk about the different types of war that exist in today’s world. Because the war that involves guns and physical battle is not the only war that exists.

We see war around the world, all the time, which occur in every country. None of us unfortunates is exempt from the war that we all have to face one day or another.

The governments of our countries, put the people in very tight situations, where we find that innocent lives, are now fighting the senseless wars of many leaders around the world.

The fact that we all have to fight to do something great in life, is a testimony that we have to face the reality of war.

War comes to us in all forms, it doesn’t have to involve just guns, bullets and bombs, and it can also involve your health and a terminal illness, which would plague you for the rest of your life.

You can also face financial wars, and wars in the education and transportation systems of your countries.

If you don’t have any health issues, it is a good thing, because you won’t have to worry about fighting any illness, in your life time.

However, many people around the world are fighting every day, to continue to live a normal life, but they really can’t because their reality prevents them from doing so.

The reality of so many humans is that, they have to fight a battle every day, so they find themselves in this war, which they have to win.

The main reason we must win all of our wars, from the smallest to the least, is because our lives depends on us winning the wars we face daily.

It is not an easy thing to experience, to have to fight with an illness that wants to take you out.

You have to harness your will, and have courage to take yourselves out of that situation, because if you don’t, you could lose your life.

When you are the one who is fighting the illness, you can have all types of issues during the process and you could possible lose the battle if you don’t become smart and try all types of things, in order to heal yourselves.

The people who are blessed enough to survive terminal illnesses, also have to deal with the aftermath of the terrible experience that they just faced.

These people are capable of developing other problems, even after being saved from dying, because the experience of facing death can be traumatizing and leave a scar forever.

Fighting against an illness is very difficult, and sometimes we all join in the fight these illnesses with the victims of such illness.

We all do all kinds of things, such as running, raising money and even research to find cures, which can help those, who have terminal illnesses.

However, you should know something, none of these cures were made easily, because a lot of spiritual warfare was fought to bring to you the medications, which are available to many, for an affordable price today to save lives.

Some of the medications however, have to also be on a close watch, because they usually kill people more, than help people.

Life is an everyday fight, which you must learn to win, if you want to get anything good out of it.

If you don’t learn to win in life, then you will create a culture of losing and you will be defined as a loser and a failure, because you don’t know how to win at the game of life.

You should also know that the war within us, is real and that if we don’t win that fight, we surely are looked as losers, and really dumb at the game of life.

A person has to win in the game of life, when people don’t win, other people think they are dumb and stupid.

I know you don’t want to be the dumb person in the room, and among your friends, so why do you not try to achieve something and fight in life, so that you can too be a winner in life, and not just someone who was born out of luck.

If you are part of this life, you have to work very hard and never let your enemies defeat you.

Remember that we still do pass away, and if you die, there is no coming back from that, you will just be a dead beat type of a person.

You will be six feet under and you will not come back from that, because there is no coming back from death.

The war is real, and it rages on and on for a very long time, and you have to be ready to face the war that is waiting for you.

Don’t run away from the war that rages on and is waiting for you to face it, and fight it so that you can become who you were called to be.

If you don’t fight, you will not have a chance to win, but if you fight and you lose, you can always come back and try again; however you must fight.

War is defined as a state of armed conflicts between two nations, or two different groups within a nation.

But so far we have been talking about the other types of war that happens within you, or the wars that you have to fight to stay alive if you are faced with an illness or a touch situation in your life.

We haven’t really talked about the war that you fight if your country, is in war with another country.

When this kind of war happens, then you better know that the people of both countries have to fight to the death to keep their freedom, and keep from being colonized by another country.

If the people refuse to fight, then there will be sadness, because the party that refuses to fight will be taken over, and the other party, who is willing to fight, will definitely spoil that nation, that refuses to fight.

Wars between countries happen all the time, we live in a world currently that does not condone wars.

Actually, people encourage war, because we hate each other with such a passion that, it forces us to act on feelings, which are not necessarily the right way to feel.

When you don’t want to be part of a country that goes to war all the time, you may have to leave that country and forfeit your citizenship all together, but it does not matter, because you will have to face war, one way or another.

The wars that happens, between countries, are very vicious, and they are nothing to play with, because many people die, and many more are injured or misplaced.

War does not bring anything good, except for those people who win, because they get to take spoils of wars.

The world was shaped once, by the many wars, which were led by the colonizers of the 1600s.

As you may remember, the colonizers went throughout all the world and conquered many lands, which did not belong to them.

However, the colonizer still massacre many people, who were innocent, and those who did not agree to give up their lands.

Colonizers, still went throughout all the world and took everyone’s land, they also gave the people of the land new cultures, new languages and a new way of life.

The new things which the colonizers brought to the inhabitants of the land, were all devastating to the original people of the land.

The fact that today, there is a very small number of Natives in all the lands, where the colonizers arrived, should tell you that only the colonizers benefitted from all the colonization that happened mainly during the 1600s and 1700s.

Colonizers are still colonizing other people’s lands, and taking what is not theirs, they are also killing many people and enslaving those who survive the killings.

We are living in a world that was built of off the blood of many natives and Africans, who had to take a boat trip from Africa to America.

We are not pointing any fingers here, but we do have to mention the fact that, there was a land, which was inhabited by people, and the people of that land are no longer with us, because they refuse to fight and win.

Therefore, they were genocide, to the point of extinction, and those who were brought to the land from Africa suffer tremendous psychological problems.

The Creator, is not well pleased with all the killings that took place to build the current world that we see today.

We are not religious here at King Info Life, but I must say, we do read the bible a lot, and according to the bible we are going to go through some very difficult times, in the near future which will bring about many wars, because The Creator wants to free up His people.

Who would have known, The Creator’s people are still in captivity, according to the bible, this is the reason why the world is still going strong.

However, the captivity of the God’s people is about to be over and they are about to rule the world.

So that the face of the earth is in peace and we can all, learn how to really live our life, according to the word of The Most High power of Israel.

I should mention that the bible describes God as a man of war, so if The Creator is a man of war, one can understand why we live in a world that is full of wars, internally and externally.

The war that rages on externally though, is usually the manifestation of the war that is going on in the minds and the hearts of people.

For example, race wars are nothing new to this earth, we have seen many groups of people hate each other with a passion due to their race, or color of their skin.

The fact that someone can hate another person based on the color of their skin, is something that originates from internal conflicts, which have not been resolved within the people who hates.

Religious leaders have also had to speak on the fact, that many of their believers fight each other, to the death because of their differences.

Religion has been a key role, in the shaping of our world, the way that people think and interact with each other today has been shaped, by the religion that they follow.

Many people who are of one religion, usually will not talk to people of other religions or consider those people to be worth their time.

Another battle that rages on is the battle of the sexes, so far the women are winning, because everything has been changed to please women, because they are considered to be the weaker vessel; therefore, today women rule the world.

Many men believe that men rule the world, but I beg to differ, today in the twenty first century, the world has been shaped to please women.

We have to really look deep and see the time in which we live in right now, we don’t have control of this world and The Lord of lords is coming back to get everyone who is going against the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High.

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