Setting The Right Configuration Key to Healthy Environment


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Setting The Right Configuration Key to Healthy Environment In life, the hard part happens, when a relationship begins, everything in life, have to have a relationship, for things to work.

During the relationship though, there are things, which both parties who are involved in the relationship, won’t understand.

Such things, will make both parties, frustrated, because there is little to no understanding, between the two parties.

When there is no understanding, between two people about a relationship, then things can go sour quick, and even a break up may happen.

Configuration In General Is Very Hard

In today’s article, we are going to talk about configuration, in general, and how it is very hard to get things going. In any type of system, if the configuration is not done right.

Sometime, a simple configuration issue, can lock you out of your system, and give you a headache, which can last for days.

In an environment, where things have to work together, normally and in harmony; in order for the system, to work for every participant involved, things have to be configured, the right way.

Do the Configuration Right The First Time

If the configuration is not done right, the whole system, including the participants can and will suffer.

A line of communication, have to always be maintained, and a level of agreement, have to exist between the parties involved.

When the configuration, is not done the right way, you will see many problems happening with system, which is trying to become a reality.

A Relationship Can Be Compared to Configurations

In a relationship, the configuration would be referred to as communication, health, finances and goals; the agreement between the two parties, would be the right configuration.

However, when the two parties, involved in the relationship, do not agree with each other, then many problems arise.

A relationship, can also be compared to a system of things, where parties organize together, in order to form something new, which didn’t exist before.

But for this new thing to exist, there must exist a level of agreement or the right type of configuration, which can’t be broken.

Communication and Configuration

So we will be using configuration and communication here interchangeably, throughout this article post, to refer to agreement.

A relationship or a system, have to have its participants, in agreement, in order for that system to bring forth, something new, which is of value to real people.

However, setting the right configuration takes time, and sometimes, the smallest things in a system or a relationship, can turn out to be a bug, which can spread like a cancer, throughout the whole system, and destroy that system or that relationship.

Find The Bugs and Make your Life Easier

Finding bugs, in a system or relationship, is not as easy as you may think either, because these bugs, are usually rely hidden and can be difficult, to be discovered.

You have to do a lot of digging, you can’t see these bugs, unless you do your research and you can’t never, ever give up.

If you give up on finding the right configuration, then your system will fail, as well as your relationship, with a person.

You must understand that you will achieve your goal, but the most important thing, is that you never give up, even when things don’t look good.

Find that Bug Your Life Depends On It

Sometimes, finding a bug in a system or a relationship, is so important, that your life may depend on it.

For example, when your body is not responding to any treatment, of a disease you may have, such as high blood pressure.

When your body does not agree with what you are doing, then there is lack of communication, between your body and you.

Therefore, you need to find a better approach to healing yourself, the better approach would involve finding the bug, which is keeping your blood pressure high.

AIDS is Killing Many People

A good example of this, is AIDS, we have not yet been able to resolve this issue, and it is plaguing the human race, similar to a cancerous virus.

We can’t seem to find that bug, and the life of thousands upon thousands of people, are being lost every day.

Doctors, have a conundrum in their hands, and unless they are able to find that bug, they won’t be successful at saving, the people who have AIDS.

So far AIDS has claimed the life of many people, because we don’t have the knowledge, to figure out how to find this bug and kill this bug.

Sometimes, bugs are very obvious in a system as well though, but this is sometimes, it is not very often.

Finding Bugs is Not An Easy Task

Most times, finding bugs, is not an easy thing to do, and you have to dig very deep, within a system or relationship, before you find that bug.

The bug is sometimes so obvious that you refuse to believe that, you have found the problem, within the system.

Therefore, some people would stay stuck on stupid, trying to find a complicated answer to their solution.

Once you find your problem though, it is now time to act and fix your system, against that bug, unless you want your system, to be destroyed.

Acting to kill the bug, is not that difficult, but you have to act fast and never lose focus, because if you do, a bug can end up killing you, even if you know, what is causing the problem to your system.

Don’t be confused, neither, systems, relationship, and an environment can and will be destroyed. When the participants of that system or environment or relationship, can’t seem to agree on anything, due to a minute misunderstanding or bug.

Figure Out How To Fix Your System and Find that Bug

Also, when a bug is around a system and the participants, can’t seem to find that bug. Then it is time to do some configuration, and try to figure out how to fix the system. By first agreeing that there is a problem, and then make the necessary steps, to solve that problem.

You have to look and search and research, and study, and search again, you have to pay attention, read, re-read, write down note, and do all you have to do, to figure out, what is going on with your configuration when your system, environment or relationship is not working right.

I you fail to find Alright, well I hope I am not confusing you, because there is no such a thing as configuration, in a relationship, you can maybe have a, communications problem, but you are not literally going to have a bug in a relationship.

But you could have a problem, which could be annoying, it could feel similar to an annoying bug.

Humans Destroy The Planet

In an environment, the same thing is the case, you won’t see a bug destroy an entire habitat, but you will see a slew of them, destroy crops, and make the lives of many farmers, miserable.

You would also see us, humans, destroying the environment, in a scale, which is destroying our very own planet.

We are some kind of creation, we destroy our own environment and don’t think, there is anything wrong with that.

We are Still Talking About Configurations in General

In this article post though, know and understand, that we are referring to these terms, interchangeably, because, the scope of the article, is to understand, relationship between participants, in a given system or environment or situation, whatever that may be.

In computer and programming though, bugs and configurations make more sense, so we will spend the sometime using these terms with computers.

Alright, let’s continue on, in computers, you have to make sure that your configuration, is done the right way.

Or else you will sure, go through hell, because a bug in your programming, can make your life a living hell.

When I say a living hell, you can literally go through hell, and not even be able to get out of it, until you are able to master troubleshooting and solve your bug problem.

You Can Spend Hours, Days Or Weeks Finding A Bug

You can spend hours, days or weeks, trying to figure out a problem, in computers, because bugs are not easy to find.

When you find them though, you will be amazed at the simplicity of your problems, especially, if you ask a colleague to help you figure out your programming problems.

You will be able to find your bug though, but you have to be diligent, you have to do your research and you have to pay attention, to what you are doing, else you won’t never be able to find your bug, and you will look stupid, in front of your colleagues and/or friends.

You Have to Take Your Time With Relationships

The same thing goes, for a relationship, when you don’t take your time, to work out your communications, finances, health and household issues with your partner, you will both have a hard time, trying to enjoy being together.

Therefore, you will simply find it much easier to live, separate lives, when this is never the case.

In a relationship, communication is the most important thing, without it, you wouldn’t even have met, your partner.

You not only have to be able to communicate with you partner, but you also have to have a level of agreement, in the things, which you both are doing.

It will surely not be good, for neither one of you, when you don’t communicate and when you are not able to find common ground.

If Communication is Not Part of Your Relationship You Will Separate

Both of you will not work out, and eventually, you will see separation, because neither one of you really enjoyed, each other, instead, you too ended up destroying each other’s lives.

If you are going to be with someone, make sure that you are thinking long term, don’t you ever just be with someone for the moment, money or for vain reasons.

You will regret it later in life, because separation from a person you once loved, is not an easy thing to do.

However, if you are just there for fun, then have fun, but know one thing, life is a serious business.

Sex Is Deeper Than Just Sex

The one night stand, forget it, don’t even do it, it will only cost you, your lives, if you are not protected, and nine time out of ten you will not be protected, when you are having, a one night stand because you want to feel that person.

Sex is deeper than just casual sex; however, our society have regarded sex as something that is very common, and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

When in all actuality, if you are planning to have sex, with someone, be prepared to be with that person, for a long time, not just for a short time.

Chose The Right Partner

Choosing your partner, when you are always thinking long term, becomes more complicated, because you do have to find, common ground, and you can’t be unevenly yoked either.

If you are unevenly yoked, you will eventually suffer the consequences, and even if you both love each other, you will have to leave each other, because you were not made for each other.

We Are Still Talking About Configurations

Communication, agreement and good configuration, have to be there for things to work together, perfectly in a system of things.

If the right configuration is not done at the beginning, then you will have to face the consequences, which awaits you for not configuring your system or relationship, the right way.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you are responsible for configuration of your system and relationship, because you have built it.

Don’t let someone else come into your life, and tell you what to do with your life, because they will most then likely give you some advice that is not good for you in the first place.

Of course, some people do have good things to say, but they are not there to live your life or make important decisions for you, you have to ultimately make that decision.

Do your Configuration Correctly The First Time

If your configuration is done right though, and you are able to work around all the bugs in your system. Then consider yourselves bless, because The Most High, had mercy on you and gave you a brain, that can think beyond a problem and not just about the problem.

Many people think about their problems, and don’t even think past their problems, to a solution.

This type of thinking is killing a lot of people and will destroy our society as we know it.

Thank you for reading this article post!!!