Our Un-appreciation for The Planet is Killing our Home

The Destruction of Our Planet

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The earth was given to us to inhabit, and enjoy, we also were given this world, because we as humans need to live somewhere and The Creator of the universe knew that, the earth was the perfect place for humans.

We have to take care of our planet, if we don’t the creator will descend upon us and make us understand, the purpose for life.

We, as smart as we may seem to be, are always on the business of destroying our beautiful world.

We are the only creation, which self-inflicts themselves, meaning we are destroying the very planet, which keeps us alive.

It is seriously idiotic, I don’t understand why we have to be so stupid and destroy our planet.

We don’t appreciate anything anymore, because there is so much of it, and we didn’t work to create any of it.

We continue to pollute the air, the water and our environment, and we are starting to see that, the earth will no longer be friendly to us.

The planet will retaliate soon, and The Creator of all things will come back to repay those, who are in the business of destroying the planet.

In today’s article we are going to talk about our un-appreciation for the things which are very vital in life and which continue to keep us alive.

We are also going to talk about, how humans don’t have any appreciation for the things we have today.

We are very ungrateful toward the earth, we don’t know how to take care of the planet, which is nurturing and taking care of us.

We simply don’t care to take care of our world anymore, because we believe that it is unnecessary for us to take care of our planet.

However, it is necessary that we take care of our planet, because if we don’t we will not have a planet anymore.

We will soon find out, that we are making a terrible mistake, and that if we don’t learn to take care of our planet, we shall pay the price for our actions.

We wake up every day and don’t take the time to first and for most, thank The Most High for all that He has given unto us.

The air, the sun, the water, the earth and the sky were all put together by Him, so that we may have a life to enjoy and freely live.

We also have to follow His laws, statues and commandments though, we can’t expect to do whatever we want and not follow what The Father says.

When we go and try to disrupt what He already created, by putting our two cents into His creation, we learn that things can go south very quick.

We don’t have the human capacity, to think similar to God, we can’t do it, He is real and He is the God of all living flesh and all the spirits, we need to get in line quick, if we want to continue to live.

A good example of what I am trying to say here, is in the food that we eat every day and the food that we use to feed our children every day.

The food we use to feed ourselves, has become corrupt and unreal, because we have changed, the DNA make up of every food that is in the stores today.

Why do we have to do this? As if what was already created is not good enough for us to eat, now we have to purposely, change the DNA.

We don’t see how changing the DNA make up of foods, can someday have very detrimental damages to our own DNA.

Thus giving us illnesses, which we were not supposed to deal with, in the first place, but we do it anyways.

We go out of our way to create food, which are obviously not good for the body, because we don’t believe that the food that was create for us, by Our Creator, is not good enough for us.

We have to stop thinking that we know something better, than what is already here, and that we can come up with something better than creation itself.

We can’t do it, we will never reach that level, because we were not made to reach that level of knowledge.

We somehow believe that we can be wiser, than The Creator of the universe, how stupid can we be? We believe that we can create, better food than what has already been created for us, because we don’t believe that The Creator exists in the first place.

How stupid can we be, to believe that The Creator of the universe does not exists and that we are here by mere chance? The Darwin theory is a whole lot of baloney, and who ever said it was a good idea to believe in the Darwin theory is stupid for that one.

We shall soon find out though, that The Creator is not here to play with anyone, and that He didn’t create the earth, so that we could destroy it.

He will destroy us first, then those who still don’t believe in The Creator, even after seen him, will have to pay for what they did in their life time, there will be no repentance for a lot of people.

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, The Creator does have a side, you may not want to meet, because you will be consumed quick.

He does become very angry, and His fury is like no other being’s fury, The Creator is unique and He is nothing to play with, so I hope you are not out here, thinking that you can do whatever you want with your life.

The earth was created for a purpose, and whatever it is that each and every one of us is thinking to do with this planet, is going to be wrong.

I am sorry to tell you, but The Creator has a purpose for His creation and if a person is not in accordance with The Creator Himself, that person will be destroyed.

We do need to be aware of the existence, of that higher power, which controls all things, on this earth.

We cannot and will not be on the face of this planet, doing whatever it is that we would like to do, because the creator is watching and He does bring His judgement to the world every day.

You have to follow His laws, statues and commandments found in the bible, so that nothing evil will happen to you.

If you don’t believe me, you need to look around you and see that there are, in the world people dying every day.

We also see many of the deaths, or the majority of them, happening due to natural disaster, which is an act of The Creator.

I mean even when someone murder another person, The Most High has to first give the permission to make the death of the person happen.

When The Most High does not give the order, for someone to pass away, then that person, will certainly not pass away, trust and believe me.

God visits the world, in fire, tornadoes, earth quakes and many other things, which He uses to judge those people who are really evil on this planet.

Trust and believe me, if you are an evil person, don’t expect to be alive for a long time, because The Most High power of Israel, will certainly make sure that you are brought down low, and eventually killed.

He will embarrass you first though, and make an example out of you, so that other who are coming behind you don’t get it twisted.

Don’t get it twisted my friend, The Son of The Most High, will come back and He will judge this world, you better believe it, so get your act together.

We know here at King Info Life, that no one wants to die, but one has to wonder, why we are destroying our planet, by polluting our environment, killing the animals, overusing the resource and committing sin.

Pollution is a threat to our planet and we should treat pollution similar to cancer or HIV, because if we are the victims of pollution.

Our planet suffers as well, but we don’t see the repercussions, because the damage that we do to the earth, does not affect us right away.

Instead, we have to wait for a very long time, to see how damaging our actions really are to the world that we have today.

Once the damage is done, and we finally decide to get up out of our butts and do something about the earth being destroyed; it is too late, by then it is way too late.

Our earth could end in a blank of an eye, but re refuse to see that, because we are so ungrateful of the things that we have.

We also don’t consider the things that makes us humans, we instead try our best to dismiss anything that makes us humans.

Then we turn around and justify our actions by saying that we are actually doing something good for humanity.

A good example of this are cars, yes indeed, I do personally own a car, but I also do know that the carbon dioxide emitted by cars every day, is not helping our environment.

So yes, cars are very useful and they are used for a very good purpose, but we have to wonder, if our comfort is worth the damage that cars are causing to our world.

We really have to wonder, if we have the need to use the cars, we have created to transport ourselves, from point (A) to point (B).

When you think about it, cars are actually causing more evil than good, because, many people die in car accidents every year.

If you own a car and drive back and forth to work, you’ll find that you have to deal with traffic, and dealing with traffic is very evil.

I know because I’ve had to deal with the work traffic in America, it is called the DMV traffic, highway 495, during rush hour.

If you don’t have to deal with traffic to get to work, then good for you, but you have to deal with other surprises that the road has in store for you, wherever you are in the world.

We don’t seem to see the damage that cars is causing to this world, but we will soon realize that, although cars are very useful, we should definitely create a different way to move around this earth.

But we won’t, we won’t consider that our world is dying due to our actions, and that we need to really to move in the right direction, to be able to protect our world.

We really can’t let this earth go to hell, we have to change our ways of obtaining resources from the earth.

Now you are probably going to wonder, how we do that, how else can we obtain, the natural resources from this earth and use the earth wisely, so that we don’t destroy the planet with our evil actions.

Well that is easy my fellow reader, what we have to do is realize first as a whole, that there is A Creator who created all of us.

He can teach us how we can deal with the planet, without destroying it.

We have to realize that there is a higher power, and that power has the wisdom and knowledge we all need to protect our planet and ourselves, from ourselves.

But, I don’t think any of us will want to try that, because many of us hate the fact that God is real, and that He created the universe.

But is okay, because The Creator will not allow us to destroy this beautiful planet, He will not allow us to commit self-suicide, because He has a higher purpose for this earth, even if we can’t learn to see it.

If you don’t learn to recognize that The Creator is real, you will have to face the consequences, and pay for your ignorance, because you didn’t even give that thought, some type of consideration.

Thank you for reading this article!!!