Sexual Immorality is a Sin in They Eyes of The Most High Power of Israel

sexual immorality

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Alright, my fellow readers, please excuse my language, in advance, this article post, may or may not offend some people.

If you do feel offended though, please don’t continue reading, but if you are offended and continue reading this article, then continue at your own risk.

I am not going to promise, that I will respect anyone’s opinions, this is why I am telling you in advance, to continue at your own risk.

But if I do offend you please do accept my apologies, my intentions are not to offend anyone; however, I have to tell the truth.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the sexual immorality, which is happening in the land today, during the twenty first century.

The sexual immorality we are seeing today, is also being targeted to the younger generation, in today’s society.

When it comes to sexual acts, which are deem immoral, we are performing all of them, without regard, in today’s society.

Most of us don’t even know, how to stop these sexual acts, because we have been so immersed in them, for such long time that, we don’t even know, how to act differently anymore.

Many of us have forgotten the line between, immoral sexual act and moral sexual acts.

All we know, is how to be whores (for women) and whore-mongers (for men), as if we don’t have the ability, to control ourselves.

But I guess we have lost the ability to control ourselves, because we are committing all kinds, of sexual immorality, that have ever existed.

We as humans, believe that our sexual immoralities, are not going to catch up to us, we also believe that we don’t need to confess our sins to The King of kings and repent from our sins.

We will surely pay, for all the sexual immoral acts, which we perform on this land, trust me, the bible talks about it.

If you don’t believe me, go to the bible and read it for yourselves, please do your research as well, sexual immoralities, are paid for in this life, not on the next life.

Don’t you think, for a second, that your sexual immoralities, are not going to be accounted for before you die, of your own sin; I mean, who is going to pay the price of sinning, Jesus? You are sadly mistaken my friend, read your bible careful, and don’t let anyone interpret nothing in it for you.

Someone has to answer for all of the sexual sins, which have been committed and continue to be committed on the land and it won’t be Jesus, trust me.

The so called “Jesus” is actually going to come back and punish the world, for their sins.

Even the younger generation is being attacked, by all the media, which promotes sex and immorality.

My fellow reader, your body does not belong to you, and your sexual organs, were not made for your own pleasure.

You have to learn to follow, the laws, statues and commandments found in the bible, which were written by The Most High, regarding sexual immoralities.

If you don’t follow, these laws, statues and commandments, then you will surely have to pay for your wickedness, and the land itself, will make you feel as though, you are an unclean person.

The land will make you feel unworthy of being alive, and you may just commit suicide, if you don’t die of a trauma or natural causes.

The earth will make you feel as though, you don’t need to be on the land, but you need to return back to the dust, meaning it’s time for you to die.

Guess what??? When the land vomits you, The Most High listens and watches, and acts upon your actions, because He has the power to do it.

The sexual acts that are deemed immoral, is any type of sexual activity, which is outside of marriage.

So if you are having sex with a person, and you are not considered to be married, to that person, by today’s standards, then you are sinning in the eyes of The Most High Power of Israel, and He will surely put you to death.

I mean look at all the sexually transmitted diseases, which are happening today, why do you think, The Most High allows them to go rampant on the land? You think we have control of what’s happening in life? Well if you think that way, you are sadly mistaken.

Some of you may not agree with me, because you think you have control of your own life, and you can have sex with whoever you want, whenever you want.

Unfortunately for all of you who are sex addicts, this is not the case, you have to be married.

If you are married, then you can have as much sex as you want, but outside of marriage, you may not want to sleep with any person.

Women can only marry one man, and men can have more than one wife, however, marriage must come first, before sex.

In the bible, marriage, is considered to be, when you sleep with a woman, then you have married her.

You don’t have to go to the court house, feel out some paper work and say I do in front of a clerk, to be considered married in God’s eyes.

If you sleep with someone, then that person becomes your spouse at that moment, when you slept with that person.

Therefore, this means that the boyfriend, girlfriend system, which we have going on for ages, is totally wrong.

WHAT??? I know, I know, you are surprised, or maybe offended by what I am saying, but, and I mean big BUT.

When you think about it, look at all the issues that have manifested in today’s society, due to the fact that people just want to have sex.

Back in the day, when people were forced to be married, before they even thought about liking someone, we didn’t have this many baby mamas and sexually transmitted diseases.

Children were being well taken care of, and society was better because of it.

We were better off back in the day, when people were forced to marry early in age, seriously.

When you look at the statistics, the numbers paint the story of how much, is sexual immorality, damaging our society.

If you as a man are not ready to marry the woman, you want to sleep with, then you should not touch her, because she has to be some other man’s wife, and she is not yours to touch.

The same thing goes for the women, if you women are not ready to be, with a man, whom you want to have sex with, then you should not sleep, with that man, because you are just lusting after that man, and that man, belongs to another woman.

I base my philosophy on the bible, it is plain and simple; therefore, I take many of my teachings, about life from the bible.

The bible is the only true word of God and everyone on earth will learn to bow down, to the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Besides, if people followed the simple rules of the bible, all the broken hearts, and the baby mamas, as well as all the sexually transmitted diseases, wouldn’t exist today.

Due to the fact that people, wouldn’t just sleep with each other, unless they were ready to be married.

Another, system that we have going on, in the twenty first century, which is considered a lewd act, is bestiality.

Or when humans sleep with the beasts of the fields, I am sure you have heard of this, or you have seeing it on television, or on a computer screen.

Bestiality, is real people, we need to learn to avoid it, and follow the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High.

Bestiality is punishable by death, in the eyes of The Most High, if you are a person who likes to sleep with dogs or any other animal, I suggest you stop, because God will eventually destroy you.

Another system that is being widely accepted, is homosexuality, people need to learn to stop doing this, because The God of Israel, will destroy those who engage in homosexuality.

Besides, what is the purpose of people who are home-sexual? Those individual have no purpose in life, the only purpose these individuals, have in life, is to confuse the masses and bring destruction to themselves.

Don’t you know that The God of Israel, will destroy all the homosexuals that exist today in the world? Watch and see it for yourselves, if you don’t believe me, because I know you don’t agree with me, about homosexuals.

Sexual immoralities are running wild on the land, and the land will vomit out all its inhabitants, who are not worthy of being alive anymore, according to the word of the Lord.

But you won’t believe me, will you? You will continue to live in sin, and continue to commit those immoral sexual acts, which you may consider to be fine, but are immoral in the eyes of The Most High.

If you do continue to live a life, of sexual immoralities, you will suffer the consequences, and you will not like, what is going to happen to you, because you didn’t believe in the word of the Lord, you rejected truth, and continued to commit all types of sexual sin.

So yes, my fellow readers, it is a sin to sexually put yourself, in harm’s way.

Although you may think that you are having fun, you are really destroying yourselves.

If you don’t do something to mediate the situation, or take care that you don’t perform sexual immoralities anymore, you will surely be put to death, by The Most High Power of Iareal.

It is not a joke, my fellow readers, this stuff is serious, and you need to stop.

Because being sexually immoral is not the purpose God created us for, therefore we need to stop committing ourselves to sexual immorality, so that you are clean and holy, as your father in heaven.

Another type of sexual immorality, which is destroying humanity in the twenty first century, is porn.

I can’t even begin to express my concerns, for the people who are dealing with porn addiction.

It is hard, I am not going to lie, I know because I had to face the porn demon as well, but I successfully defeated, the porn demon.

I am not condemning anyone, I am not saying that, there is anything wrong with porn, but you should be careful with it, because when you watch porn, you are playing with fire, and well you know what could happen, when you play with fire.


So be careful, with the things you watch online, and how long you watch it for, because in today’s world is almost impossible, to not see someone naked.

Practically, everyone today, is naked, but you have to be vigilant of your eyes, so that they may not fall into sin.

Can you watch porn sometimes, I don’t think there is nothing wrong with it, if you are trying to educate yourselves, or if you are trying to spice up the bed, and would like to gain some pointers.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful, because a demon may take possession of your soul, family and friends.

I would say go ahead and watch porn, however, if you have a wife, who satisfy you sexually, and you don’t have the need to watch the porn, then don’t watch porn.

But if you do it any ways, then you have some problems, because porn should only be used, when you are not being completely satisfied.

Last but definitely not the least, of the sexual immorality activities, that we engage on, is homosexuality.

I need to drive a point, this is why it is being mentioned once again, but with a twist.

I left the best for last, I know, but we do have to address this mistake, that many people are committing.

Homosexuality, is wrong, no matter how you look at it, if you are not smart enough to recognize that, then maybe you should take a biology class and really understand, how the body works, in order for you and I to be part of this life.

All you homos, should be shipped to your own island, and see how long do you survive, without reproduction, and all types of sexual immoralities.

What kind of man, would think to have sex, with another man’s behind? Oh that’s right, homosexuals; that is straight up nasty, and it doesn’t make sense.

You fruitiest are going to die, because God owns this earth and everything, that is in it.

If you don’t learn to follow, his laws, statues and commandments, found in the Holy Bible, because you want to follow, after your own carnal lust, then be my guess, because when it is all set and done, The God of Israel, will bring a sword, and He will chop up everyone, who is committing sexual immorality, especially you homosexuals.

Trust me, you don’t want to meet the wrath of The Most High, but I guess you do want to fight, God.

I mean, who thinks to fight God, The Mighty, The One and Only, The Creator of the Universe, you know how crazy it sounds, for even thinking, that we really could, fight Him, and win on top of that.

We are a truly insane creature, no wonder, why The Most High regretted creating us during the time of Noah.

If you don’t believe me, then don’t, and don’t bother coming back here neither, because you’re stupid energy is not welcomed here.

Capish? Thank you for reading this article!!!