Make Mistakes Learn from them, Laugh About them and Move Along


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Our lives is a wonderful experience, which we sometimes, tend to not appreciate, because, we don’t believe that we are worth anything.

The life that we live, is only given to us, because a higher being decided to make us.

He made us not out of obligation but out of His own purpose, I am not going to say here, that our creator made all of us out of love, because I would be lying to you.

Not all of us were made out of love, some of us were made, for the purpose of destruction and destruction only.

I know it may sound harsh, but this is the cold hard facts, some people’s lives are really not worth a damn.

However, for those of us who were made out of love, we are worth something, we are worth greater than gold and silver, to The Creator of all things, but we need to learn this knowledge, otherwise we will put ourselves in situations, where we ought not to be.

In today’s article post, we are going to talk about, facing the consequences of the bad choices we all make in life.

We are a very smart creation, as a matter of fact, we are the smartest creation, which is capable of obtaining wisdom.

We are a creation that is full of wisdom and understanding, but yet we tend to do, the dumbest things.

Not sure why, but we do what is wrong all the time, because we don’t tent to pay attention to the sign.

We are also been given chance after chance to get it right, but we fail to take advantage of the opportunity, in the life of the opportunity.

Then, we finally decide that we are going to take our blessings for granted as well and we don’t find any value in life.

One of the reasons why many of us don’t find any kind of value in life, is because many of us stop growing, we stay stagnant and paralyze in our thinking.

We don’t stretch ourselves any more, we are satisfied with a dead end job, and assume that life is alright.

Well I have new flash for you, if you believe that your life is alright, it is.

You don’t have anything to look forward to, except a raise at your job, and your couch when you come home.

Once people become satisfied with being average, then their quality of life is average, because they decided to make all the wrong decisions in their lives, when an opportunity presented itself.

Once you choose to make the wrong choices, life almost always, makes you pay for your mistakes.

You don’t get to get away with it, oh nooo, you have to pay for that you did wrong.

If you don’t think, you are going to pay for what you did wrong, ask the people who are paying now, for their bad judgment and life mistakes.

Don’t be fooled and deceived, into thinking that you can get away with anything, because you will not get away with anything.

Even, if you repent of your sin, and don’t do it anymore, you still have to make some type of payment, either with your life, your time or your money.

Whatever, it is that you have available and it is of value to the person you owe, or to life itself, you’d have to pay with that.

It is what it is, if you don’t like it, you’d have to become accustomed to that, because this is just the way that our current life, has been established.

We don’t tend to believe that, we pay for our bad choices in life though, because we don’t get to pay for them until after a while, and a long time, of making the same mistake over and over again.

Some of us do pay immediately, and those of us who end up paying immediately for their mistakes in their lives, know exactly, why their life sucks at the moment of judgement.

The majority of us though, don’t pay immediately for our mistakes, and we tend to not make the connection when judgement comes to our lives.

However, there is always that day, when everything changes, and you just have to appear in front of a judge, so that you may be judged, for all the works, that you performed with your hands, here on earth.

In that day, there will be no escaping, because you will know why you paying and you will be okay with the punishment, because you did commit the crime and feel terrible about it.

Certain crimes will make you feel so terrible, that you go right ahead and punish yourselves, but for those of us who don’t have a conscious, the judge of all judge visits them and bring evil upon their lives.

The good choices you make in life, are judged as well, don’t just think that, you will be only judged for all your bad choices, people are also judged for their good choices and their good deeds during their life time here on earth.

You are also judged, for that which you did, that is deemed to be good and that which is deemed to be bad.

However, whatever it is it has to be good or bad, in the eyes of your judge, if is not deemed to be good, in the eyes of your judge then, believe me you will pay.

You will pay, even when you think you should not pay for what you did.

Some people don’t believe that when they do things such as, eating the wrong food, or dressing inappropriately, is not a sin against The Creator of all things.

The life that you have is not yours, and the choice you make in life, have to be carefully thought, before you are able to make them.

Don’t just take hasty decisions, just because you thought it would be a good decision, people need to base their decisions on what The Creator says, because our duty and purpose on this earth, is to fear The Lord and keep His commandments, according to the last chapter in Ecclesiastes.

When you take, sporadic decisions, then you are telling yourselves and life itself that you want to live a sporadic life; therefore, that’s exactly what happens to you and to your life.

Sporadic things, start to happen, and then you wonder why your life, is all of the sudden so unstable and unbalanced; as if you don’t have control of your life, and of the things that are happening to you.

You do have control though, of everything after you are born, because you don’t have control of your life, when you are in your mother’s womb, if you don’t believe me, then ask your mother, if you asked her to be here.

Of course not, you didn’t have an idea of what being here was, before you were born, you didn’t have control of anything.

You don’t have control of your current life either, just of the decisions you make, you do have control of those.

When you make your mistakes, and you are ready to face the consequences, don’t be dismayed though, because you are being punished for your wrong doing, so that you may become a better person in life.

Your faith and your belief in your god, whoever that might be for you, is always striving for better and for a better you.

As for me and my household, we believe in The Most High Power of Israel, we don’t just believe in any other entity.

Therefore, when I face the consequences, to my mistakes, and my bad choices in life, I am always certain, that I will be okay, because My Rock, My Lord, My God, always looks out for me; because I am His son, and I belong to Him.

I am the servant of the Lord, and not any other thing.

No weapon formed against me shall prevail, because The God of Israel is with me.

Don’t be discourage, because we all make these mistakes, and we all have to face the consequences and face the fines.

When you face your consequences though, remember to stay firm in The Lord, and pray that you may keep your faith, because your belief in Him, who created you, will be tested, in the time of judgment.

Remember that if The Most High God is with you, then who can be against you.

But you have to really be careful though, because, your life don’t belong to you, it belongs, to the God of Israel, and if you continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, consciously, then in the eyes of Him, who created you, you will be counted as a rebel, the He will have to destroy you.

You may have to face worst things, than you did before.

The key to winning your battle in life, even when you are in the wrong, is to trust in Him who created you, and believe that you are going to come out winning.

Just know that you will be fundamentally changed, but for the better, you will become a better person and a better servant to Him who created you.

The consequences, of your bad choices, can also hunt you for life, if you don’t learn to change from the mistakes you make.

Your character has to change, and your actions have to be different, if you don’t learn to do this at an early stage, during your learning period in life, then you’ll have to face the same consequences all over again.

But next time you face them, these same consequences may be more severe than the consequences, you faced before.

So learn to change and to become a better person, because sometimes the bad situations, you face in life are not just there to punish you, but they are also there to teach you a lesson and help you become a better person.

Also, don’t think that you are the only person, who is making the mistakes, you have made so far in your life.

Remember, that there are billions of people on the earth, and that all these people, just like you, make mistakes, and have to face the same consequences as you do.

Therefore, always seek help and counseling, when you are faced, with some serious consequences, because nine times out of ten, the helping

hand of someone, went through what you are going through, and he or she may be able to help you calm down and resist the fact that you may doubt The Most High.

The One Who has power and dominion over all the earth is the God of Israel, therefore you need to learn to respect and serve Him.

Don’t be more afraid of the world, then you are of The Most High power, don’t ever make that mistake.

Because if you do, you will be in a whole lot of trouble, with Him who created you.

I am sure, you don’t want to be in trouble with, The God of Israel, because He is a man of war and He is nothing to play with.

So hold your peace, and believe that He will see you through the problems that you are going through right now, or may face in the future.

Yes my fellow readers, you will continue to always, face problems in life, even when you don’t make mistakes, there is going to be something, that catches you on the blind side, something that you won’t see coming, and it will smack you right in the face, then you will fall all the way to the floor, and cry like a little baby.

The reason being, is that life has a way of making someone humble, and understand that The God of Israel, is the only God that you should all call on, in times of trouble and all the time.

You have to learn to keep His laws, statues and commandments, though, if you don’t want Him to smite you, with His sword.

Take heed my fellow readers, don’t make the same mistake twice, because life is too short and you need to live a little, before you go on to the next life.

In the next life, you are also going to be judged, for all the actions, that you performed while you were yet, still alive.

Then your good and bad actions, will be compared to each other, and they will be weighted, in the balance of The Most High.

If your bad choices outweigh the good choices, then you better believe that you will end up in eternal damnation; however if you good choices outweigh your bad choices, then you will end up in paradise, until the day of the Lord, which is the Day of Judgment.

Thank you for reading this article post!!!