Cyberbully Is Destroying Our Society and World

cyber bully

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When you are the little people, the underdog, the disadvantage or the person who needs help, to accomplish anything in their lives; then you can count on having someone to help you.

You however, have to be careful and always be around people who would sympathize with your condition.

In the world we currently live, there are all types of people, but there is a particular type of people who don’t care about the weak or the old and the young.

These people take by force, and rule his/her house by the sword.

Although these people may seem blessed in some areas in their lives, the reality is these people terrorize the world around them, in order to be satisfied.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about cyberbully, a problem that changing the way people interact with the Internet today.

One of the most evil things a person can do to another person is to hurt them emotionally; simple words, simple letters typed on the computer, emailed to people and posted in people’s social network profiles can ruin people’s lives, and sometimes, it can lead people to commit tragic events, such as suicide.

The word love in today’s day and age is rare, and people think is corny to be good and do well, or treat each other right.

Nowadays all we care about is getting over, winning and coming out on top, we would kill, sabotage and ruin people’s lives just so that we can have our way.

I know it is a sad thing, what you have read so far, but this is the truth, and if you learn to hear the truth of God it shall make you free.

We are crueler today, than 100 years ago, we treat each other very bad; although slavery and blacks in the United States were treated like a piece of old, stinking rag, there was love within each race and community.

Especially with the black community around the world; the black community should be united now more than ever, because the situation is really bad.

I am not justifying slavery, or am I making it seem as if what happened during slavery, was not as bad as what’s happening right now.

What I am saying is, that the slaves were being treated worse than the treatment people receive now, but at least the slaves had each other, and a sense of unity.

Today though, the love is not there anymore, we attack each other as if we were a big punching bag, we don’t have respect for each other which definitely shows the lack of respect for life.

<i>I am not bashing anyone or mean for you to be offended, hear me out and try to understand what I am trying to say here. </i>


I mean, look at what we do to each other; remember the shootings in Aurora, Colorado or the shootings at the Shiit church, and the many bombing that are happening in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and even America? That’s right on our own soil, that evil energy has found its way to us.

If we don’t learn to stay away from evil soon, we are all going to face the consequences, because The Creator of all things, will answer this evil world, which refuses to obey to word of The Lord.

Evil is at its best and we can’t seem to shake it off, it seems as though the prophecies of the bible are finally becoming true, or will someday.

Some of you might say that there was evil back in the days and prophecies were being fulfilled back then as well.

Some of you might even call the bible a story book, but what make these times more similar to the end of the world the bible talks about, is the fact that technology exist in a different shape and form.

Also as you would notice, knowledge has increased tremendously, and many people are waking up to their true reality.

Today’s technology is the single piece of human creation that is different from the technology that existed in Jesus’ times.

There were no computer back then, and the machines we all enjoy today, were not available just yet; however, today all the technology we need exist, and is preparing our minds to usher in the end of the world.

Our current technology allow people to be connected to the world and each other, and although we may feel more close to each other, we are not developing characteristics that would show the positive aspects, which technology can bring to the world.

We are also losing a sense of face to face conversation, which is taking a toll on many human relationships.

What we see on the INTERNET and the way people use it, is usually bad for us; not too long ago the biggest social network website posted a page of a killer who killed more than five people and wounded many other, and to make things worse many people seemingly seemed to like the page and followers grew to more than 500 people in less than a day.

The technology that was meant to help people is actually the same tool that is being used against us, by us to destroy us.

Technology is really doing a number on us, as much as we like it and as much as it help us; technology is also being used to belittle people and make people feel like trash, to bully others and hurt vulnerable people.

We must stand up and do something about it, evil is winning battles and the course of our history is being written, this is my part, this is what I am doing.

I write about it, I let it be known and post it on my website.

I am not sure how many people will I reach; but I do know this, who ever read this will be aware of the problem we face <b> CYVERBULY !</b>.

The Other Side of The Story

Don’t misunderstand me though, there is still good in the world, and if you are reading this, is because you are good deep down.

Even when you take certain actions that you don’t feel too proud about, and if you do feel proud and feel a sense of fulfillment when you do evil, then kudos to you, because you are an evil person.

Keep it up and enjoy it while it last; because you are on one side of the war of good and evil.

However, for the most part, people are really good, but some of us just don’t feel fulfilled on our own and feel as though we need to make somebody feel bad, about themselves for us to feel good about ourselves.

There are many people, who rejoice at the expense of the suffering of others, so when they don’t see people going through problems, they create problems and become like a cancer, to everyone around them.

Goodness is still the only energy that is part of life, evil is not part of life, because good energy makes life feel less successful, and bad energy brings a lot of suffering.

There must be more and more people that would be willing to be in life’s good side of the story, because we can’t keep doing the same thing to each other for years, and expect different result; that is insanity.

It sometimes seems as if the good energy does not seem to exist though, because of all the damage that evil has done, but in reality, good people wait for as long as it takes to strike a killing attack onto the enemy, evil.

The Appropriate Use of The INTERNET

<b>Stop Using Social Networks</b> I am half way kidding when I say this, because social networking sites do have their purpose in the online world; however, that purpose should not be to share people’s personal lives online.

So no I am not being serious about the social networks, but people do have to understand why, how and when, do they use social networking sites.

Sharing your personal lives on those websites only makes you vulnerable, to people that would like to obtain more information about you, to destroy you.

Why do you become vulnerable? Well because now the people who searches you online would know of ways to either sell you something you didn’t want to buy, or you end up being in a tight situation where you didn’t want to be.

If however, those people who are bullied online were not so attached to the social site, or their profile, then they would be able to either change their profile or close their account for good and move on to new and better things.

The fight against online bullies though cannot and will not end there, because victims of bullies cannot run for ever.

They must understand that sooner rather than later, they would have to face their bullies, and defeat them so that they never bother anyone else, ever again.

Standing up for your right is not an easy thing to do, that’s why so many bullies get away with what they do to other people; not realizing how traumatizing their actions could be to any victim, when they decided to harm another human being.

What Kids Need to Know:

Never give out personal information online, whether in instant message profiles, chat rooms, blogs, or personal websites

Never tell anyone but your parents your password, even friends.

If someone sends a mean or threatening message, don’t respond. Save it or print it out and show it to an adult.

Never open emails from someone you don’t know or from someone you know is a bully.

Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want your classmates to see, even in email.

Don’t send messages when you’re angry. Before clicking “send,” ask yourself how you would feel if received the message.

Help kids who are bullied online by not joining the bully, and by showing bullying messages to an adult.

Always be as polite online as you are in person.

Bullying affects many people in the U.S. according to sources online; half of U.S. students are impacted every day by bullies, when they go to school.

Bullying can happen anywhere on the school, from school buses, cafeteria, gym, hallways, and the classrooms and even on the playgrounds.

Bullies use words to tease, taunt, gossip, and ridicule their victims.

Bullying used to stay in school; however, with the advancements that technology has made, and the creation of the social networking world; many students are now taking bullying to another level, bullying for some students doesn’t stop at schools, it follows them all the way home, and is present 24/7 due to social networking sites.

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