The Job of A Network Administrator is Not Easy.

Network Administrators

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Networking in the world can be seen in all sorts of things in life, we can see examples of networking within our own bodies.

The systems which maintain the body functioning properly, are full of networks, from your head to your toes.

Your body is a network of biological systems, which have to function in harmony, if you want to maintain a healthy life-style, on the face of this earth.

The relationships we build throughout our lives, are also another type of networks, which we have to maintain healthy as well, if we don’t want to have a terrible life.

Computer Networks Are Related to Human Relationships

One of the most important types of networks that you will ever have in your life, would be the network of people you build around you.

The way you network with other people, will determine many things in your life, so you have to make sure that you build a great network of people around you.

If you want to get ahead in life, people say a lot, it is not what you know, but who you know.

You also have to make sure, that after you have built such a network of people, you are able to completely administer the friends that, you keep around you.

The friends that you keep around you, can either make or break you.

In other words, you should always keep in mind that your friends change, they can either become beneficial to your life, or they can become toxic to your life.

Once the friends you keep around you, become toxic in your life, it is time for you to let them go and find yourself a new crew.

Well if you don’t want to let go of old toxic friends, you can also distance yourselves from them.

It is of course easier said, than done, because many people don’t know how to let or distance yourselves from old toxic friends, who have become toxic due to life’s many bad experiences they have faced.

Network administrators and what their jobs entail

In today’s article we are going to talk about network administrators and what their jobs entail.

A network administrator is responsible for keeping a company’s network system completely up to date, and ready to be used by the employees of that company.

When a network system is not kept up to date, that network system will eventually crash, because it is not being updated.

Network administrators are also responsible for coordinating the many computers and devices, which are part of a company’s network.

Therefore, network administrators, are needed in companies, where there are multiple computers and computing devices, such as printers, fax machines and wireless devices connected to that company’s network.

Devices need to stay current and Updated

It is imperative that the devices of a network are kept current and updated with the best technology, if they are not, a network administrator can have a hard day, with the network.

Network administrators make sure that, things are running smoothly during normal working hours, of a company.

The company then has the ability to refrain anyone from losing hours of work and every one stays at work doing their job.

When a network crashes or faces problems however, then companies lose a lot of money and people don’t work well, because in today’s corporate world, the computer is at the center of people’s jobs.

The Job of A Network Administrator is Not Easy

Network administrators, are in great demand, because the development of new technology requires that, networks are more sophisticated and robust, which raises the demand for more network administrators.

Network administrators, can have a lot of work to do, due to a complex system that they have to design or maintain.

The job of a network administrator is never easy, no matter how small or big a company is, a network administrator, will always find themselves, working very hard to maintain a company’s network.

Network administrators have to also work hard, to design a company’s network, causing them to work for long hours in a day, to get a company’s network up and running.

Anyhow, if you decide that you want to become a network administrator, you will find out that you need to not only know your stuff very well, but you will also have to work extremely hard, to set up a company’s network, correctly.

Don’t you ever think that your job will be easy, because it is never an easy job, to set up a company’s network! The main focus of a network administrator is to maintain an organization’s data management network system, which extends to the corporate LAN, WAN, intranet and Internet.

The Good Part Is You Will Be Making Mucho Dinero

All of the data of a company, is communicated, shared, stored and processed, through a web of networks, which the users rely on daily.

Therefore, a reliable, secured and efficient network of communication and information, have to be maintained and designed by network administrators.

Network administrators do make a lot of money also, for the job that they do for other companies, but you have to have the education behind it, to even meet the requirements, for an employer to hire you.

IT Training Is Very Important to Be A Network Administrator

The first thing you have to do, if you would like to become a network administrator is that, you need to make sure that you have a bachelor’s degree, in information technology of computer science.

You have to have one of the two concentrations, I mean you should know about computers, if you want to work in the technology industry.

In today’s society you can obtain your degree online, if you don’t like going to school.

You can also just go to a technical school and specialize in this major, which would give you the tools to become a great network administrator.

Today, knowledge is the new commodity, so get up, get out and get you some knowledge, because it is the new money.

As you are getting this knowledge though, you should keep in mind that, there are many people out there, who are trying to rip people off, so do your research, before you choose any program online or offline, if you want to be wise through education.

If you are wise though, which I am sure you are, you will not be taken advantage of, you will not be bamboozled by others out of your time, money and hard work.

Many people are being exploited out here, because they are not intelligent, or looking to be more intelligent.

You need to obtain knowledge, and that’s what is going to put you on top of the world, but you have to work hard.

Anyways, back to the fact of the matter, an IT training online, can give you the knowledge that you would need to become a network administrator.

If you are scared, of obtaining a bachelor’s degree, then you can just be specialized and obtain a certification, such as the CompTIA Network+ certification.

Go Get A Job Once You Have Your Knowledge

First of All I am not telling you to get a job and work it for ever. You should also work on your own business, but get a job first.

Once you obtain your knowledge, by getting a certification or a four year degree, then you will be ready to go find yourself a job.

Now when you go get a job, don’t think that you will be able to obtain one very easily, getting a job is a job within itself.

So you should already put yourself, into that mode of working hard, just to obtain a job, because you will be competing with other people, who want the same thing that you are going to get.

The employment outlook for network administrators is projected to grow more than 7% in the near future; therefore, you don’t have to worry about nothing when it comes to making some good money, because you can always count on a job.

But you have to find that job, and you will find that finding a job takes a lot of work, time and determination.

Well not always, but for right now you can find one easily, when you live in a country where the economy is doing well.

Until things start to go wrong, with the economy, if something is not already going wrong, you will not have to worry about obtaining a job.

Help other Companies Grow As A Network Administrator

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, when you become a network administrator, you will be helping other companies, grow their firms faster, with newer and better technology, which would include mobile technology.

You should also keep in mind that as a network administrator you would be installing network and computer systems, you will be maintaining, repairing and upgrading network and computer systems as well.

You will also be responsible for fixing and diagnosing potential problems, with a network and its hardware.

You will also, have to fix problems with software and computer systems, which are connected to a network.

The improvement of the network will also be part of your job; therefore, as a result, you would have to monitor your network to understand it better, and find ways to improve that network.

If you can’t figure out how to improve your network, then that means that you are not doing your homework, as a network administrator.

Technology changes every day, and you shouldn’t have a problem, as a network administrator, to find ways to improve the network of whatever company you decide to work for.

Monitoring, fixing and improving networks, software and hardware, connected to a network, are all a part of the job, which network administrators must perform.

As a Network Administrator You Have to Be Able to Deliver.

If a network administrator is not able, to deliver on the things that he/she promise his/her employer, then that network administrator, might get fired.

As a network administrator, you will also have to deal with people on a day to day basis, because they are always going to come to you, if there is something wrong with the network.

Therefore, you should have a combination of people and computer skills, if you would like to be an excellent network administrator.

If you are not a people’s person, then I suggest you don’t take up this career, because it will require that you have patient with people, who would be frustrated with you, because they can’t get their job done, on time, because you decided that, the network won’t work today.

Trust me all the blame will be placed, and is always placed on the network administrators.

You are A Solutions Provider

Problems have to be solved logically and consistently, therefore, as a network administrator, you would have to be able to think critically and analytically, on your feet and fast as well, most times.

The bread and butter of being a network administrator, is to have the ability to take the concepts, you would have learned in school and understand how they work and affect the job, that you have to perform for your employer or your client.

Network administrators have to also have project management skills, because they have to complete several projects at the same time.

Network administrators have to be organized, and they have to be meticulous when performing their jobs, because they will have several projects going on at the same time.

As a network administrator, you will also have to be ready to be in it for the long haul, because you will constantly have to learn the new technology that is developed every day, to make your life either better, or a living hell.

Be Ready to Be Flexible

It all depends on how ready you are to learn the new technology, and the concepts that are being developed every year.

If you are not learning the new information, then you won’t be able to adapt to the new techniques and technology, which is developed to make the work of a network administrator easier.

When a network administrator or a programmer, does not upgrade their skills, they could be hindering their careers.

Network administrators work long hours, they usually work alone, and interact with other computer professionals to perform their duty.

If a network administrator has to configure a new network, then that network administrator, would usually have to work over time, because it takes a long time to configure a network.

When a network crashes, network administrators have to work even harder, because many people are expecting them to fix their network fast, so that they are able to return back to work.

Network Systems Are The Backbone of Many Companies

Network systems, are today’s backbone of a company, and when a network is down, a company loses so much money, so the time is critical for a network administrator when a network system of a company crashes.

The job of a network administrator has two sides to it, on the one hand, they are very happy, because they experience financial security, but on the other hand their job can be very stressful, if the network is not working properly or it crashes.

When you decide to become a network administrator, learn what to expect and prepare yourself well, so that you are not surprised about all the work that you would have to do, to be a good and successful network administrator.

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