The Paths We Take In Life Are Determined Sometimes By The Dreams We have


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The body is an amazing place, and we need to take care of it, if we are not planning on dying; the body is the place, where all who still have the mercy from The Most High to have one, are blessed enough to enjoy numerous things in life.

If you didn’t have mercy from The Most High, you wouldn’t be alive, trust me, and if you are alive then you have a body, which was given to you by The Most High.

If you are the devil, and are still alive on this planet, then you are being saved, for the time of evil.

Many of us however, don’t live long enough to tell the story and even those of us who live long enough, we don’t have the ability to live a life, which is full of enjoyment and happiness, because many of us are sad and depressed.

Many of us are just walking through life, casually, and we don’t know that we need to be diligent, with our business, if we don’t want to be a casualty in life.

The crazy part about, being sad and depressed is that, people choose to stay that way, because they are in a comfortable state.

Besides a lot of people don’t even know, that they are sad and depressed, because they don’t pay enough attention to their lives.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the reason why we dream, and the system that our body uses to help us dream.

Many of us dream, of things that have happened already in our lives, others dream of things, which are yet to happen in our lives and many other people dream of things, which are happening still in our lives.

Some dreams can also have, a profound meaning in our lives.

When we learn to discern these dreams though, we come to the realization that a higher being is trying to speak to us, and we must listen.

Most importantly, we must acknowledge, that some of our dreams come from The Most High.

According to the bible, some of the stories in the bible talk about men in the bible, involved in dreams from The Most High Himself.

I am sure you know of Joseph and his story in Egypt, how he was raised to be second in command after Pharaoh, because he was able, to interpret a dream that was shown to Pharaoh, from The Most High.

Not all dreams come from The Most High though, some dreams come from the imaginations of our own brains.

Our dreams also help us, solve problems, which may plague us, throughout the day.

Dreams can help us solve, some of our lives dire questions, because dreams make little to no sense and they are out of the box, which lead people to think, how a problem solver, should think, in order for that person to solve a life puzzle.

Dreams alone are not going to help you though, you have to do your work as well, you need to be connected to your god and make sure that the dreams that you decide to consider in your life, are actually from that higher being whom you consider your god.

For example if you play negative music all the time, and watch television that helps you to think about negative things all the time, then you will be giving yourselves up to vile affection.

If your friends are negative, and you surround yourselves with negative things, your environment, will eventually lead your life to a negative place.

Once you are in that negative area in your life, then you will dream about negative things, which can lead you to think negatively, because you will adopt that negative life that you have dreamed of all of your life.

Then you will wake up out of your sleep and you will raise your eyes and figure out that you are in a very bad position in life, where you shouldn’t be.

What you dream is extremely important and you have to guard, what it is that you think about, because eventually you will dream it, and as a result of what you dream, you will be in a life that you probably didn’t want or design, in the first place.

Dreams though, are not the end all be all and they can’t really dictate what you do in life or how far you go in life.

However, your dreams are constantly reminding you, of what you think about the most and what you need to be thinking about if you want your life to be molded by you and not by others.

Dreams can also help the brain reboot itself, while giving you the solution you need, for those pertinent questions you may or may not have in your life.

When I say that you brain needs to reboot, I mean it need some rest, from all the life’s headache and you too.

You need to understand how to interpret your own dreams, to be able to use them in a practical sense.

If you can’t interpret your dreams, then you are not going to be able to use them.

You also have other kind of dreams, which don’t happen when you go to sleep, be they happen within yourselves, these are your goals and aspirations which we call dream.

Many of you have very big dreams of this kind, but you are not doing what you are supposed to do to make them become a reality.

For example, you can’t just have a dream about you being rich and famous, but you are not doing what you are supposed to do to become rich and famous, you also need to work, grind, and hustle and never stop, until you achieve that dream.

Your dreams should be pushing you to be better and to attain a higher you in life, don’t ever just dream dreams and stay there; although, it is okay to have dreams you should also, wake up and build good work ethics to make your dreams become a reality.

You have to get into the mode of materializing things and mastering that the skills of bringing your dream, into a reality, because once you are able to materialize your inner most deepest desires which, will be in your dreams then, you will become the master of the your own world and your own universe.

At that point none will be able to tell you what you can or cannot do, because you have the power to change your circumstances and mold a better life.

Dreams also tell us that our mind is always at work, it never cease to work for us, and that someone or something that is inside of you, is always in control of your life.

So you better make sure, that you know what you are feeding your brain if you don’t want to end up having a life of disappointments and regrets.

We believe that The Most High, is in control of what you dream, whether it is a good dream or a bad dreams, because He is either trying to send you a message, or He is trying to show you something, very important about your life.

If you constantly surround yourselves with unmotivated people and negative things, then you will have negative and ugly dreams.

But if you constantly are out in the world, doing what’s best for you to become a better you, so that you can serve others and not yourselves, then your dreams will be a very useful way of communication, for you and the Most High.

Because The Most High, will be able to use your good energy and send you messages, that will be very valuable to your life in dreams.

Dreams can make your day, a better day, when you have the good dreams; however, some dreams can startle you out of bed, and make you so afraid, that you don’t even want go back to sleep.

We don’t know yet why we dream, of course, because dreaming is out of our reach of our scientifically understanding.

Instead, we formulate all these theories based on silly observations, and we ignore the fact that we can actually go ask The Most High, to explain to us the meaning of our dreams.

So yeah my fellow readers, you and I dream for a reason, but you have to understand that reason, so that you may be able to interpret your dreams.

When you are not able to understand, your dreams, you usually find yourselves wishing, you didn’t have that dream in the first place.

Due to the fact, that dreams can be very meaningful to your night, and they can wake you up out of your sleep.

You also, may want to get a hold of your dreams, meaning you may want to jot them down on a notebook.

Because they may be telling you something very important about your life, and the steps, you should take, in your life, moving forward.

We can’t understand, why dreams happen though, we don’t know how the brain creates them, and most of us don’t understand, the importance of dreams in our lives.

Many of us, just choose to ignore dreams, when they are the key to unlocking a lot of issues we have in life, or the key to solving bad situations, you may go through in life.

One thing we know for sure is that The Most High uses dreams, to communicate with humans.

You may ask yourselves, well how do I know these things? I know because it was meant for me to know, so that I may tell you, from my own personal experience.

I deal with dreams, very differently I take them seriously, and I always remember every dream I have, well most of them, and those I don’t remember, I write them down in a notebook; even the ones that wake me up at night, abruptly.

The dreams, that scare you at night, are especially important, because those dreams, for-tell the future of something very important, that is approaching and you may want to avoid, choosing to do other things.

You must be able to interpret your dreams, or else you will be lost in a world, that was for told to you, but yet, you chose to ignore, because you didn’t believe in dreams.

But you are reading, this article post, so I am sure that you are here because you want more understanding about dreams, right? Well, I can only help you as far as my own experiences concerning the matter, other than that, I can only give you explanations about other people’s own experiences, but I’ll be doing you a dis-favor, meaning, that this article wouldn’t be of any value to you at all.

At this website, you must and I mean you must find what you are looking for, in all the articles, which you read, here, if you by any chance don’t find, what you are looking for on this article, please send us a message, so that we may rectify the problem.

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, dreams sometimes, help me avoid tight situations, they also prepare me for what is coming in the near future.

So that when the future is here, I am not surprised, or astonished, because, I was clearly warned, and I shouldn’t have nothing to complain about.

Also, my dreams are from The Most High, who created me, He allows me to move better in life and deal with things with a better mindset, when I am stuck in bad situations.

For example, once I had a dream about a blue dove that came to my rescue, because I found myself crying from a shoulder injury and I didn’t know how I was going to deal with the injury, so the blue dove, came from the sky, from a bright light, and healed me of my injury.

At the time that I had the dream, I was going through some real difficult times in my life, because my wife and I were going through some very tough times, and I also couldn’t work at my job anymore.

But I guess none of us like their jobs, I had a boss from hell though, I felt as if this person wanted to straight up kill me.

No matter how good I was at the job, I was always reprimanded and asked to redo my projects over again.

Then I could feel my boss, and his colleagues laughing at me because they all thought that I was less than them and didn’t have any knowledge for the job.

I was humiliated at that job, and worst of all the people acted as if it wasn’t a big deal, but only I knew what I was going through at that job.

Well today, I can honestly say, that I am doing much better, I have a better job, and I am doing great with my wife.

Things are not perfect, but they are definitely better, and they are getting better and better as the days go by.

Before, things started to get better in my life, I spent three and half years at that horrible job, and then I had that wonderful dream, which brought peace into my life, even after I had that dream.

I cannot tell you about dreams, from other people’s experiences, as I said before, because you will certainly not gain any value from that, but if I tell you my own experiences and you learn to hear me out, you may just find what I found, when I had my dream about that dove.

I am not a dream interpreter, but I sure do know, how to interpret my own dreams, so that I understand, what it is that The Most High is trying to communicate with me, on a daily basis.

Thank you for reading this article!!!