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php symfony framework

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Programming is truly something amazing to do, because you have the opportunity to change people’s lives with the applications that you develop.

You will only see that programming is amazing, when you are done developing an application, developing a website, or creating software, which would make the world a better place for other people.

Then you will realize, how important your job, as a software developer or software engineer really is.

But you have to be willing to work, without the work you won’t be able to create anything special for people in the world.

Oh nooooo, forget about it, you will instead make your world a living hell, and hate programming altogether.

Anything in life, that is of worth to anybody, have a great group of people behind that thing or services, who works very hard, to make that service special to people.

Well the same thing goes on with programming, the harder you work, the better your chances are, at developing something really nice and special for people around the world.

A Web Application Framework Called Symfony

In today’s article we are going to talk about the web application framework called symfony; a set of PHP components, which are used to build better web applications.

Symfony is not, just a PHP framework, it is also a philosophy and a community that work together, to shake up the entire cyber world.

Programming languages have the power to change the world, and to shake up the technology industry.

It is through these programming languages, that we are able to enjoy all of the technology that we have today, in the world.

The devices that we use today, to access information online, or to play video games, as well as all the convenience that we have gained through technology, has been made possible, due to the fact that we have programming languages.

Symfony, is not a programming language though, it is instead a framework, which means that a set of modules, have been put together, to form this great framework.

Symfony can help you achieve many things in the technology industry, but you have to master this tool, if you expect to develop something special, with symfony.

When Should You Use Symfony

When you would like to speed up the development, of your PHP applications, then it is time that you use symfony.

You will also end the fact that you have to repeat your code over and over again, and you will gain more control over your code, in no time.

Symfony is a great way to get your hands dirty with PHP, and the best part about symfony, is that there exist a lot of documentation, which you can study, to make your journey a lot more pleasant.

So you don’t have any excuse for why, you don’t know how to use symfony just yet, because there is a lot of help available to you, to learn and understand this framework.

You probably will not gain popularity, by learning symfony, but you will be a well-rounded web developer, when you decide that it is time for you to learn symfony.

The Purpose of Symfony

Over many years, thousands of people, who are software developers, like you and I, have worked very hard, to create what you know now as symfony.

Their purpose for developing symfony was, to get you back to basics, while giving you the ability to develop faster and build more robust web applications, which are scalable as well.

Sometimes in programming, we can be so involved in our development that we forget the basics, because we as developers, forget the fact that the developing of code, is all about sticking to the basics.

Of course, you will have to spend your time trying to figure out complex structure in programming as well, but most of the technology that is out here today, are a result of many simple basic processes, which are built on top of each other, to form a very complex system.

You just have to be smart enough to understand each of those basic processes, which are working together, to bring to people, the services they use daily.

When you learn symfony, you will also gain a better application development practice, which seems to not matter to those developers, who don’t choose to use the libraries and resources, which are available to them online.

Instead many developers today, choose to stay in the past and they don’t take advantage, of all the tools and resources, which is available to them, which can make their lives, easier.

Libraries and Resources Available Through Symfony

The libraries and resources that are available to you online, are there to help you make your development be more professional.

When you look at these tools, as a burden, because it is something new that you have to learn, then you are preventing yourselves, from growing and becoming a better developer.

Learning symfony, will help you to not only polish your skills, but you will also gain an edge over the competition.

What, did you really think, that others are not competing for what you want to accomplish, in the technology industry as well? Learning symfony, will leave your completion, amazed at your skills though, until they too decide to go out there and learn symfony for themselves, then you’ll have to learn something else new.

However, since you don’t know symfony yet, learn this framework first, then you can move on to the next one.

Learn The Fundamentals of Web Communication

In order for you to be able to learn symfony better though, you need to also know the fundamentals, of web communication.

If you didn’t know already, all cyber space communication is executed, through a request – response process, which takes place between a client and a server.

You are the client, and the server, well it’s the computer, of course.

The process of communications online, is done through HTTP which stands for, Hypertext Transfer protocol.

The HTTP protocol, was developed to allow for two computers to communicate with each other.

The cyber world was created, for that purpose, it was created to understand request from a client, and send responses, to that client.

When you know symfony, you will master, the communication that happens between two computers in the cyber world.

Use Your Time Wisely When You are Online

If you are not communicating online, meaning requesting for information and receiving that information from a server, then you are not doing the right thing, with your time online.

Everything online starts with a simple request from you the client, for example, in order for you to be able to see and read this article, you made a request either, through a search engines, or you just arrived here directly, because you love the website very much, right? You should love this website very much because we give you, all the information that you need, I am only kidding.

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, if you want to read any information online, you would have to use a URL or unique location, which identifies the resource that you want to see, on your computer screen.

Once you know the URL of the website you would like to access, then you can type it in on a browser or a search engine and let the magic happen.

How You Actually Retrieve Information Online

Well it is not magic, because many developers work very hard, so that you are able to see the information you want to see on your computer monitor.

We should also mention that, by you learning symfony here, doesn’t mean that we have all of the information that is available on this subject.

Also remember to visit the symfony website, and download their book, you’ll find that a lot of information on the symfony website are useful as well.

Symfony is A Great Tool

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter; symfony is a great tool if you want to be able to interact with the HTTP requests and responses, which are made online, and you really don’t want to have to deal with raw PHP, which could prove to be very hard to do and give you a headache.

When you use symfony, you will have at your disposal, many classes which you can use to do your work with symfony.

One of the classes that you can use with symfony is called the Request class, which is an object oriented class, which you can use to make HTTP requests.

Once you make requests, using the Request class, you will have a lot of information about the request you made.

The Request class, will also allow you to find out information about the client, who is connecting to your web application.

When you use symfony, you will also have available at your disposal, the Response class, which is an object oriented interface, which can be used to construct the response that the client is seeking for, at your website or application.

Alright, that’s all for now on HTTP request and how symfony helps you to achieve these requests, and responses.

How Symfony Works

We should mention before we go anywhere though, that your website or web application, which you would be developing with symfony, is solely made to handle requests from a client, construct a valid response to that client, and then send the response to the client.

Therefore, the majority of work, you would be doing with symfony would be to ensure that the request-response communication, that is established, between your system and your client, never fails.

If you don’t learn nothing else about symfony, you have learned something very important, by learning how request and responses work online.

But if you learn how to master all of the components of symfony, then we are happy for you, continue to research and polish your skills though.

Learn to Stay Organized When You Develop a Website

When you are building web applications, you need to learn to stay organize, because things, can get confusing very rapidly, if you don’t learn to keep all of your files well organized.

So you have to stay organized, during your application development, using symfony.

You won’t have a lot of problems though, because symfony was designed to give you, better development practices online; therefore, when it comes to staying organized, symfony is the best choice for this task.

You should know that symfony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks around the globe today, because symfony has so much documentation, which can help you to master this framework, a lot easier.

Symfony is A Great Tool, and Makes Life Easier for the Developer

Symfony is great, because it will make your life, more pleasant, due to the many resources that you’ll find easier to use and master.

You do have to do more research though, because we haven’t really talked a lot about each of the components of symfony, in detail.

If you however, want to gain more information about the subject, don’t forget, we have all the information you need and will help you get that information.

We at King Info Life understand that it is frustrating to search for information online and not find it.

Therefore, if you need any type of information about this subject matter, or anything don’t forget to contact us, or leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, if you would ever want to use symfony, you have to install it first.

Installing Symfony Through Their Installer

The best way to install symfony is through their installer, according to their website; the installer is not only the best way, but it is also the recommended way of installing symfony.

According to the symfony website, you will also have to have PHP 5.

3 installed on your machine, for you to be able to use symfony.

You will use the installation of symfony that is best for you, depending on your operating system that you use.

A good tutorial is found online about how to install symfony for each of the operating system, or you can also find that information here, at King Info life.

Remember that our job is to bring to you, the best and most up to date information, about any subject matter, which you can find online.

What you have done, when installed a copy of symfony, was to create an environment to be able to create applications using symfony.

Once You’ve Installed Symfony, What’s Next?

Alright, now that you have created your environment, it’s time to see what’s inside this beautiful application.

You will find out that, the best way to learn symfony, is to use it, so go ahead do some more research and figure out how to use this application.

Don’t stay behind in technology, if you are a developer, because many big websites are already using this application and they are making lot of money, which you too could learn to exploit, if you become knowledgeable about this subject.

Thank you for reading this article post!!!