Patience Is A Skill and A Virtue which Must Be Learn to Accomplish Our Goal


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“Good things come to those who wait”, I am sure you have heard of such a saying, it is said, by many people around the world and many of us have hear of this saying.

If you haven’t heard the saying is fine, you heard it here first at King Info Life and we are very pleased to serve you good quality information.

In life, things move slowly, nothing is fast, even your growth is a slow process, so you have to learn how to be patient, if you want to enjoy the good things, which are a part of life.

In today’s article we are going to be speaking about patience, and how it can help you achieve many things in life.

When you learn to be patient and wait for the good things in life, you will learn through that process, how to work hard and grind.

Because it is during those times, that you are waiting to be successful, that you become a better person, and make many improvements.

The reason why you are able to improve, is because as you are waiting to be successful at anything in life, you know that you also have to improve on the things that are important, for you to even be successful.

For example, if you are waiting to be called to play baseball for the Washington Nationals, you have to work hard to impress the coaches and the scouts, so that they are able to give you a shot and see you perform live.

Once they give you that shot, you have to be ready to perform well, and the only way that you would be ready, is through practice.

You have to do everything that is in your power to perform well, and you can only do that through a lot of practice.

Of course, you won’t be able to practice when the MLB gives you the call, you have to be instead ready already.

The only way that you would be ready to perform would be through the practice that you did, when you were patiently waiting for that call from the MLB.

Sometimes, we find ourselves, in situations that are not best suited for ourselves, because we are either put there, by the decisions we take in life, or our destiny leads us to a place, where it is uncomfortable and unpleasant.

We don’t like to be in uncomfortable situations, and that is understandable; however, our comfort could be the end of our life, because we don’t learn how to be humble, and how to grow, which is important for the human body to operate correctly in this world; when we are comfortable all the time.

Trust me, some of us don’t know how to grow, because we always do what is easy to us, and we don’t like to push ourselves, out of our comfort zone.

We need to learn things in life, as we grow, but for most of us, we think we already know it all, and we don’t deserve to go through the hardships of life.

Therefore, those whose mind sets are like this, never grow, and instead, they go through life complaining and hating every human being and everything that is in front of them, even if that thing or that human being are of value to that person, who is always complaining about life, being hard.

Well, I’ve got news flash for that person who is always complaining, trials and tribulations, are not there to break people but rather, to make a stronger person.

However, we all need to learn how to have patience, and how to use our burdens as a way for our own personal growth, so that we may be stronger and wiser in life.

Don’t believe that you are going to die waiting before you achieve anything in life neither, nothing will happen to you, instead you will be making a life improvement, which will propel you to a level of life, which you have never seen before.

You can achieve this new level in life, if you decide to be patient with things in your environment and with people.

Many people, are afraid of the work and the hardships that come, before the blessings and the “good life”, which follows times of trial and tribulations.

This is the reason why people are not patient, people are not waiting to be transformed, because it is a lot of work and most people are lazy, no offense to you, but most of us are not willing to go and get what belongs to us.

Instead, we find all the excuses in the world, and then we come up with all kinds of reason why we are not good enough, to achieve our dreams.

We need to be patient and go after our goals, so that we live a more fulfilling life.

We also need to have a great capacity to accept and tolerate, delay, and suffer without getting angry or upset.

Patience is bliss, and a skill, which you must learn to obtain, and cultivate in your heart.

When you don’t learn to be patient, with yourselves and other, you will be in big trouble, with The Most High, trust me.

The way that we are living, in society today, clearly shows that we are not living, with patience in mind anymore.

Instead, we are a microwave society, which expects everything to be done rapidly, and have everything overnight delivered, this is the get rich quick scheme society.

We live in a society, which believes that food can be cooked in less than 10 minutes, and we go carelessly and buy food from fast food restaurants, without doing any research, as to how these fast foods can affect our health.

And to make matters worse, people always choose to eat the worst thing that is on the menu, PORK.

We have also learned that attention to important details, is not important; so we don’t really pay attention to anything, that’s important in life, because we never have the time to look at things from a different angle, and find the value in important details.

Such important detail we should pay attention to is, the second coming of The Son of Man, which is a very important, historic event.

But because it is not happening fast enough for many of us, we don’t pay attention to the signs.

Instead, we decide to ignore our bible, which is the true work of The Most High.

We also deny the fact that, we are the sons and daughters of The Most High Power of Israel, and we need to really follow His commandments, so that He won’t destroy our nation.

If you stand and wait, you will be served, however, you have to learn to be patient and have faith.

Patience is a very old system of thinking, which goes all the way back to the beginning of creation, when The Most High created the heavens and the earth.

Patience, according to The Most High is long suffering, and he has to suffer many of our offenses, before he casts us into the pits of hell.

He is long suffering, because he has a merciful heart, and He expects that you don’t take advantage of His mercy and His patience, because He will smite you and pluck you out the land.

We have to learn how to long-suffer, to be able to see any good results, in our lives, when we don’t learn, long suffering, we can quit, on anything we decide to accomplish.

The fact is, in order for anyone to accomplish anything in life, you will have to go through a lot of suffering.

It is going to be hard to go out there and follow your dreams, and you will not like the hardship that comes with accomplishing your goals.

Therefore, you have to learn long-suffering, because accomplishing your goals, won’t be an easy task to accomplish.

You also, have to learn, to be slow to anger, because when you become angry, over any little thing, you will also not be able to withstand, the hardships that come, with accomplishing your goals.

Don’t think for a second though, that you will be weak when you have patience; remember, the whole world is sinning against The Most High, and He has not taken his vengeance on us.

However, that’s not to say, that He won’t take his vengeance on you.

According, to the book of revelations, The Most High will come back to judge the whole world and destroy those who stood against him.

The fury of a patient man, is great, and no one should stand in his way.

Trust me, you don’t want to stand in the middle of a patient man, who is angry and very mad, because He will destroy you.

Learn to be patient, continue to keep your anger in check for a long time, endure hardship for a long time and you have to learn to wait a long time, for goodness, truth and righteousness to prevail.

It is of course, easier said than done, but you have to try, if you don’t at least try to learn to be patient, you will never accomplish your goals.

Anything that is considered to be good in life, takes a long time to come to pass, it also takes hard work, vision and determination.

Therefore, learn to be patient, become accustomed to being uncomfortable, to work hard and to never quit.

Patience, can also help you reach perfection, in all your ways, because you will learn to see things, better and clearer than anyone who is impatient, to work hard to obtaining anything, which is of value in life.

People who are impatient, lose their temper very easily, they can’t endure, and don’t know how to wait for, what is good, true and right.

Impatient people, don’t have the capacity, to work toward developing, a God-honoring, type of behavior and character.

When a situation tries your patience, there is really nothing you can do, to control that situation, the only thing you can do, is to try and pass the test.

Patience, is a godly attribute, and if it wasn’t for the patience and long suffering, of The Most High, we would all be dead by now.


you show patience, you are also showing to people, that you are gentle, humble, peaceful, and willing to work toward, obtaining a God-honoring end.

Not many people, are able to do this, because most people are just ready to let each other have a piece of their mind, when they are done wrong.

People also do evil, in the sight of The Lord, because God is patient, and don’t just punish people on their offenses fast enough for people to not go and do evil.

Therefore, people, who are impatient, can’t see when it is God himself who is punishing them, for trespassing His laws.

You have to put patience, in the context, in which the bible puts it also, which declared, that you have to be of good courage, and wait on the Lord during the times of trouble.

When you are developing patience, remember to not only wait, but also wait with purpose, because patience, is similar to faith and faith without works is dead.

Waiting, with no purpose is vain, and you have to learn to wait with a purpose so that you don’t feel as though you wasted your time, waiting for something good that never came to pass.

As you gain patience, you will notice that you are going to also gain, perseverance and endurance, which are two attributes of being patient.

You have to learn to stand on the truth, and never be taken down or moved away from the truth of God, so that you may have a good ending to your life.

When you do your work, honestly, and trust in The Lord, with a good kind spirit, you will learn that your work, will pay off at the end of the day.

Patience and hope also go hand in hand, so when you are waiting for anything, especially our Lord and Savior, you may want to hope that it will come to pass, and that you will see a good ending.

When you are waiting, and developing patience, don’t wait in doubt and be desperate, but rather be hopeful and confident, that whatever you are waiting for will surely come to pass.

When you have patience with others, you are showing them love, and when you have patience with yourselves, you show yourselves hope and love.

Faith is shown, when you are patient with The Most High Power YAH.

Patience is an aspect of love, which is built on the pillars of endurance and perseverance, and it is essential to be able to cope with a world, that is fallen and moving away from The Most High Power of Israel.

If you don’t learn to be patient, then there could be some serious consequences, which could be too much for you to bear. Patience is an everyday thing, which you must learn to use not only during times of trials, but also on a day to day basis.\n

Many of us show impatience though, unfortunately, we don’t know how to show patience in the smallest of things.

The consequences of impatience are very great and sometimes we can’t even take it.

However, we must learn to live with the decisions we take, when we are not patient.

Thank you for reading this article!!!