The Sins of Our Flesh Have Reached Heaven


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The world that we live in is truly an amazing one, and we need to learn to take care of it, because if we don’t, we shall all surely die.

We need to get over ourselves, and we need to understand and have to realize that this life is about more than just us and our comfort levels.

We somehow believe that we don’t belong to a higher power that is the total and complete owner of our souls.

The power we are speaking of on this article, is called The Power of The Most High.

We are all connected to Him, and we are all owned by Him; therefore, He will do however He sees fit with us, to advance His agenda.

If you really believe that you are going to be part of this world, and not have to be responsible for your sins, you are sadly mistaken.

We are all part of God’s purpose on this planet, we all know as earth, and if we don’t learn to follow, the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High Power of Israel, and believe the Ha Mashiach is the son of the Living God of Israel, then you shall surely die.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the spiritual world of our life, which many of us seem to just totally ignore.

It is very critical that we all pay attention, to the spiritual realm and understand, what is going on within the spiritual realm and heaven, as it concerns to us.

The fact that we ignore the spiritual world, does not mean that we are totally exempt from it, and that we don’t have to answer to the governing power of that world, for the things that we did or are doing still, on this world.

The spiritual world where The Living God of Israel, His son and the angels dwell, as well as the demons, have a direct affects with what we do here on this life.

You need to understand that whatever you do, with your life, on this planet, will be judged, when you die or when you meet your creator, during the day of The Lord, that is spoken of in Revelations.

As you may have already known, the spiritual world is a real place, and many of us need to recognize the fact, that it is a reality that we all ignore.

Many of us, choose to ignore the fact, that we are here, not by an act of magic, or by our own doings; we are not here because of evolution either, which are false teachings.

But we are here, because there is a higher power that is all around us, making sure that our lives, are being lived according to His will.

The Creator of the universe, has a purpose for His creation, and we need to learn that purpose.

He also wrote a story for life already and we all need to find our role, in the story of life that The Most High Power of Israel has for each and every one of us.

The reason why are able to wake up every day and say, “Oh this is what we are doing today” or “We are doing that instead, because we feel a certain way” is because the Lord of the Universe, allows it.

Without Him, you wouldn’t be here today, alive reading this article, you wouldn’t instead be a dead body, rotting in some cemetery hole.

We can’t do whatever we want, unless The Living God, allows it in our current world, let alone the spiritual world, which is the world where The Creator of the universe resides.

When you die, you better be ready to accept your reward, hopefully you will be allowed into paradise.

While you still alive though, you need to seek knowledge and truth, so that you are able to move forward in life.

The demons and angels you read in the bible are real, the stories you also read in the bible is real as well.

If anything or anyone tries to draw you away from that, then you need to question that thing or that person, because they may be the antichrist.

If you are the type of person however, who doesn’t believe in the bible, then this article is not for you, we have articles on other topics, which you can read.

Anyways, back to the fact of the matter, if anyone or anything tries to draw you away from the bible, and anything or anyone, that tries to tell you that the spiritual world, God and His angel and demons are not real, is lying and they should be put to death, because they are playing with your souls.

Oh and by the way, the demons do belong to The Creator of the universe, because He created them, for the day of evil.

The reason why I say that they are playing with your souls, is because The Most High is the only being on this existence that has total control over your soul, He owns your soul, and if you want to preserve it in good condition, then you have to fear The Lord and follow His commandments.

If you don’t fear The King of Heaven and follow His commandments, then He will surely put you to death.

It is very simple, keep His commandments, fear The Lord and you won’t be utterly wasted, for the rest of the world to see and laugh at you.

The things that you read on this article are real, and you need to make sure that you at least research these things, in more depth, because the second coming of The Son of Man is near and He will surely not hand you a flower if you are breaking the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High.

Yahawashi Ha Mashiach will surely and utterly destroy you, if you are breaking the laws of His father.

We are not here to tell you how to live your life, but we are telling you to be aware of the power that is above you.

Even if you don’t want to learn to obey, The King of Heaven, you should at least consider it.

Don’t be a fool and ignore that power, because it is the power of The Most High and this whole earth including you, belongs to Him who created it all.

Most people in the world are obliviously ignoring the truth though, and instead they choose to follow all kinds of other things, other than the word of The Most High.

Most people choose the break the laws, statues and commandments of God, because they don’t care for God, they also don’t think that God exist, which is to me something very absurd, for you to think that The Most High Power of Israel is not real.

The Most High is as real as you are, if it wasn’t for Him, you wouldn’t even exist today, because it was He, who created it all, including you and me.

You have no reason to sin against The Most High and break His commandments, because you simply don’t care to know the commandments or follow His laws and statues, doe.

You don’t have the right, to do whatever it is that you want to do with your life, because your life, doesn’t belong to you in the first place.

It is okay though, soon you will die if you continue in sin, because when you don’t follow the laws, statues and commandments of The Lord, you are sinning and the wages of sin is death.

Your life needs to be spiritually correct with The Most High, if it is not, you will surely be put to death and you will wonder why The Most High power of Israel, killed you.

Well, you would be able to know, if you are reading your bible, on a daily basis, and if you understand what the Holy Bible says about you and your family, you will not be caught off guard when The King of the Heavens visits you.

Read your bible for yourselves, you will see for yourselves that, God does not play around with people, and He will cut you off the face of this earth, if you are not worthy to be here.

The bible describes God as love, but the bible also says, that He is a man of War, in Exodus 15:3.

Trust me, everyone is punished for their evil deeds, and if you are thinking about the evil people and why do they have the privilege to be part of this beautiful earth, while many so called good people go through a lot of trials and tribulations.

Well, you first of all, need to read the bible and find out the real story of life, and how it came to be the way it is today.

So yes, if you don’t learn to follow, you will be the next in line to be six feet under, trust me when I say this.

Don’t allow your flesh, to rule your life, because you will sure die one day; instead learn to walk in the Spirit of Yahawashi Ha Mashiach, and He will direct your steps in this world.

The flesh will almost always be on the track to putting you, in harm’s way, you must not allow your flesh to cause you to sin.

If you don’t learn quickly, how the laws of The Most High work, and how He can spare your life from ending.

Your life will certainly be over and you will certainly regret the fact that, you could’ve done something to save it.

Serving the King of Heaven is very easy, besides He is able save your life, from eternal damnation, but you have to obey Him, if you couldn’t obey Him, while you were still alive, because you didn’t want to listen, you will end in eternal fire.

Many people don’t want to serve The King of Heaven, instead these people want to be rebellious, and not be obedient because they want to listen to their flesh and not to the spirit.

Well, guess what is going to happen to those people, who chose to follow after their flesh; once your sins reach to heaven and The Most High power of Israel, has to pass judgement, you will surely taste death.

The sins of the flesh are many, which is why we are urging you to please learn the laws found in the bible, and follow these laws, statues and commandments of The Most High, if you don’t want to burn in eternal damnation.

It will not be fun there, and you will not have anyone to help you in your misfortune, and when you call on the name of The Lord, He will turn His back from you.

You will also have to deal with the fact that, you will see those who didn’t go to hell, due to their obedience, something you could’ve achieved, but because of your arrogance and insolence, you chose instead to do what is evil and didn’t choose what is good.

Therefore, The Lord too, will choose to do evil unto you and to not spare your soul, when you are looking pitiful and asking for help.

It will certainly not be fun, not at all, because it was purposed to be that way from the beginning of time.

Read your bible though, because I am being very bias on this article, and I am not telling you all the truth of where your soul goes when you die.

I am telling you I know the truth, and you must know it too, if you don’t want to end in eternal damnation.

Most people in life try to achieve many things, such as happiness, wealth, a beautiful family, and do the things they love the most, each and every day of their lives.

However, to what end do you go after the things, which are pleasant to your flesh.

Instead you should seek The Lord and try to be the best servant, The Most High Power of Israel could ever have, that way, when He comes back and you are not dead, just yet, you can always seek His face, and He will answer you.

The best part about following the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High, is that these laws will keep you from death.

Thank you for reading this article post!!!