The Destruction of The Planet By The Hands Of The Humans

the earth

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The earth, which we all inhabit, is a beautiful place, but as the bible mentions in Job 9:24, it has been given into the hand of the wicked.

Therefore, we are dealing with all kinds of wickedness, in this world, which many of us can’t seem to bear.

The planet which we all share, is the only one we’ve got, and we need to learn to take care of it.

If we don’t take care of our planet, as a whole race of human beings, we will all be destroyed and be no more.

When we don’t take care of our earth, we are creating problems for ourselves, and going into some danger waters, which no one except for The Most High could deliver us.

The Planet is Begging Us to Stop

It is true indeed, that we are destroying our planet my fellow readers; and the worst part of the situation is that, we are destroying the planet, at an alarming rate, because we just don’t care for this beautiful gift, which was given to us by The Creator of all things.

We don’t know how to create water, the skies, birds, animal of the field, an earth nor the universe ourselves, and yet we destroy these things, which are vital to life, as if we had any part in their creation.

We therefore, need to know how to conserve this planet, but all we know to do, is to destroy, the perfect world, which The Most High created and gave unto us, to be fruitful and blessed.

Well the bible says that, The Most High, created this world for Israel His people and that might be the reason why the rest of the world is destroy the world, but don’t worry we won’t get biblical on you today.

The Destruction of Our Planet

In today’s article, we will revisit the destruction of our planet by the hand of man, who is in denial of the danger, we pose to our own planet and our own existence.

It is not possible that man can’t seem to see, that our actions, are destroying the planet.

It is stupid to think that, we as the humans of this earth, can’t seem to comprehend, how our world works, and how much needed rest, we all need to give to this earth.

If we don’t change our actions, which have been killing our planet for a very long time, we will be cut off from the land.

We Need More Understanding

Many people don’t seem to grasp the concept of life and their purpose on this planet, instead they live their lives very care free, as if there aren’t any consequences to their evil actions.

We will however, soon figure out, that we need our planet to continue to be humans; if we don’t become smarter soon, and take care of our earth, we shall all lose it, and we won’t have a place to call home where we can live, anymore.

We will all have to float in space, dead of course, because space doesn’t have the capabilities of sustaining life.

If you don’t want to die in space, we better take care of our planet, because we only have one, and won’t be getting another one.

The Planet is the Only Home We Got

Also, we can’t think that we can just come up with a new planet, for everyone to live, because we don’t know how this current planet is able to sustain life.

Of course we have schools, which dedicated their time to study life, but we don’t really grasp the concept, because if we did, we wouldn’t be destroying the only planet we have.

It is truly frightening what we are doing to our own planet, where everyone, including you and I have to exist.

From the way that we act towards each other, to the way we treat the natural resources and the animals of the planet; we are all part of the destruction, which has fallen upon the world, on a day to day basis.

We don’t see that, we have to stop and restart the current society all over again, because our way of life, is not feasible with our earth, and the way that society was founded is destroying our planet and the world.

Our Society is Wrong

The very society we have built, to live and make our lives better is trying to destroy the foundations of the world.

We don’t want you to assume, that the ideas of the world, which make our lives better, are not good for us; they are just not good for this planet.

What we are saying here, is that the ideas of this world are corrupted and are corrupting the planet as well.

Therefore we do need to go back to the drawing board and start all over again, we don’t need to create new ideas, and instead, we just need to use old ideas incorruptibly.

For example, transportation is a great idea, but the way we went about this technology, is currently destroying our planet.

We didn’t think to create ways to transport ourselves, in a way that wouldn’t destroy the environment, instead we only thought about our pockets and being greedy.

The People at The Top

When we say we, we mean the people who are at the top of the world, and own most of the resources, needed to live in this current society.

These people are the ones who are mainly responsible for the way that the world is today, because they own everything.

The Planet Needs A Rest From Its Destruction

We have to give our planet, a time to rest so that it can replenish itself and serve us better, so that we can enjoy a much better life.

When you think about it, it makes sense, for our earth to be able to rest, and to be able to replenish itself, as the bible says.

I mean, you do go home after a long day of work, and sleep until you are fully rested, for the next day and do it over again in the morning.

We even have weekends, which some of us don’t even use correctly, because we choose to do even more work during the weekend, when in reality, we should be resting.

Many of us though, don’t have any other choice, we have to use our weekends to take care of ourselves; therefore, we have to work even during the weekends.

It is imperative that we allow our planet to rest, from all the work that the land has to do for us, if we don’t allow the planet to rest, the land will cease to produce the food and all the resources that we deem very valuable to our lives.

The Animals Also Suffer

The animals too, will cease to exist and we won’t have all the things that we need to make this earth habitable, for humans.

We don’t know how to allow our earth to rest, because it seems as though, that all we like to do, is to use things for ourselves forever.

Many of us, don’t take the time to sit down and think, how the earth produces, and all the resource we need to survive.

Many of us don’t know if these resources can ever be depleted, because we use them without any guidance, which can help us use these resources, the proper way.

We can’t deny the fact that many of us are greedy, and are moved by the greed, which resides in our hearts.

We can’t seem to stop using water, the land, and even our own animals, which are going extinct at an alarming rate.

Animals were not just made for you to fill your belly, animals have a purpose, and they need to be here as well to accomplish their purpose.

Even the animals that are clean to you, which you may eat, also have the right to be part of creation, which The Most High created.

The Planet Needs Saving

We need to fix the issues of our world, we can’t let our planet go into shambles, and we can’t just watch our planet be destroyed by our actions.

We have to save our planet, we can’t choose to rather sit, and watch our world fall into more and more destruction every day.

We are given signs of the times too, our earth does speak to us, and tries to convey a message to us, to the whole human race, but we don’t take heed to what our earth is saying.

Our earth is a living organism, and just like your body tells you when you are in hunger to feed yourself, our earth also uses natural phenomenon to talk to us, but we don’t seem to want to listen.

When we start to see the earthquakes, the wild fires, the floods and the tornadoes, then we want to pray to The Most High, and ask for forgiveness, as if He wasn’t extending His hand, before all of the people, fell into utter perdition and decided to destroy the planet, without regard.

Human Actions Can Cause Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, whether you believe it or not, are caused by our actions, because we are connected to this planet.

We ought to be careful, because our souls are on the line here as well, and we need to figure out a better way to live on this earth, else we shall all perish in hell.

When we don’t live on this earth, according to how The Creator set things, from the beginning of the world, then we are on a path to hell, and no one would be able to redeem us.

Alas, I feel as though I speak in vain, because none of you, would not even consider, that our earth is depending on us to make the right decisions, so that the earth and every living thing that is in it, don’t pass away one of these days.

The Planet is Eternal

Well the earth will never go anywhere, but each and every individual that is responsible for destroying the world will soon, directly or indirectly, be in a very uncomfortable situation, because the earth will be destroyed.

The reason, why we are so evil toward the earth, is simple though, please don’t think that what we are about to condemn any one.

But we are destroying the earth, because The Most High said, we would do this to ourselves and He won’t save anyone from the destruction that is coming, except the children of Israel.

He also said in the bible that, the world would be destroyed, at the hands of a particular nation of people, which has existed for many years.

When you consider what the bible is saying, and the things that are happening in the world, we can clearly see, who in the world, the bible is speaking about.

If you don’t know who, well I’ll tell you who, but first let me ask you, who is on top of the world right now, meaning what race of people? Who owns all the oil companies, which are being spilled in the ocean, meaning what race of people? Finally, who is the man, which is shaking nations and kingdoms, as the bible says, and which nation of people is doing all of this, to destroy the world.

This nation of people are in all the best parts of the world, while the natives of the land are being destroyed.

As I mentioned before, I am not here to condone anyone, I am only here to bring light to the events, which are taking place in the world right now.

We can’t be so ignorant to believe that, the whole human race is behind, the destruction of the earth.

Not Every One is Destroying The Earth

The earth is being destroyed, by a certain type of people, who don’t really care about this world, but its fatness and richness and they would receive all the fatness and richness of this world, no matter the cost.

This nation of people, don’t see this earth as their home, that’s why they continually try to go into space, to find new earths around the Galaxy.

Time is Running Out

The earth doesn’t have much time, my fellow readers, and we need to find new ways to stop, what we are doing to this beautiful earth.

If we don’t then, I am afraid, that we will have to pay for the consequences of destroying this beautiful planet, and none shall redeem us from the destruction that is coming to us, soon in the future, because we refused to take care of earth, which takes care of us.

We shall soon see, the results of our actions, and we shall realize how evil we were, to this earth, when the earth refuses, to take care of us any longer.

We Are on A Highway to Hell

Take a closer look at the earth and ask yourselves, if we are going in the right direction, because the way it looks to me, we are not.

Instead, we are going straight to perdition and if we don’t get ourselves to the right path, quick, you best believe, that we are all going to become extinct.

All that we do, we do it for ourselves, and we never think about, the environment around us, like never, we never do.

Humans Are Not Soecial

Because we think, for some odd reason, that we are owed something special from this world, what we have and who we are is never enough; therefore, we must have some kind of reward, for just being who we are, so that we may become more.

And to make matters worse, we don’t even amount to anything as a whole, because we are destroying our world.

The fact that we are destroying our own planet, shows the level of intelligence that we have as the human race.

The destruction of our earth, can and will happen, trust me, the bible even talks about how, we are going to be the ones to bring, the earth to the brink of destruction.

How stupid and insane of a creation, can we be, we are the only creatures, who think to destroy the earth we all call home, the only one we have today.

Only we think to destroy our own, home, not even realizing that, we won’t be able to get any other earth after this one.

Believe What You Want to Believe

Believe what you want to believe, NASA is not going to find anything, in outer space, we have been looking for a long time, and we are not going to find anything, because the life that we live, was not made to have more than just us in the physical realm.

The only thing that the space travelers, are after when they go, into outer space, is The Most High, who lives in the third heaven with His angels, but they’ll never reach Him.

I know this, because I must know this, yes, I am quoting The Matrix lol.

It feels sometimes, as though we are living in a matrix though, where all of us humans, work for the benefit of the few.

What a life, we have created for ourselves, not to mention that these corporations, are not even on the right side of history.

We are no longer born, we are grown, and taught to work for a corporation, until we die.

Due to the fact that, these corporations only think about their profit margin, and don’t care how they get a big profit, as long as they get it, even if it means, that they have to sacrifice, the earth.

We are suffering due to the insane ideas of many people, in big corporation, who only care about their bottom life.

A sad reality

It is a sad reality, but it is our reality, and we have to learn to live with this reality, until the end comes.

I mean don’t think that, we are going to be on this circus forever, oh nooooo, The Most High, created us and He will have His vengeance on the people who are destroying His world, His creation, the earth and everything that is in it, including yourselves.

The people who are behind, destroying the world, will have to answer to The Creator for the destruction of the earth and all His beautiful creatures, which are going extinct very often.

We are reaching that point, of no return, and once we are there, you best believe it, we are going to have to pay the price, for what we are doing to this planet.

Thank you for reading!!!