Immortality Is Not Far Fetched For Us Humans


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Alright my fellow readers, good day to you, we hope that you are enjoying life as much as we are.

The journey of life, has been great, and we have to learn to appreciate the little things in life, so that they are not taken away from us, abruptly.

Such things are so little in our eyes, that we don’t take time to appreciate them, and comprehend them as a whole.

We don’t know how important and essential to life, these things are, because we have them in abundance, and we take them for granted.

We Need to Be Thankful

We don’t appreciate, such essentials in life, because we are full of ourselves, we also in our arrogance, decide that it is okay to destroy our environment, which holds such things together, which we consider to be unimportant and of no value.

Among the things that we consider to be unimportant and unnecessary are: the air, the water, the breath of life, which we take each and every day and many other little things, which are very vital to us.

Many of you are probably thinking in your heads, that you consider the air to be useful, and you do appreciate the fact that we have water to drink in abundance.

However, we must ask ourselves, how come our air is polluted, if we consider it to be essential to us? The air that we breathe and the water that we drink are very important to us, without, these little things in life, we wouldn’t be alive.

The Planet Is Our Only Home, We Need to Take Care of It

Yet we continue to pollute the water, the air and the environment; we also destroy the animals of the planet and in the process we destroy ourselves as well.

We need to understand that we are all part of the destruction that is happening around the globe, and we need to stop it.

If we don’t really start to consider all the vital, and beautiful things in life, we soon, shall consider what is important in life, and shall look at it, as important as the job that currently pays the bills; which we think is a blessing, from The Most High, but little do we know.

Many essential thing, can be taken away from us, when we don’t consider them to be precious and important.

In today’s article, we shall talk about, how possible it is for us, to live forever; if we want to live forever.

We are also going to tie, a lot of the things we say here, to the bible, because it is the best source of truth.

So if you are not a biblical, type of person, you may not want to finish reading this article.

How to Achieve Eternal Life?

Anyhow, so the million dollar question is, how can we achieve eternal life? Well, the only being that can answer that for us, is He who created all of us, The Most High Power of Israel.

Without His power, we wouldn’t even be here, in the first place, instead, we would all be nonexistent.

However, due to His power and mercy, which He has for His people, He created the whole earth and everything as well as anyone that inhabits the planet.

We are blessed enough, to be part of His creation and we should be thankful daily for His mercy.

Remember that we do pass away; even though most of us don’t have the desire to die, because we would all love to be alive forever.

It’s fair that many of us wouldn’t want to pass away, because life itself is very precious and beautiful; who would want to leave this current reality? I know I want to live forever and ever, on this current reality, maybe not with this current body, but I would definitely want to stay alive forever, with a body that does not age and can withstand the test of time.

The bible talks about how the elects of The Most High will have new bodies, during the coming of The Son of Man; so someone in the near future will have a new body.

All of no one wants to die, but one day, we all have to pass away; unless, we follow the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High and we fear Him, who created all of us.

We also have to believe that Jesus is His son, and that He came and died for your sins, to save you during the day of The Lord, in which He will pour out His wrath upon the world, because of the sins of the world.

We Can Live For Ever

The answer, to the million dollar question, can we live forever one day? Is yes, we can live forever one day.

But the only way we are going to achieve this, is by following the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High.

When you are following these laws, you are not going to be burned either, or feel as though it is a burden to follow the law of God, because the laws of God make sense.

The laws, statues and commandments of The Lord, will shield you and protect you, through life and it will give you eternal life, as long as you follow His laws and believe in His son.

It is actually, going to benefit us, if we follow the laws, statues and commandments of our God, The God of Israel.

I hope we are not talking to much bible with you, but we did say that we would have to use the bible heavily, to be able to explain how we can live eternally.

We have to keep His commandments, even when we think that we know better and think that we don’t need to follow any laws of The Creator.

When you think about it, and put some logic into following the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High, you can see that it makes sense to follow them.

The Countries of The World have Laws

For example, if you want to drive from one point in your city to another point, there are signs and laws that you have to follow.

As you drive through the city safely, you will soon realize that the street signs and laws that you are following are there so that your driving is safe and secure, and you arrive at your destination without any problems.

You would have to follow, the laws, which have been set up by your local leaders, if you want to live peaceably with your neighbors and with your environment.

When you don’t follow, street laws, and you decide to drive, without a license, or without insurance, you can be put in jail or you may have to pay, hefty fines, for not obeying the laws, which have been set up by your government to keep you and other drivers safe.

If you drink and drive you can also become dangerous to yourselves and to other drivers.

However, if you obey the laws of your government, you are going to be safe and not have to worry about being in trouble within the states, or your local government, because you decided that, you would obey the law of the land, and not have to pay, hefty fines or have to face prison time.

Keep The Laws Statues and Commendmends

hings work similar, with The Most High when you learn to keep his statues, laws and commandments.

He not only keeps you out of trouble, but He also rewards you for your good behavior, and for doing everything which the lord commanded the children of Israel.

See following the laws of God can actually earn you a reward.

But you have to keep his laws, statues and commandments or else you will not live long on the face of the planet.

But when you learn to obey His word found in the bible, He will give you what your heart desires, and some more.

He will also bless you with eternal life but you must use the bible and keep His laws, statues and commandments.

So yeah, as I was saying, you follow the laws of The God of Israel and you will live forever, you don’t learn to follow them and you will surely die.

Your death will not be sad neither, people will not cry and you will go straight to hell, because you decided that you are not going to follow, the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High.

The Laws of God Benefit Humanity

Alright, I know some of you may be thinking, why should we follow these laws, and how can they benefit you in your life.

Well let me explain, there is a law that clearly says, thou shall not kill, I know many of us are glad that The Most High does not allow the killing of the innocent people on the face of the earth.

Even if someone kills an innocent person, the person who committed the sin, does pay the price, and God is the one who will personally pass judgement.

I know you see death all the time but trust me when the killing is done, sometimes it’s righteous.

But if the killing is not performed righteously, the person who committed the killing, transgressed the law of The Most High, therefore, that person has to pay, and The Most High, will see to it, that the person is put in jail or put to death and goes to hell, for shedding innocent blood.

If you are thinking about those who get away from killing someone, those people also see the judgment of The Most High, even when the judicial system of man does not apprehend the wicked.

We won’t reach eternity, if we don’t learn to follow, the law, statues and commandments of The Most High.

Science is Not The Answer to Living Forever

Even when we use our technology, to maintain the body alive for as long as we can, we won’t reach eternity, without the power and authority of The Most High.

We have to be granted permission and be allowed to eat of the tree of life, to be able to live forever on the face of the planet.

Although, we know that we need the power of The Most High to live forever, some companies, are already developing, hardware that would assimilate organs, which would help you stay alive, if one of your organs is failing.

It is a great idea, that we have created artificial organs, and by no means am I condoning what science is developing, but it will not work for too long because we never know how the body would react to the hardware over a period of a time.

Trust me, we couldn’t create any technology, which would help us stay alive forever, only through the power of The Most High and His permission, can we all achieve eternity.

Also, The Most High will not allow us to have our own way of living eternally, because He created us, the earth and the universe, so no matter where we go, we would still be His property and The Most High has a purpose for all of us, which is far better than what we have in mind for ourselves.

We Belong to The Most High

As God’s belonging we are at His mercy, and He’ll do whatever He would like to do with us, because we belong to Him.

You won’t be able to escape His power either, so all this talk about, finding new planets for us to inhabit, can just be flushed down the toilet.

Due to the fact, that in Genesis 1:28, God gave the creation of the earth onto man, not the whole universe.

So when we go on our, so called “Space Explorations” we are going against God’s commandments, and He will take vengeance against us, for all of our insolence.

If you however, want to really live forever, in paradise here on earth, and don’t want to die and be in eternal damnation, then you need to pray to The Most High and ask Him, to show you His way.

He will certainly show you, but you can start by reading the bible and figuring out, how The Most High operates, who He is and to what group of people on earth is He addressing in the bible.

If you are one of those people, who don’t believe in the bible, then you don’t need to be here, this article is not for you.

The Bible has All The Answers

Eternity, is all over the bible, and the reason why I continue to mention the bible is because, you and I and the whole wide world is mentioned there.

The bible talks about each, of the nations of the earth currently, and it shows how each man will be obtaining eternal life.

However, you have to work for your eternity, you have to fight to achieve eternal abundant life.

If you don’t make an effort to read His word, you will not and I mean you will not, be able to keep the laws, statues and commandments of The Lord.

His commandments are not grievous neither, as the bible says, so you won’t be dying, by just keeping his commandments; instead you will receive eternal life.

You will actually be blessed, on the face of this planet and everyone that blesses you shall be blessed, as the bible says.

However everyone, who curses you shall be cursed, forever, according to the word of The Lord.

Living for Ever is not A Mistery

Now you can see how, keeping the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High, can really be beneficial to you, you can get there if you’d like, but you have to pay attention to your life, every day, you can’t just have a day, when you don’t remember to keep the commandments.

It will be easier for you to break the laws, statues and commandments of The Lord, then to keep His commandments.

If you want to die, however, and never see a day in paradise, then by all means, be my guest, and let me know how is eternal damnation, once we see each other you’re in the burning fire and I’m in the kingdom of heaven, hopefully though, I’ll see you in the kingdom of heaven.

Thank you for reading this article!!!