Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

brothers keeper

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The life we live today, is precious and it was created by a being, who we should all thank every day, which we get up, to enjoy this life, which we all have.

However, we don’t acknowledge the one who gave us this life in the first place.

As a result some of us, nah actually, many of us, are not enjoying this beautiful, life today.

As a matter a fact, many of us are so miserable, that we don’t believe that, our lives are very precious.

Therefore they commit suicide or go on a killing spree, ending the life of many innocent people.

Due to the fact that, we only have one life to live, we should all know that, we have to stay alive forever.

If you don’t know, how to stay alive, then you should ask, The Creator, since He has been alive, since the beginning of creation itself and even before that.

As a matter a fact The Creator, doesn’t have any beginning or end, I am sure He can show us, how to live forever.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the laws, statues and commandments, of The God of Israel, found in the bible.

Today, we will get biblical, and if you don’t like the bible, I think, this is not a place for you.

I had to put a clause, there just in case, someone would be offended.

Okay, we are going to talk about a law, that we all know about, but we all ask ourselves, as Cain ask himself, when he was speaking to God, in the book of Genesis of the bible, am I my brother’s keeper? Well, I am my brother’s keeper, because I believe that, we have to learn to move together as a nation, and not so much, as individuals.

When we do things as individuals, and not as a nation of people, we lose and suffer, as a nation of people, due to the very few.

We need to learn to move as a nation, because our lives depend on that very fact.

We have to be mindful of that, about each other, we all belong to a particular nation, and it is up to you, to know which nation you belong to, and defend the people of your nation, with all might, and soul.

Because, when a person in your nation, is not doing what’s right, then everyone in your nation, including you falls and suffers the consequences, of the one person’s trespasses.

We all need to be my brother’s keeper, so that we don’t fall as divided individuals.

In order for you to be able to understand, how to be your brother’s keeper, you would have to know, who is thy brother, and who is not thy brother.

When God commanded the children of Israel in the bible, to love thy neighbor as they would love themselves, he was talking about people of their own nation, not the whole world.

What this means is that the children of Israel have to love the children of Israel only.

The Most High Power of Israel, was not talking to the other nations or about the other nations, so we have to be careful, when you forgive your brother, to know who you are forgiving.

Your love for your neighbor, has to be only for your nation, not just for any outside nation, because you may get hurt.

When you love everyone you can get hurt out there, because, not all of us come from the same family.

You also may not want to blindly love, someone within your nation, if that person causes all kinds of headaches, and confusion, within the nation.

If your brother is causing strife within the nation, you can’t hate him, of course, but you must limit yourself with him and move away from that brother or sister.

When that person is causing trouble, for you as well as the nation, that person needs to be away for a while.

A nation is more important than an individual, who is causing trouble for the nation.

Likewise, everyone who is a valuable individual, is important to a nation, so we need to take care of each other.

We also must be valuable to our nation, this means that you need to progress and do something important with thy life.

Brothers and sisters of a nation, who are causing separation, through mischievous and evil thinking and doings, ought to be separated from their nation.

If you however, don’t care, to see your nation, suffer due to one or two people, then by all means, allow the person, who was causing the suffering, to stay around the people, so that the person can cause even more problems.

When you allow a person, to be around the nation, then that person who is within the nation will use their disease and spread it throughout the whole nation, similar to a cancer, which can’t be stopped.

You should not allow yourselves, to be around a person, who doesn’t value their nation, because their thinking and way of life, can latch on to you.

Then, the next think you know, you are also having the same thought process, as the person, who is causing all types of confusion and separation within the nation.

If you end up having the same thinking pattern as the one, who is bringing problems to your nation, it will be hard to break that habit.

One ought to definitely be smart, and know what it is that we are doing, when we decide to forgive a brother, who wronged you.

You should always forgive your brother, because that brother have to be part of your nation, however at the same time, you can’t let that brother continue to mistreat you and push you into more misery.

You have to use your common sense, and remember that The Most High, is the one who is in control.

So yes, forgive your brother; but remember that things, will not be the same as they always were, because your brother, did wronged you.

Once, your brother, has done you wrong that one time, he/she can do it again, so be careful.

In the bible, it explains, how you should deal with such people, who do you wrong and are your brother.

You should turn the other chick, but most of us don’t interpret the scriptures the right way, and go turning the other chick even to our enemies.

You should never forgive your enemies, and you should know who your enemies are, and who the people of your nation are, this is very imperative, for you to be able to live and enjoy life.

You’ll find, that the bible says, that we should put a mark upon that brother or sister, who did you wrong, and separate from that person.

If of course, the person who wronged you, does not stop hurting you, does not change or ask you for your forgiveness.

Don’t be around that person, do make sure that your brother or sister is doing fine, however, protect yourselves, don’t be boo-boo the fool and let your brother or sister hurt you again.

Because that brother or sister will hurt you again, due to the fact that people don’t easily change.

Remember though, you are only supposed to forgive, your brother, who is of the same nation as you are.

You also have to forgive that brother many times, but you should see a change in that brother, do forgive a brother who is always stealing from you, every time that brother comes around your home.

If you don’t accept your brother and what he is doing, then you can put your brother away, because the two of you couldn’t agree on anything.

Like we mentioned, don’t be boo-boo the fool, try to understand what we are trying to say here.

Also don’t you ever, go after another nation and forgive that person, because you would put yourselves, in a real bad situation.

The next thing you need to know, is that your brothers and sisters, are not perfect.

So you have to learn, to forgive your brother or sister many times, throughout life, but with that being said, you should not let them treat you the same way, over and over and over again, just because, they are your brother or your sister and they are of the same nation.

Am I my brother’s keeper? Well you should be, because the nation, which you belong to, has to be put together, by the men of that nation, and if brothers are not looking out for each other, then that nation will fall by the waist side, and it will be forgotten.

Trust me, you don’t want to be forgotten as a nation, because the minute, that you are forgotten as a nation, that’s when, you as an individual, suffer the consequences of the sins, which your nation committed against The Most High.

That’s correct my fellow readers, you read that right, you need to watch that you or your brother or sister does not commit sins against The Creator.

When we commit sins against The Creator, He punishes the whole nation, from where that sin came.

Therefore, everyone has to make sure, that we are acting accordingly and correctly, in the eyes of The Most High Power of Israel.

One of the greatest sins, we could have ever committed against The Most High, is to not be responsible for your brother or sister of that same nation.

When you don’t watch out for your brother or your sister, to make sure that the person, is not acting in a way, that can hurt your nation; then you end up paying the consequences as well.

Your brother or sister, is not the only person that pays for the sins of one person, or a group of people within your nation.

If you for example, are a righteous person, in the eyes of The Most High, but your nation is not pleasing to the eyes of The Creator, then that nation will be utterly destroyed and plucked up from the face of the earth.

You don’t want to be forgotten as a nation, trust me.

You need to make sure that in your nation, you are looking out for your own people, so that you may prosper as a nation and not as individuals.

But you won’t believe me, will you? You think that it is not important that your next door neighbor, is not doing as well as you.

We are all selfish, we think that, it is all about us and about us only, we are all very selfish, and most of us, don’t think that we need each other.

The only way that we can live on this planet is by helping each other, we also have to make sure that we only help our people, of the same nation.

Alright, I hope we are not getting too emotional here, because trust me, looking out for your brother, and making sure your neighbor has all they need, is less about emotions, and more about common sense.

If you don’t think, it makes sense to take care of your nation, then you are my friend, playing with fire.

Due to the fact, that whatever your nation does, will have a direct impact on your life, so you have to be aware of what people in your nation do, so that they are not doing something, that would call for bad repercussions and evil to come up against you nation.

We are all going to find out soon though, how important it is, that each and every one of us, conduct themselves accordingly, because each and every one of us, are part of something, which is bigger than us.

We should learn to see our nation as a whole, so that we are able to be our brother’s keeper, and our sisters’ keepers too.

We have to learn to take care of each other, so that we can make progress as a nation, and not as individuals, because, when we make progress as a nation, we all benefit from that progress.

On the contrary, when we make progress as individuals, we all don’t benefit, from individual successes, but only that individual.

If we don’t understand, what we just talked about now, we shall soon understand, when the world, has become hostile toward us, and wants us to act accordingly.

Besides, when we learn to move as a nation, we do things, we don’t know are possible, but we have to be coordinated, and we have to have the same set of rules, statues and commandments.

In the case of our nation, we have to learn to follow, the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High, so that He may be our rock, faith and hope, in everything we do.

Thank you for reading this article post!!!