The Importance of AngularJS in Today’s Cyber World


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The way that the website world interacts with you today, has changed over the last ten years. Really when you think about it, every time you are online, you experience a totally different reality.

One of the reasons for this is, you don’t see the same old ways, of surfing the web space anymore.

One reason, for the many changes, in the web space every day is due to the fact that many devices. The online world has to learn to adapt to these and many other, devices.

Also, what people want the Internet to do, look and feel for them on a personal level, is changing.

The new technology that software engineers and computer scientist bring to the cyber world, helps them stay current with technology. In today’s article, we will be exploring, AngularJS, and how important it is, to the world of the Internet.

AngularJS is packed with many features

You build single page applications (SPA), which were not as efficient and powerful. Today, however, thanks to the development of AngularJS, we can enjoy efficient SPA.

As a powerful JavaScript library, AngularJS extends the HTML DOM. By adding additional attributes, so that it is more responsive to the actions, of a user.

You’ll believe that the cyber world is truly magical and that without it, your existence is not valid. You would also join thousands of developers, who are using AngularJS, to develop their applications. This library is a free open source, which is licensed under the Apache license v2.0.

AngularJS, is mainly used with single page application.

Let’s explain what single page application (SPA) means, so that you are able to stay alert. During the reading you should be able to gain the valuable information you are looking to find. SPA is a type of software which allows, the loading of multiple views, on a single shell page.

What this means is that your application would be better loaded. The initial content can always be loaded first; then the rest of the other content.

The initial content is loaded later without having to change, or load the whole page or application. You save time when you use applications that were developed using AngularJS.

This powerful JavaScript library can be used, for other purposes. However we are going to focus a bit more, on how AngularJS, can help you. You can accomplish all of your SPA software building goals, and other applications you would like to develop.

One other thing we should mention is, make sure that you have the basics down packed already.

Such prerequisites are: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX and other vital website technologies.

Read a book about website technology, because it will help you understand better what we are talking about here.

If you don’t already have the basic knowledge of the technologies used to develop websites and applications. I just have to mention that you will then, have a hard time, understanding this article.

If you don’t have a hard time, even without prior knowledge of the website technologies, then good for you.

You are smarter then what I thought.

Alright moving on, when you build your SPA from scratch, you will encounter many challenges. Challanges, such as DOM manipulation, browsing history, dynamic module loading, routing, etc…

Thanks to many developers, though, we don’t have to deal with these challenges. Due to the fact that AngularJS, has built-in features, that take care of these and many other challenges. When you develop your SPA, using AngularJS, you’ll find many features. These features which will help make your life a lot much better.

Such features are: model-view-controller, two-way data-binding, routing of views and DOM manipulation handled with JQLite. Also, built-in history features and many other features can help you. Such features are the concept of data-binding with view models, directives, validation and much more.

These and many other features, will help you save time, money, effort. They will prevent you from getting a headache, when you develop your SPA using AngularJS.

Alright, now that you know, some of the core features of AngularJS, let’s talk about, how you can get started using, these and many other features, of AngularJS. First off, you need to download the library at GitHub, just do a search online for it, you’ll find it easy.

The name of the file is similar to this name: angular.min.js, and always download the one file, which says stable. It is recommended and people around the world, are not updating that version.

You will have to add, the file, you download into the web-page, you are trying to develop. So that you are able to use the great features of, AngularJS. One of the main reasons for the creation of AngularJS, was for the development, of dynamic web applications.

You can clearly and succinctly, express the components of your web application. By using HTML as a template language, and by having the ability to extend HTML’s syntax, through AngularJS libraries.

You don’t have to write a lot of code, neither, because AngularJS, contains data-binding and dependency injection. This will help you take care of many of the coding writing you would have to write for your application.

AngularJS is the ideal partner, of any server technology application, because all of its operations, happen within the browser.

Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons, developed this great programming language, back in 2009. Currently Google maintains and upgrades, this programming language, though.

AngularJS allow developers to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA), it also provides developers the options, to write client side applications, which use JavaScript, in a clean Model-View-Controller (MVC) way. AngularJS also eliminates the hassles, which many developers have, trying to develop an application; one of these hassles is compliant across many browsers.

JavaScript code, which is suitable for each browser, is handled by AngularJS, therefore developers don’t have to worry about cross-browser compatibility issues.

Developers can build web applications, which are high in performance, are easy-to-maintain and are large in scalability, using the AngularJS framework. Developers, who take advantage of AngularJS are provided, with the capability of creating, Single Page Applications, in a very clean and maintainable way. Users have a rich and responsive experience, because, AngularJS provides data-binding capabilities to HTML.

AngularJS contains two types of data-biding, namely: the one-way data-binding, which is one-way data binding because the model values are automatically assigned to the HTML placeholder elements specified through the data binding notation, but the HTML elements don’t change the values in the model (one way).

There is also a two-way data binding when a model variable is bound to an HTML element that can both change and display the value of the variable. In general, we could have more than one HTML element bound to the same variable.

Developers are also able to reuse components of AngularJS and achieve more functionalities, with little coding. Alright now let’s talk about some of the features of AngularJS in more detail, one of these features is Directives, which help HTML learn new tricks.

Due to the fact that, with AngularJS, we are able to add attributes, elements, or comments to the HTML language; which makes your HTML code have more abilities and makes you look like a magician to your users.

The three main directives found in AngularJS, are also used to divide AngularJS, into three major parts, such as ng-app/ng-class, which is used to define and to link an AngularJS application to HTM.

Then there is also the ng-model, which is used to bind the values of AngularJS application data, to the HTML input controls.

Finally, you’ll find the ng-bind, which binds the AngularJS application data, to HTML tags. You will find directives as markers, on a DOM element, which tell the HTML compiler of AngularJS, to attach certain behaviors, to a DOM element or transform that DOM element and its children.

Before you can use directives, in your HTML code, to fire up the AngularJS compiler, you’ll need to know, which directive matches, which tag on the HTML document. You can’t just start binding any AngularJS directives to any HTML tags. AngularJS normalizes an element tag and attributes name, to figure out what directive would fit which element or HTML tag.

Directives are a core feature of AngularJS and are used every day, by developers, to allow them to extend the vocabulary of the browsers. If you have, a solid understanding of directives, you will be able to master AngularJS, pretty easy. Through reusable HTML elements, attributes, and classes,

you’ll be able to extend the grammar of any web page, because directives, gives you the ability to do so. You can attach to the HTML elements, directives to provide one of the main flavors or directives, which is the behavior of AngularJS.

The attached directives, you give to HTML elements, provides them with some sort of augmented functionalities. In contrast, these HTML elements, become popeyes on spinaches, because they can do more then what they could do before AngularJS existed. The recommended way, of interacting with the DOM in AngularJS is through behaviors.

So you should never, have to modify your DOM, inside your controllers, because this is bad practice, for your programming. You gain access to attributes object when you define directives and declare them as a dependency in the link function.

The normalized attributes and their corresponding values are contained in the attribute objects, these normalized attributes and corresponding values are declared on elements, which contain the directives in the HTML document.

Let’s say you want to access a value, you have set in your directives attributes, this way: mynewDirec = “someval”, you would use attrs.mynewDirec, to access your value, which you have set in the HTML document.

Directives are special in AngularJS, the ng-app directive, defines the root element, by automatically initializing or bootstrapping an application, when web pages are loaded, and contain the AngularJS application. AngularJS modules, can also be loaded using the ng-app directive, for AngularJS application.

An example of AngularJS’s ng-app would look similar to this: <div ng-app=”” > … </div>, on this example we are using the <div> tags of the HTML document and inside the tag we are calling our directive.

Alright, we only covered directives here, because they are very important, and is a very broad subject, but you need to do more research, don’t just stop here, at this document, leave us a comment, or send us an email if you know something we don’t.

We would appreciate, the knowledge that we gain from our readers as well, so that we can make, your experience a lot better when you come to visit the website. Remember though, the AngularJS technology is very broad, and you will spend a long time trying to learn all of its features.

But with persistence and determination, you will surely see yourself become that master programmer that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

But you have to be persistent and never slack. The days that you slack are the days, that you are setting yourself back.

You won’t realize your dreams, which are not farfetched, when you really try and put the right afford out there.

AngularJS will not be a programming language, which you will easily pick up, you will have to burn the midnight oil many times, before you are able to really master that programming language. But you’ll be fine though, if you continue to read and never stop, reading from websites such as King Info Life, where you can find any type of information about anything, when we have it available.

But you have to be the one that seeks that information, because if you don’t, you will never learn anything and instead you will always wish for something major to happen in your life, however, you will never see yourselves achieving your goals if you quit so easily and don’t read.

Thank you for reading this article post!!!