The War Between Us, The Planet and The Animals – We are Winning!

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The sight of the world, is not looking as good as we thought it would look after receiving this beautiful earth from our Father, The Most High Power of Israel. We are living in a fantasy world, in the twenty first century, because we refuse to acknowledge how much we are killing the planet. Whether, you believe it or not, we are in a worse situation today, than we were ten years ago, and we continue on a path of self-destruction that is unbelievable. Our world is deteriorating, and we don’t know or don’t want to realize, that the reason, why our world, is on a bad collision course with evil, is because of our evil actions, which are taking a big toll on the earth. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the animals and the planet, and how much in danger, they are due to our actions, and our negligence. The ignorance of the danger of our evil actions, is pushing animals to become extinct every, thirty years, and we don’t understand that, if we don’t stop and change our actions, every animal of the planet will give up their spirit, eventually and die.

We are going to be on a planet that is void of animals, I mean just imagine walking outside your door in the morning and not hear any birds or see any ants on the ground. The rate at which the animals are becoming extinct, is happening way too fast and we need to figure out a way to change the current situation. Besides, no animal on this planet, should become extinct, because we need them all, for our own survival. Once all the animals of this planet, finally decide to all be no more, then at that point, everyone will realize, that we destroyed our own world, and no one was there to help us destroy it neither, we did it on our own. Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying here, I don’t want you to feel, personally responsible for what is going on in the world today.

At the end of the day, you and I are not in control of anything, so really the bad guys in this movie, are the people who are considered to be the elites. When I say the elite, I mean the people who are in power, of course you couldn’t destroy the world, because you probably don’t own anything, and you will probably never own, anything in your lifetime. However, if you do own something, such as a corporation, or a chain of stores, that can really affect your way of life and the life of millions of people, then you are part of the problem as well; because you have the power to do something to change the way the world is revolving, but you refuse because you are making way too much profits to give your slaves and the animals of the planet a chance to be.

The way that people at the bottom though, become part of the problem, is definitely when they decide to support, those corporations, that are clearly hurting our land, and our way of life. The way we live today, has to change because all we do all day long is consume and nothing else but consume. We are not putting anything back to the planet, we just exploit all the resources and get ourselves fat in the process, while the animals and the planet is suffering. At least the majority of us if not all of us play a role in the destruction of our beautiful planet, given to us by The Power of The Most High. We all play a part in the destruction of our land, although, most of us are not the ones making the rules, we all play a part in it, because we consciously decide that we are going to continue to support those, who means us harm and want to destroy the earth, with their silly and stupid ideas. Our planet is definitely suffering though, and we have to change the course of this insanity, which we all play a role in.

Many scientists are optimistic because these scientists believe that we as humans, can work collectively to change the course of destruction of our world. However, I doubt that to be true, because our mentality, has really become, more about us and less about the world or anyone for the matter. It is difficult, to change the minds of people who are selfish and only think of themselves, it is not an easy thing to do. I don’t think that we are going to stop thinking about us, and more about the world, until we see our world destroyed. We simply just don’t care, no one is doing anything about the situation, to change it, we just think that, if we continue living, the way we live today, that we will be exempt from the destruction that is coming to our world. But, trust me when I say this, no one will be exempt from this destruction, not even the righteous people, we all have to pay for the damage we have caused and continue to cause, to the beautiful creation of our Lord.

Our world, in the twenty-first century, is seeing too many extinctions, which are happening way too fast, more than 50 mammal species, are believed to have been gone extinct, and more than 350 types of vertebrates are gone as well, from the face of the earth, you know what this means? We are entering an era when the dinosaurs were still around, and I know you know what happened to the dinosaurs. It is not looking good for us, my fellow readers, pretty soon, we won’t see birds flying anymore, and the fish of the sea will be gone.

This is not a fairy tale, this is some real talk and I hope that you can wake up and do something, to save your soul, because the destruction is coming for sure, according to the bible. It sounds to me that we are approaching, the last days, which are mentioned in the Bible, in the book of Revelations. We won’t take heed to the signs though, and that is our biggest problems, we just don’t know how to listen to a crying world, which talk to us every day with signs of the end. We don’t want to realize, that the earth is a living organism, similar to us, and just like us, we need to nurture it, and take care of our home, before it goes extinct, as well, and we be the ones to be gone, because we won’t have a place to lay our heads anymore. If the earth goes extinct, then you know, what that would mean for us, if we don’t have a home to live in anymore. We don’t understand the magnitude of the problems, if we are deprived of the biodiversity that we now, sort of enjoy, we won’t be able to live on this earth anymore.

If you believe in the bible, you’d know that the animals, the trees and everything that is within the earth, was made, before we were made. So how do we expect, to survive, if all of the animals, insects and trees of this earth, go into extinction? We will not live to tell the story, we are the dumbest, types of creatures, or at least the people who are at the top of the food chain; because the people at the top of the food chain are always the ones to blame, in this pyramid society. We are insane, because we continue to destroy our home, and expect, for things to be just fine, when important, animals and birds are dying, almost every day. We are going to die, one day if we continue, with the insanity, that we are promoting, and carrying out, because a few people at the top, wants us to destroy our beautiful earth. It is a shame, and we don’t care, how much our animals are suffering because we want to eat them, or hunt them.

We don’t understand, that in life we are all connected, we need to understand, that if we continue to pollute the water, in one part of the world, another part of the world, will yield, a whole species of dead fish. It is very real, when we see dead fish in the water, this is our own doing, it is not an act of magic, or a freak show, we are the ones responsible, for the death of many birds on the air, and many animals on the fields. The funny part of the whole situation, is that we are unconsciously destroying our own planet. Sometimes, even Hollywood makes movies, about the situation of animals, in the planet, and how we need to stop killing these animals; however, we don’t take heed, to them because we are that insane, but these movies are presenting a real picture, of the situation of your earth. Scientists, also come up, with all types of research, and data which show, that the animals, are actually disappearing, at an alarming rate, but we continue to expand, and take over the whole world. We just don’t care, about our planet, we just continue to kill off the fish of the water, and hunt the animals of the field for sport, many times, we continue to destroy the habitat of many of the animals, and believe somehow that, these animals should just move away from us, so that we can accommodate, ourselves into their own homes.

As if this earth, was not made with the animals in mind first, we continue to exercise, our rights on this world, as if we are the only ones, who have the right to live on this world. But we don’t understand, that our activities are literally, killing our planet, and soon enough, we will not have a planet anymore. We continue, to just consume, and eat and use, all the resources of this planet, including our animals, while our animals are suffering at the hands of the selfish activities of humans. Due to the fact, that we must be comfortable with our lives, and that we should always eat the animals, and eat them for the sake, of our hunger and thirst. No one is doing anything for our world, and the people who are actually doing something, to stop the madness, is proving to be not enough. So I guess, we are all going to pass away one day, because the earth will yield its ability to support life any more. We are destroying our world, by eating all the animals, and killing them, at a very alarming rate and we need to stop. Once the earth, gives up its ability to support us, then you better best believe that we won’t be able to live here anymore.

We will have to move to another planet, and destroy it as well, I guess, but that’s not going to happen. I mean, what really is the point of NASA, going into to outer space to find new planets, so that we may destroy them as well. What else are we going to the space for? To just take beautiful pictures? I don’t think so, people in power are in space, because they want to wage war against The Most High and his angels, when he comes back, and they want to find other planets to live in. We should just accept our fate, which is to die with the current planet, we have all destroyed, because we don’t know how to just be. Us as humans are greedy, we just have to gobble up everything, we don’t know how to relax and enjoy what The Creator has created for us. The fact that our world is dying, is a proof, that we are a dying society, that doesn’t deserve to exist on any planet, because those who are ruling the world, are destroying the world. Which is probably why, we are going to go extinct one day and there is nothing you can do about it.

Look at us, no one wants to be skinny anymore, everyone wants to just eat, and get fat, we don’t know how to stop eating, we have some type of eating disorder, and we don’t recognize our problem. We will have to face the consequences though, if we don’t know, how to be more responsible with our earth, it will be taken away from us. When we live so carelessly, we tell our Creator, that He made a mistake making us, and hence, He needs to come back and destroy us. Well according to the book of Revelations, in the Holy Scriptures, a final battle, against the evil people of this world, will take place. I guess it all makes sense now, there is an evil energy, that is strong and is alive, thus destroying the world, but in the end of times, this evil energy will be no more, it will be exterminated and all the people, who follow this evil energy. I hope that you are in the right side of history, because if you are found, in the wrong side, you will surely be put to death, for being part of the major destruction that is happening to our world today. You are not just reading a fairy tale here, because I am quoting the bible, if you don’t believe me, do your research and you’ll find what the end really means for us.

We are among a race of people, who have no regards for the basic things, which make it possible for us to exist on this planet. Our animals, our oceans and our airs, are very basic things to us, which are essential to our environment, which is important for us to live on this planet. We can’t continue, to destroy these essential basic resources, and expect to live another day, to tell the story.

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