The Tales of Life After Death are Not Far Fetched

life and death

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The tales of heaven and hell, and life after death have always been dismissed by most people, but little do we know, this is all real people, this is not a fairy tale. We, sometimes don’t believe in life after death, because we think that it is not real, due to the fact that we have never seen such things. However, hell and paradise are as real as you, and as real as this article that you are reading. In today’s article we will talk about life after death, and where do souls go, once you go into the other side. Heaven, hell and your soul do exist people, you do have to answer to someone, for the works of your hands, once you leave this life. The someone we are talking about here, is The Most High, Yahuwah, we won’t go biblical on you, because of religions reasons, but we will discuss logically, what happens to you after you die.

You often hear of stories, about people visiting either heaven or hell, and how they were brought back to life, by the power of The Most High. We today however, don’t want to consider our ways, and we do believe that for some reason, we don’t have a creator; how ignorant and inconsiderate can we be? But, little do we know, we do have a creator and this earth, along with everything that is in it, was created by a higher power and being, whom we refuse to acknowledge, because we are too much in our high horses. We also give ourselves, too much credit, when in reality we are nothing, but the dust of the earth. We have to learn, how to humble ourselves, and how to truly live a life that is dedicated to Him, Who created all of us. You didn’t create yourselves people, and trust me, you will soon find out, that The Most High is very serious about His creation. Many people have had experienced death, and come back to life again, and they do tell us of a place where many souls go, some souls go to lay in Abraham’s bosom or paradise, if you were following the laws, statues and commandments of The Lord; found in the first five books of the bible.

While lost souls go to hell, where they wait until judgment day, which is also real. The things you have been thought at your church, by your pastors, are not as fake as you may think. There is some truth to their teaching, because they are teaching from the bible, and the bible is a real book, but most of us, don’t want to consider our ways. Instead we want to continue to sin, or break the laws, statues and commandments of The Lord, which were given to the house of Israel. We live our lives carelessly, as if we don’t have to die one day, as if we don’t know that, we have to have good deeds and good works, for us, to acceptable in front of Him Who created us, The Most High. If we don’t hearken to the word and start living a better life, we will surely be put to death, and then a demon will carry us, to the pits of hell. Many souls are right now in hell burning, confused and suffering many whips, all day and all night, without any rest. Just think about it, if you don’t believe in the spiritual world, then ask yourselves this question, what is that power that is carrying you through life?

Ask yourselves what is that energy that is allowing your heart to beat? We don’t have any scientific, explanation yet, about the energy that makes the heart beat, because once the heart stops, there is no other electrical energy, that can bring it back. Yes of course, we do have information about the hear, but we don’t really know, the spiritual implications of the heart, scientifically; because we don’t read the bible and our science does not align with the bible. Go head and take a deep breath, and realize that you are not the one, behind your blood circulating through your vain. See this is why life is the way it is, we are constantly being reminded that, we are not our own, and that our bodies, do belong to A Higher Being, other than us. We really have to consider the reality of our existence, and we really have to open our eyes wide open, so that we don’t end up going into the pits of hell, and burn with the rest of the people, who made a choice to live their lives, however they thought, it would be the correct way.

We live so fast, we don’t have patience for anything, we don’t think about other people, other than ourselves, and as far as our thoughts is concerned, we are always looking to do, the evil thoughts, that comes to our minds We don’t know how to guard our souls anymore, we all really just want to go to hell, or at least the majority of us, and we can’t figure out why; however, the word of The Most High God, tells us why, we all want to go to hell. Without the bible, the only thing we all know, is that we die one day, and don’t know what is after we die; we don’t know that eternal life, is a possibility. You may want to live your life right, with The Most High, so that you may not end up living eternal life in the eternal fire and damnation. I mean what do you think happens, to the spirit that is carrying your body once you die? We all know what happens to the body, but what happens to your soul?

Do you think you are just going to be floating in the earth and be able to be around the living? Well you are mistaken, because you are not going to be floating, or sleeping, oh nooo, you are actually going to be, either in paradise or in hell, depending on how you have lived your life. You still won’t believe this article post though, because you still think you got it, and you know it all, right? Well you keep dreaming and don’t wake up, you will be taken by surprise, and won’t have a chance to repent of your sins, life is real, and you are about to find out, who the creator is, and what his purpose was for the life you have, and think you own. And you know what the worst part of it all is? You don’t get to decide what happens to you, after you die. You don’t have a say so, you just have to sit there and take it, because you didn’t create this world, you are just a rider, and you have the wheel of you life in your hands. You decide whether your works are wicked, or whether your works honor The Most High, who created you.

My fellow readers, if you are reading my articles, I hope you do take into consideration, what I am telling you right now, because there is going to come a time, when you will not be able to repent, and it will be too late, to do anything about your situation, if you go to hell; if you go to paradise however, you will rejoice. You know how some people say that there is no coming back from death, well that is true also for hell as well, there is no coming back from that. If you end up going to hell when you die, you will not be able to escape, during judgment day either, you will just burn and burn for eternity. By now, you should be asking yourselves, who is this guy? And where does he get his information from? I’ll tell you what, don’t believe me, close this document right now, and don’t listen to what I am telling here. You will surely be tormented for eternity, I know, because I do my research, and although the bible is my main resource, the bible is not my only resource, but hey, don’t take my word for it, go and do your own research and you’ll see what you’ll find. What would you know about heaven or hell though? It is not for you to know, that’s why you are not going to grasp the point of this article, to you, I am telling you how to live your life, but really I am doing you a favor, and you won’t even leave me a comment, and let me know what it is that you think, about this article.

You know, many people think that, they feel fear now, or they know how to do wickedness, or know how to fight against each other, and hate each other, but you will see that no one does it better, than The One Who created you and I. Heaven and hell is real, and on one side, you will find paradise, where people are sleeping, and on the other side, you will find hell, where people are being tormented, day and night, non stop. You know so many people think that, they are mocking God, by not believing in and Him, and not following His laws, statues and commandments, but in the end, you shall surely see, who is going to really be mocked, in the end of days.

Thank you for reading this post!!!