The Heart Is One of The Most Important Parts of The Body

the heart

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The body is truly an amazing creation, created by The Most High Power of Israel; we should all learn to appreciate the fact that we were given the chance to even have a body. When something goes wrong with it, we don’t get a second chance, to get things back in order. Therefor we cannot rely on our youth to do everything for us, to maintain a good healthy body, we ought to know that we have to work and put forth the effort to prove to life, that we want to stay alive for a long time.

Well I am planning to live forever, but for those of you, who want to die early, but enjoy a little bit of this life, you should live your life, to take care of your body, so that your body can take care of you. We all act, so high and mighty, when things are going right with our body, but when something goes wrong, then we all cry, like babies, to the one Who created us for help. We are not going to receive any help from our Creator, unless of course, The One Who created us, allows us to be restored, and have a second chance, at life; however, if The Creator sees that we are not worth to be on the face of this planet, you better believe it, you will pass away, and be gone forever. In today’s article we are going to talk about the heart, and how important it is to our lives, so that we take care of it.

The heart is one of the most important parts of our body, and we have to learn to take care of it, or else we shall surely die. We only get one heart, and most of us don’t get to have more than one heart, in our life time, and if we don’t learn, to take good care of our hearts, we can only hope, that it will stop working for us one day. We have to understand, that after a certain age, usually 30, our heart needs our help, for it to perform its job correctly; a job that is very important, to any living thing that has a heart. You have to stay active, every day, not just when you feel like running or eating healthy foods. If you didn’t have a heart, you wouldn’t be able to be alive, it is impossible for you to exist on this realm without a heart.

Therefore, it is very important that, we learn to take care of our hearts and we don’t take this matter lightly. Your heart, as you may have already know it, is a pump, composed of muscles, which pump blood through your entire body. All of your organs, receive their nourishment through the heart, and the blood which the heart pumps, helps us get rid of unwanted materials, in the body, through sweat or when you use the bathroom, I won’t get explicit don’t worry, so continue to read. The oxygen, which your brain receives, comes through the work of your heart, if your brain, stops receiving this vital oxygen, you will lose consciousness through a stroke or a brain problem, and have all kinds of problems, when you wake up, from your unconsciousness. If you are wake up from being unconscious due to your brain not receiving enough oxygen, consider yourselves lucky and blessed, because you can die as well, from a stroke.

Your heart is a unique organ, it is your life line, because it keeps things working properly, in your body. Without it, your body wouldn’t know how to transport, vital nutrients to your organs, therefore forcing your organs to malfunction and deteriorate over time. Take care of your heart, so that it may take care of you, and keep you alive, for as long as The Most High, permits. The number one killer in America is Heart disease according to The Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC). Wake up my fellow readers, and take care of your hearts, so that when your Lord comes back, He will find you to be worthy to be part of his Kingdom. The purpose of the heart is to allow you to live life, and you have to take care of it, if you don’t, you will surely die. If you let yourselves go, meaning if you become unhealthy, by eating all types of, unhealthy foods, you will not come back trust me, it will be almost impossible, so make sure you stay alive, but if you do die, make sure that you don’t die in unrighteousness, because you will go to hell and be tormented forever.

Your heart’s pumping ability has to stay normal at all time, the minute that your heart, start to pump abnormally, you may want to take yourselves, to a doctor as soon as possible. Don’t play with your heart, it is the only one you got, and if you don’t have a lot of money, you probably will not get a transplant, if your heart doesn’t function correctly and you need a transplant so take care of it. As important as your heart is to your body, you also need to know that, the heart can be deceiving, so don’t always follow your heart, actually never follow your heart. I am not sure if you’ve heard of people saying follow your heart’s desire, but you need to be careful, not to allow your feelings to take control of your lives. When you follow your heart, you will suffer many things, because your heart will lead you astray. You will be left in a place, and in a situation, that you didn’t intend to be in, in the first place, so don’t listen to your feelings.

However, do take care of your heart though, and your emotions as well, because you can never know, when your emotions or your heart will lead you straight to death. Our hearts is so important that, before your body needs the blood flow to be pumped, your heart is already at work, when you are an embryo, inside your mother’s womb. One of the reasons, why you need your heart to beat so early during your existence, is for proper development of the cardiac system, and proper growth of the bones, your organs and your entire body. Cardiovascular doctors, are very intrigue by the heart, because it has, an unfailing beat, which is very critical to life on earth. A variety of physiological functionalities, hormonal cues that regulate metabolism, the waste product produced by metabolism and metabolism itself, need the ceaselessly, blood flow that is provided by the heart, to transport respiratory gases, and nutrients, through all the parts of your body.

The heart is a powerful organ, which is responsible for the blood circulation, and the transport of nutrients, which is happening right now, in your body. The right atrium, the right ventricle, the left atrium, and left ventricle, are the four parts of the hearts, which make it possible for you and me to be alive, today. The lungs receive their blood from the right side of the heart, while the left side takes care of the rest of the body. The heart is able to perform its job, by means of a coordinated contraction of its muscles. An electrical activation, sends waves of bio-electricity, throughout the heart, to coordinate the pumping of the blood, through your body. I know it is an amazing piece of creation, which only The Creator could have created for all of us to enjoy.

The electrical impulses initiate at the sinoatrial node of the heart; the electrical impulses, are then propagated through the atria and the atrioventricular node of the heart. I hope I am not, saying any big words here, but if I do and you don’t understand something, please don’t hesitate to leave me comment, or email me. I’ll get you, all the information you need of any words you can’t understand, on this article. The electrical impulses that are propagated, throughout the heart, elevates the heart’s voltage, so that the cells of the heart, are activated, and the heart, is able to perform its job. If you have an abnormally, beating heart, then know that the electrical impulses that you are supposed to have, are going out of control and you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

If you have spiral electrical waves, then take yourselves to the doctor, because your life, could be on the line, and you may not even, recognize it, when your heart is failing you, so take care of yourselves and your heart, and pay several visits to the doctor, even if you are not sick. You also have to make sure that, you are taking care of yourselves and your heart, through healthy habits, by eating right and staying active. Don’t just let the doctor do all the work, you need to do some of the work as well, to take care of your heart, has to be done, on your side, so that you have a healthy heart. By taking care of yourselves, we assume that you know, what we are talking about here, but we’ll tell you if you don’t know. If you don’t do these things already, make sure you do them, religiously. You need to eat the right food, don’t just eat anything, you may also want to stop eating meat, because meet forces your heart, to work harder, and you don’t want to give your heart, a hard job every day, because it may, become frustrated with you, and stop working for you. As far as your body is concerned, and no matter how you feel, you need to hit the gym as well; every day would be ideal, but you should rest, at least a day or two.

If you are not going to the gym, you will certainly not be able, to completely take care of your heart, because you need to get your heart pumping more and more blood, as you grow older, and only an active body can help the heart pump blood efficiently throughout the body. When you don’t get your heart, to pump more and more blood through your body, by exercising, every day for thirty minutes a day, at least; you end up, like most fat people do, without the ability to breath, developing all types of diseases, and eventually dying.

The heart is always at work, even when you are asleep, your heart still takes care of you, because it knows, that if you don’t wake up, then it didn’t do the job right. Some people, don’t wake up from their sleep, most often time, and they don’t get to see the next day, due to the fact that The Most High, who created all of us, did not permit, that person to live anymore. You should take care of your heart though, because without The Most High and your health, you are nothing, and without The God of Israel, you mean nothing. Don’t, let your heart get to the point of no return, catch it fast, before you end up six feet under, because it could happen, and if you are not prepare to see the day you die, then you may want to take steps toward living a better life.

Don’t waste any time either, don’t be slack and stay on top of your health, your heart is a precious organ, and you need to learn to love your heart, so that you may live a long life, or may live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is at hand. Many of us though, don’t care, we don’t care for our health, and we regard our hearts as just any piece of meat, which beats inside of us. Some of us don’t even feel the heart, or have any emotions, anymore, many of us are not even humans anymore, because we do so much damage to our emotions, that by the time you want to use your heart, it is too late, because you used it for all the wrong reasons, with all the wrong people. It is your heart, indeed, and I know you believe that your life is your own, but how can it be your own, if you have to return it to its rightful owner one day?

Therefore, you are not your own, because from dust we came, and to dust we shall return, so we are not our own. The heart is an amazing organ, because it was created by an amazing God, and you need to learn to give Him all praises, for the heart that He gave you and the life that you have. If you don’t believe, that The God of Israel created your heart, continue to go in the path of death, that you are in right now, and wait until you die, so that you may meet your creator, and figure out that you will be burning in hell for ever for not obeying Him who created you, because you didn’t take care of your heart, defiled your body, by eating all types of unclean food and most importantly, you didn’t care to keep the laws, statues and commandments of the Most High Power of Israel.

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