The Internet Of Things According to Cisco Networking Systems

internet of things

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In the world of computers, work stations have to be able to communicate with each other, for them to be able, to bring the services and the applications, which we use on a day to day basis, to the world. It is very important, that networks are built and designed correctly, so that when you use computing devices, you don’t run into the many problems, which are related to building bad networks and which many network designers have faced in the past.

Some of these problems, can give network designer a headache and cause them to have a really bad day.

In today’s article post, we are going to talk about a network programming language, that we may all know well too well.

It is actually, a network programming system or company, called Cisco networking systems and how they view the future with the Internet of Things.

Cisco networking systems, is a company, which specializes in networks, by helping business owners, solve their networking problems, by providing solutions, which are specific, to that company’s needs. Cisco has created, value and opportunity, for customers, employees, and partners around the globe.

Worldwide, Cisco is one of the leading companies in networking, because this company transforms, how people connect and communicate through a network of working computing devices. Cisco systems, is a very good field of study as well, because this company is giving thought, to things that most other companies, are not thinking about. One of these things, which Cisco systems, is constantly thinking about, is the way that society is going to function a century from now, and how each of us, human beings are going to communicate in the future.

At Cisco Systems, the people who work there, are already predicting, that humans will live for a longer time; therefore, they are already preparing for a future that’s to come, and you better be prepared as well. Cisco Systems is preparing to deal with a variate of areas in life, which many of us are probably not thinking about, too much, because we rather sit in front of a television set and eat potato chips all day. Such areas in life include: online education, human health, wearable technology, and transportation.

The way we are going to be using and interacting, with all of these areas in life in the future, is going to change, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea, to start to think about how we are going, to tackle the new challenges, that are going to come to us, in the future. The one area that Cisco systems is really focusing on, is the growing number of connected devices, which have a lot of information, and are slowly, but surely, forming the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things, according to Cisco, is a subset of the Internet of Everything.

The Internet of Thing

This technology is a very integral part of Cisco’s marketing campaign, because the company claims, that it would be able to allow people, to connect to the Internet, their next-generation devices, which are way ahead of their future and other products that will be upgraded in the future. According to executives at Cisco, more than 1 trillion existing devices, have the potential to connect to the Internet. Although, these devices can’t connect to the Internet, just yet, we shall see them connected to the Internet, in the near future.

The idea of having everything around us connected to the Internet, can also be a scary thing though, if you watch television, you’ll probably be thinking about Termitor genesis. You may be thinking that movies can’t never become real, but if you think about the movies of the 60’s, they are manifesting today. If we have a world, where every device is connected to the Internet and then we give intelligence, to that Internet, we may just find out that we have doomed our existence on earth. We just need to be careful, with what we are creating, so that our creation, don’t become our enemy and destroy us.

The cost of making the connection to the Internet is getting smaller and smaller as well, this only means that many people will look to connect just about anything to the Internet, so that they are connected to their devices, and their personal data at all time, during their lifetime. You may be wondering, what type of things, could be connected to the Internet, but imagine, your bathroom mirror giving you important reminders, in the morning, that you may have forgotten during the day, before that morning. Whatever important dates, you set up on your email calendar, or any electronic date keeping calendar you may have online, may be transmitted over the Internet and to your bathroom mirror.

You could, link your email together, with your mirror, and be able to always be updated, about any important events you may have during the day. Once you have made all proper configurations, to the mirror and to your email, so that they may be able to find each other, during the search, in cyber space. According to Cisco systems, bathroom mirrors could also do other things, such as giving you basic, but important doctor’s eye exams, as well as, information about your pupil’s dilation, skin temperature, pulse, and blood pressures. It would be really cool, to have all your checkups, done at home and then have all that information sent to your doctor directly, so that he may recommend what you need to do next.

All of this can be accomplished, from the comfort of your home. Your home, would be full with a host of devices, that would be connected to the Internet as well, and be able to measure your physical condition, so that you, may have a better experience at home, in the near future. Your home will be very smart in the future, it will be able to keep you healthy at all times, and recommend the type of food you should eat, how much water your body needs, and even if you need to exercise, because you are getting way to fat, and are becoming a couch potato due to watching too much television. Don’t be alarmed either, because you won’t have to worry about your privacy being robbed, well you may have to take good care of your personal data, and know that you are connected to the Internet, but overall your health will be protected at all time.

I’m sorry, I have to change the subject for a second; it sounded too funny for me to write what I just wrote, I know it sounded funny for you to read it as well, so I’ll address it here. Before we continue with our conversation, we do have to talk, about the security implications of the Internet of Things.

We all, in the world believe, that we are doing great, with all our technology; the way we are moving forward, it seems as though, we all need to be connected to the Internet and share all of our life there; this is indeed true, it is not a lie, it is becoming our reality, we do need to be connected and share our personal information. However, to what end do you connect to the Internet? If you don’t connect to the Internet, know and understand that you will be running the risk of being out there on your own. Meaning, that you don’t know, what to do, in a world that revolves around technology and information.

You won’t be able to find the necessary help and support, you would need to live, in a world, which requires for you to be connected to the Internet, in order for you, to receive all the help that you need, when you are looking for it; therefore it is necessary that you are connected, but the question still remains, to what extents. It seems as though, it is your choice to connect or not connect, but you see how you can’t live, without a cell phone today? In the near future, you won’t be able to live without any of your devices, being connected to the Internet of Things.

Not to mention, that you would be forgotten, and left behind in a world, where you won’t be counted as something if you are not connected to the Internet. Oh, yes, that’s another thing, your government, would only regard you, as some number, not really a person, but with that number, that you are given, you would be better accounted for, and you won’t miss your meal. Meaning that your government would be able to provide for everyone when everyone is connected to the Internet. The future system would be similar to what we have today, with social security numbers, and the census bureau, however the Internet, would add a different aspect to the system. You can think of the Internet of Things, as something very sinister, or you can think of it as something very helpful to humans it’s all up to your imagination.

Whichever way you look at it, it is coming and we ought to be ready for it so that we don’t learn to avoid it, but instead, we learn to move through it better, so that we are not caught up, in the wrong situation at the wrong time. I mean, can you imagine? Cisco systems, predicts that there will be pills, which would have built-in radios and sensors embedded, so that doctors can have a better understanding of the biology, of an individual’s body. Data would be collected, continuously, and not just during the checkups days, which you sometimes may miss.

Problems, would be detected early and treatments would be personalized, because doctors would have available to them, more reliable and better information systems, about your body, which you may not be able to transmit to your doctor, yourselves.

Now the big question to this pill is, who else would have that type of information about your body? We can’t be too naive, to think that the information, which an ingested pill, is collecting about our bodies, will solely be used for the purpose of the doctor, to help you. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT), sounds very smart and profitable to humans, it sounds as if we are making progress, and as if we are moving in the right direction. However, we also have to think, about what the IoT would sound like in the future, and how a pill inside your body would affect, your perfect biological system.

What if the government, wants to control everyone, and introduces the pill as something helpful, then turns around and uses that same pill, to put us all in fear, if we don’t do as they say; by using the pill as an explosive that could go off, when they press a button on their end. We have to think about all of that on this post, we want to focus on the Internet of Things and how positive Cisco claims, it would be for all of us, but we can’t be ignorant of the signs, which are pointing to a sinister future as well. We are also, according to Cisco, going to gain the ability, to sequence the DNA of a person, in an afternoon, and print replacement organs with three-dimensional printers in the near future, very quickly. The 3D printing of organs, will undoubtedly help to prolong the life span of humans, to centuries.

Health-care, is not the only area in life, that would benefit from the Internet of Things, education too would see the benefits, of having everything in the classrooms, be connected to the Internet. Institutions, have to rethink teaching and learning, because we live in a society, which has a wealth of data available to them, which is exponentially growing every day, increasing people’s knowledge. Due to the wealth of technology that is available, students have to also be prepared, to compete in a work place, which is demanding and challenging as well. Education today, is not the same anymore, where one person teaches students, instead education is becoming, a collaborative, active, and self-directed and engaging place, where students as well as the teacher engage in teaching and learning.

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