Logic Is A Vital Part of The Brain, and It Can Help you In Any Situation In Life


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The brain is an amazing part of our body, and when it is used well, it can really change your lives; but you have to know how to use it, if you don’t, well, you won’t have much fun with it, and your life won’t be as interesting, as you might have hoped it to be. If you don’t learn, to use your brain, your brain will use you, or your brain will be used by someone else. You also have to learn to use your brain, the right way and in the right sense, not just for evil, but for good as well.

You have to learn how to use your brain and develop skills, that only your brain is able to handle so that your brain helps you benefits from things in this life, more than others. In today’s article post, we are going to talk about the logic of the brain, which many people claim to have, but only a few actually use their reasoning, to solve their personal problems. Let’s examine, from different points of view, what logic really means and what you can do, to improve your logic.

Logic is a concept, which is often described as a skill, that only educated people and those of you who attend school can obtain. According to the dictionary online, logic is defined as the proper, understanding of something or reasoning conducted, or assessed according to strict principles of validity. So you need, a strict set of rules and principles, in order for you to be able, to reason about a certain situation with logic. Everything, we see in the world today, can be said, that there was some logic behind it, in order for that thing to be developed.

This means, that before anything is created, in life, we have to find a purpose, for that thing to be created, and the purpose has to make logical sense, in the eyes of the creator, so that the creation finds a place in the world. Whether, the logic was good, or the logic was bad, there is some type of reasoning, behind the things we see in existence today. For example, the reason why the car was created, was because someone thought, that it would be much better, to travel by car, than traveling by horses.

Logic have been used for decades, for program planning, management, and evaluation of developing ideas. Logic is useful, because it gives, engineers, developers, and computer programmers, a map and an idea of the relationship, which exist between the resources, activities and intended results that you want to obtain, creating whatever the project is, to be to be developed. Without logic or reasoning, many of our inventions, wouldn’t make sense to the current world, or the world that is coming, in the near future. Logic, as mentioned before, can be used to accomplish a variety of projects, so that the outcome is the desired one.

Correct reasoning, have to be present though, for logic to be used properly. People use logic in any and every aspects of life, such as politics, literature, science, business, health, education, and just about everything that formulates a problem, and needs to be corrected; or anything, which formulate a need, which has to be fulfilled. Put it to you this way, if you use good reasoning to think, about a certain problem, then my fellow readers, you have used your logic correctly, to make the world a better place, for you and for the people around you.

When you use bad reasoning, you are not using logic the correct way. This means that you are using your reasoning to create problems, and stop others from solving problems. Your logic and the way you think about things, will determine, whether or not you are using good reasoning, to solve a problem or fulfill a need. Logic show people, how they should reason, because a lot of people, don’t really know how to reason, although, they believe that they are doing it, the right way.

But, most of us, are not doing the right type of reasoning, instead most of us, are stuck in limbo, doing the wrong type of reasoning, and provoke our lives to go the wrong direction. Therefore many of us need to develop our reasoning, and learn to use our logic much better. One way to develop your reasoning is through schooling, because school teaches people the correct way of using their logic.

When you study arithmetic, you are indeed developing the logic skills of your brain, because arithmetic gives you a description of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, rather than describing the psychological process of the reasoning behind, these operations. In other words, arithmetic, gives you the rules for the correct reasoning, behind the process of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The methods for justifying reasoning, are described by logic; but the actual reasoning is not given by logic. Logic is there to help us, understand why the proper reasoning for something, such as arithmetic, actually exist in the first place. Logic also helps us, determine if we are performing the right type of reasoning or not.

Logic is similar to common sense, and with things that you don’t already know, logic helps you, to understand the purpose of the reasoning of those unknown things to you in life. In order for you, to increase your reasoning, you will have to learn many spoken languages, or at least one or two, because you need to understand, how people of other cultures and nations other than your own, do their reasoning. The correctness and incorrectness of inferences, must also be considered, because many errors, can creep up on you and you have to learn how to eliminate them, when you are using logic, to achieve, a desired result. People of all cultures, and nationalities have to follow rules and principles, which have been described by logic, to obtain the right results about any situation, which requires the right reasoning and a lot of discipline.

When you learn a language, you gain access to the culture of a nation and therefore, you learn how that nation reasons, thus giving you, a system of logic, instead of having just one way of thinking about, certain problems and situations in life. The rules for correct reasoning are described by logic; therefore develop your logic by learning other languages and culture, so that you have a system of logic and many ways of thinking, not just your own from your country. In order for logicians to know, which is the correct way of reasoning they first study, how people of all nationalities, reason about certain situations in life, and then they conclude, which reasoning was the best one to obtain the best results.

Logic is like mathematics because it is a non-empirical science, which justifies, as mentioned earlier, the reasoning behind the things we do in life. Logic can be divided into two main branches because there are two different types of reasoning processes. When someone, reasons about a certain situation, and that person is certain about their reasoning, based purely on the evidence presented, then that type of logic is called deductive logic. When a person, however, does not follow their reasoning about a certain situation, with certainty, then inductive logic is used to decide whether or not, the person’s logic is correct. The fact that inductive and deductive logic exist and are different from each other, gives us the ability, to also perform logic, in a formal or informal way. Therefore, there are four types of logic, which you can perform, to find out if the reasoning behind something is correct: the formal deductive logic, the informal deductive logic, the formal inductive logic, and the informal inductive logic. The discovering of truth is most often related to logic because, through logic, you are able to determine, whether or not, the reasoning of a person is right or wrong.

Therefore, you are able to figure out the truth, by using one of the four types of logic, mentioned above. The main goal of logic is to figure out whether or not an argument, makes logical sense, so when you study logic, you would have the skills to discern between good arguments and bad arguments. Not many people have the skills, you know, most people actually are caught up in a lie, because they are not able to discern between a lie and the truth. You have to be able to define, in an exact way one concept, inside another concept, for you to be able to master logic. People will often use arguments, to present their cases to you, and you must not believe that these arguments are just a group of statements, these arguments must be presented, with flow of thought, from reasoning given, in the premises of the arguments, to the conclusion, which should show you the truth.

An argument must provide good grounds, for the truth or conclusions that it follows, to be justified. Be careful and pay attention though, because many arguments will provide, good grounds for their conclusions, however, not every truth is justified, by logic, and every argument is not a good argument either. You have to watch out, because arguments are used to persuade people, and to make them believe a truth, that does not make sense, or stand in good ground. Use your brain, and apply some logic, when you are presented with stupid arguments, to persuade you to believe a lie, that will only put you in a bad situation, because you decided to follow that lie. Today’s world is very deceptive, so it is very important that you are using your logic, to differ the truth from the lie.

People are very confused, about reality and thus figure that they rather follow something that makes no sense whatsoever, rather than believing in the truth. We are living in the end times, my fellow reader, I have to mention that and warn you to use your logic and read your bible, so that you may find repentance in the eyes of The Most High power. Use your brain, and develop your logic, so that you are not deceived, because it is very easy to be deceived in the world today, to lead you to believe that something that is obivieously good is bad and something that is obviously bad is good, for you. If you don’t use your brain, you will be deceived, because those who are trying to ruin your life, are very smart, and they know how to get you caught up in a lie, so that your life is forever ruined. If you decide to take this good advice, I am happy for you, but if you don’t then I guess, I will see you in eternal damnation and you will see me in the Kingdom of Heaven with The God of Israel and His angels. Logic, can help you determine the truth, from the lie, but you have to learn how to use your logic to be able to find the truth, but if you want to forever, live in a lie, then don’t bother using your brain, let someone else use it for you.

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