It Is Imperative that You Learn To Anticipate The Future, Your Life Depends on It


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In order for you, to be able to stay ahead of the game, you have to learn to anticipate the future, because in today’s reality, it is not enough, to just be in the present and live a good life.

You have to learn to live in the present, remember the past and anticipate the future, to be successful in life. You have to be able though, to anticipate the future, which is more important, then living in the present and learning as well as remembering your past.

It is not going to go well with you, if you don’t learn this important skill of life, of anticipating the future, based on past and present experiences.

Many people believe that, evil things come upon them, because they don’t have a way, to prepare for the unexpected, but trust me when I tell you this, the unexpected is not real, unless you fall asleep, and stay asleep, then the unexpected is not only real, but it becomes a night mare for you; because you refused to expect the unexpected and be prepared.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, how to anticipate the future, and the reasons why so many of us go through bad situations, unexpectedly.

Some of you, fellow readers, will definitely not believe, in what you are about to read, but for those of you, who will take this to heart, let me tell you; it’s not far-fetched, that you can see the future, even before it happens.

When you make the right adjustments, you will know what you need to do, so that the worst things, in life, don’t befall upon you.

However, if you don’t make the adjustmenst and you stay asleep just for a little bit, you will experience many hardships, in your lives.

If you are a smart person, which I am sure you are, you know how to anticipate the future, and make the right decisions, in your life, which would have you sitting on top of your world.

However, you have to be alert, and stay ahead of the game which has been set up in your lives. You have to learn to recognize, the signs that will come at you, left and right, so that you are aware, that something is coming, and you would need to either, wake up, or make adjustments in your life, so that you don’t end up in bad situations.

A good example of what I am talking about here, would be your job situations, I am sure most of you readers, have a job, but if you don’t, then you own a business, or do freelance work.

Whatever, your situation may be, you must have some type of income, to be able to live in this current world.

Anyhow, when your finances, are not looking as good as you’d expect, you need to make the right decisions, about how you spend, your money, for you to be able to make it through, your bad situations.

If you however, don’t anticipate, what is coming your way, and you continue to be irresponsible, about your finances, then you will surely, have to face the consequences, and will end up in a terrible situation, which you may not be able to bear.

You my friend, may end up homeless, hungry or naked, if you don’t know how to manage your finances, when you are going through harsh, financial situations.

You have to remember that, no one can put you, in bad financial situations, if you didn’t take the proper steps, to avoid being in that situation, in the first place.

Even when you are in a bad situation, you should still take the proper steps, to make things better, because now you need to get out of that bad situation.

Don’t continue to be asleep, because your situation, will definitely be bad at first, but you can still make things right, if you wake up, and act fast.

But you have to anticipate the future first, and be ready to pay for the wrong that you have done, with your finances or with whatever bad decision you have made.

After you’ve paid your debt, then you’ll be able to move into, a better place in your life, where you always wanted to be, in the first place.

Also, once you have fallen into a bad situation, you will not be able to escape the consequences, you have to pay, for what you did, and the poor choices you took, while you were in a good place, sleeping.

Anticipate the future, it is not hard, it is as easy as drinking a glass of water; but the one thing you need to do, to be able to anticipate this future though, is that you have to stay alert, pay attention and take action.

As far as, what actions you need to take, that’s for you to figure out, depending on the situations that you may be in, and the signs that life, throws at you.

The one thing, which would allow you, to discern which actions you should take, is the level of alertness that you have at all times; and how aware you are of your own lives.

You should also be cautious with your actions too, because you may do too much, and hurt yourself, instead of helping yourself, in the situation.

Don’t be fooled or deceived, because your life’s situations, and the signs from life, can become very confusing, and you may end up in a bad situation, even when you were alert and paying attention.

You may be wondering, what’s the point of staying alert, if I may end up in a bad situation anyway.

Well, the point of staying alert is that, you increase your chances, of avoiding being in a bad situation.

When you are asleep, or not paying attention, then your chances for ending up in a bad situation, will actually increase and you could indeed, end up in a bad situation.

The best way to avoid bad situations in life, is through a lengthy period of time of awareness, and learning from your past mistakes.

Always, learn from your past mistakes, don’t let them bring you down, and don’t be depressed, but instead let them teach you a lesson, and shape some character into you, so that when you even think, about committing the same mistake, you made in the past, against yourselves, you would be able to remind yourselves, of the mistakes you made in the past, and where that mistake will lead.

Don’t commit the same mistakes twice, you will pay for the consequences, and these consequences, will get more and more grievous, when you make the same mistake more than once, in your life time.

But you are a smart reader, so you shouldn’t be concerned about making the same mistake twice; however, be alert.

Often times, we decide to go to sleep in life, yes I said it, sleep in life, meaning that we become confident during our good situations.

We tend to forget, that once upon a time, life was hard, and that we had to suffer many things, before we were able to arrive at that good spot in life, where we feel as though, the world can’t harm us anymore.

So we go to sleep, because we tend to stay, in that good situation, for a long time, and we tend to forget the basics.

We don’t remind ourselves anymore, that evil can befall us, and that evil is not too far away from us, either.

We don’t remind ourselves that, getting to our good situations, was not an easy journey, and staying in that good situation would not be an easy job neither.

We have to continuously remind ourselves of the past, so that we are prepared for the future.

We have to develop a system that reminds us, of the hardships it took us, to get to that place, where we feel safe and secure.

Arriving at that place, is never going to be easy, I am sure you may know this already, so as you are working toward that place, pick up habits, and establish a system of remembrance, something you have to do every day, which will remind you of that time when you were finally freed, from your afflictions, because you were able to anticipate your future and made the right adjustments, to live a better life.

Once you have established, a formal ritual, or series of actions, which will remind you of the hardship and toil, you had to face, in order for you to arrive, at your good situation, whatever that may be.

You should also, work on a system, that will help you to stay alert, so that you may anticipate the future, based on the past, which has made you a better person today.

Also remember, that you should always continue to learn and grow, into a better person, don’t ever stop perfecting your perfect, and keep things fresh and new in your mind, so that you don’t become boring, doing the basics over and over and over again.

It is important, that you do your basics, continuously, don’t depart from your own principles, so that you don’t find yourselves, in bad situations.

But you should also build upon those principles, refine them and find new ones, which would upgrade old principles.

Also base the principles, which you establish for yourselves, in your life, on something very concrete.

For example, you can base or adopt the laws, statues and commandments of the holy bible and make them your principles.

Because you need not to lose yourselves, in search of something greater in life; when you embrace the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High, you are always guaranteed to win in life.

We are currently living in a world, that requires for you to use your brain, in more than one way, you may not want to just have a minimum wage job, you may want to take up some classes and always challenge your brain, because learning how to anticipate the future, is indeed a complex skill.

Only those, people who have a brain, has the capability to do so, will be able to anticipate their future and make the right choices so that they end up in good situations, at all times.

Thank you for reading this article post!!!