Intelligence Is A Great Tool Of The Brain

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The capacity and ability, for one’s abstract thoughts, logic, understanding, self-awareness, emotional knowledge, communication, learning, emotional control, memory and planning, are all skills that we must learn, as we grow in life.

You don’t, wake up knowing everything, unless The Most High, allows it to happen of course.

You must learn how to be intelligent, and when I say, you must learn in life, how to be intelligent, I mean that your life, depends on the fact, that you acquire these and many other skills of the brain, to be able to endure to the end.

We need to train the brain, so that we may better cope with our reality, and our world, to make better life decisions, which could determine whether we live or die on this earth.

The purpose of life, is not for you to die, but to live, so you need to make sure, that you do learn many other skills of the brain, which are important to your earthly existence.

In today’s article, we are going to examine the intelligence part of our brains, which seem to be lacking in many people today, in the twenty first century and we are going to talk about how we can develop our intelligence.

We are also, going to examine how intelligence is important, and how it is a great tool of the brain, if it is well used and developed, of course.

Intelligence, could be classified as a key indicator, of a person’s future; meaning that if you lack intelligence, or don’t do anything, to develop your intelligence, your future is certainly going to be dimmed, and you will surely fail, in everything that you want to do, because you are a dumb person. There are dumb people in the world today and we should all accept that fact, actually the majority of people today are really dumb.

You will never have something concrete to stand on, when you don’t have intelligence, you would be all over the place, with your life and won’t even know it, because you are dumb, and don’t have the capacity to recognize, important events in your lives, which you should avoid or handle a certain way, because they could lead you, to destruction.

You really want to be able to think critically, analytically and creatively at all times, in all areas of your life. Don’t ever stop thinking this way, and always put your knowledge to the test, so that you may measure the length and strength of your intelligence.

The reason being, is that you will always know, what you need to do, to gain more knowledge; and you will also always know, that you need to always gain more and more knowledge, in order to develop your intelligence.

Open your eyes to reality, use your brain and develop your intelligence; by reading lots of books, completing a degree, and most importantly by reading your bible (The Holy Scriptures), you will take yourself into a world that only few are able to go.

You want to be able, to solve real life problems, learn new languages, and maintain yourselves in a good healthy state.

Don’t deplete yourselves though, and don’t overdo it neither, but at the same time, don’t be idle neither, you do need to get moving, and put your brain to work, but pace yourselves.

You need to also make sure that you eat right, and exercise regularly, especially after you reach a certain age; for most of us it all start the age of 30.

Don’t waste any time on getting yourselves together, get moving; that is of course if you want to gain real intelligence, and don’t want to be left behind.

Gaining intelligence, will make you feel as though, you are ahead of everyone, and you are winning this invisible race of life, in which we all have to participate; however, you have to do the hard work and never quit.

Gaining, intelligence, is a lot of hard work and you may just quit, in the middle of you gaining intelligence, because gaining intelligence, is hard and discouraging, you will face a lot of obstacles and haters, which you will have to learn to tackle.

Gaining intelligence, is different from gaining knowledge, because you may forget what you know, but intelligence, you’ll never forget; because intelligence, is how you mold you brain to be, so that you shape the thought of your mind, and you are able to deal with life, better and different than most people.

I am sure, your mother told you, to go to school, because the knowledge you gain at school, no one can steal it from you, and that is true; however, if you don’t continue to study, and keep your brain cells active, you will forget, what you have learned in school.

The reason being, is that you are getting old by the second, and you need to always upgrade, your skill, so that your brain continues to be challenged, and stays motivated.

What you learn in school, must be learned over and over again, so that you don’t forget the knowledge, you gained in school, and give your brain, a real intelligence work out.

Intelligence, to your brain, is like, turbo to a car, or a new wardrobe to your closet, or muscles to your body.

Intelligence, makes your brain go faster, you also think faster, and make the correct decisions faster than most people, in the same situation, as you are.

Your brain, is the most important muscle of your whole body, and you need to learn to lift weights, for your brain, with the books you find in school and most importantly the bible, if you don’t believe in the bible though then you are missing out on obtaining wisdom from The Most High. You should not just gaining knowledge, from this world, but you should also be gaining knowledge, from the spiritual world, which is found in the bible.

You want to gain intelligence, because you will have the ability, to learn to deal with problems in life, which most people have a hard time dealing with.

Seek intelligence, my fellow readers, it will guide you through your life.

And if you worry, about becoming too wearied from gaining intelligence, well don’t worry, because your brain can take it.

However, you do have to keep one thing in mind, you need to make sure that you are always making the God Of Israel, the first God of your life, and you need to make sure that you follow his laws, statues and commandments so that He may bless you with a lot of intelligence.

If you don’t, believe in the bible, or in the fact that you were created by The Most High, then you are dumb and need to gain some real intelligence.

Don’t be fooled people, gain intelligence because your soul depends on it.

Once you have obtained, all the knowledge that you are seeking, then you need to be able to use it.

Using this knowledge wisely and properly, is what makes you an intelligent and wise person.

Many people out there, are able to use their knowledge, but only to find out that they used, what they’ve learned, wrongly, and find themselves stuck in bad situations, where they can’t escape.

If you make a prison house for yourselves, you are the dumbest person alive.

It is easy to find yourselves in a prison, that you willingly built yourselves, with all the knowledge you obtained, because you didn’t use your knowledge the right way.

You are the dumbest person on earth, if you build your own prison, with the knowledge you obtained at school.

Therefore, learn yourselves, and your limitations, don’t be fooled, get yourselves around other people, who are pursuing the same things you are pursuing in life.

Learn from these people’s mistakes, and learn to not make the same mistakes, also seek advice, and don’t be afraid to ask too many questions, but make sure you ask the right questions, because there is such a thing, as a stupid question, depending on the circumstances.

Stay on top of your game, by gaining intelligence, become wiser every day, don’t slumber or procrastinate, because that will be the day that you will lose, at the game of life, and won’t achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Intelligence, will help you achieve your goals in life, but you have to gain your intelligence, and be actively seeking for it, so that you are not deceived by your own your heart’s desires and feelings.

In gaining intelligence, you may also, want to make sure, that you are a humble type of person, always work hard, and don’t be afraid to try new things, the unknowing and the things that are strange to you.

You may want to have a level of respect for yourselves as well though, don’t just try anything that is strange and new, always remind yourselves of the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High, found in the bible, and operate within the confines, of the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High, when you are seeking to gain intelligence.

Also, don’t forget about the basics, don’t you ever forget about what you did, in the first place to arrive at this article, what made you seek intelligence, what is pushing you and what will keep you in the game, until forever.

I say until forever, because you want to always be in the business of gaining intelligence and upgrading your knowledge.

Once you start, you can’t stop, or go back, you will be a stupid person and you will purposely harm yourselves, if you stop seeking intelligence.

As I mentioned before, you should also surround yourselves with others, who are seeking the same thing as you are, don’t be around, people who are not growing in life, like you, even if these people are family member or friends.

The reason being, is that you are on a different frequency, and people who are on lower frequencies, tend to bring down those who are on a higher frequency.

So get away from those people, who may bring you down, because those people enjoy their situations, whatever their situation may be, it is often a bad situation for you, and they want you to join them, so move away from those people.

Gaining intelligence, is not a science project, it is not impossible, but you do have to open up a book, especially the bible and do the work diligently.

Don’t forget to open up your bible, because you will not only gain intelligence, but you will gain the oracles, of The Most High power, the one who created us all and has the power to destroy you and your soul.

Besides, wouldn’t you like to gain intelligence, from Him who formed and created you, He knows you better, than you know yourselves, so I would suggest, you open up that bible and try to read it from Genesis, through Revelations, don’t skip any books and read it in order.

Anyhow, I don’t mean to get all biblical on you, but we do have to give glory to The Most High, when we speak about intelligence, because He is The Most intelligent being and power in the whole wide world and existence.

No one is like Him, and no one will never be like Him, so learn to pay your respect, and maybe just maybe, He’ll find it in His heart, to reveal to you, the secrets of life that He only reveals to His true servants.

If you are a lucky person, and you learn to follow His laws, statues and commandments, then you will gain the intelligence that you are seeking to gain.

But you have to do your homework, you have to have a humble spirit, and you must not think that you are better than anyone, only He who created you can exalt and glorify you, but you have to give all your glory to Him who created you.

If you don’t, if you refuse to do this, you will never be intelligent enough, you will gain some type of intelligence, but it won’t have the heavenly intelligence, which comes from the Most High.

Thank you for reading this post!!!