The Creation Story According to Mankind

the creation story

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According to the first book of the Bible, Genesis, in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth; and that, my fellow readers, is how the earth was created. However, we have come up, with our own understanding, of the creation story, because we just don’t like what the bible says, and many of us are rebellious toward The Most High’s Power.

I am not sure, I understand why most of us are against The Most High, who gives us life, as if we can create life ourselves. In today’s article, we will examine how the earth and everything in it, was created, according to man’s interpretation. I cannot promise anything though, I may change the subject, because of my belief in the bible, which is very strong. If you don’t believe in the bible, well, I suggest you don’t even continue to read this article, because it may offend you. According to scientists, the earth and the sun, as well as, all the other planets, were formed by a collision, of many materials, known as the big bang.

I personally don’t believe in the theory of the big bang though, because it sounds absurd and stupid. If this was true indeed, it would have been a big mess in the universe. Anyhow, the earth is also thought to be 4.6 billion years old, which means that our home has a long history of life. But, are we on the right path, with the story of creation? Why don’t we believe what the bible says?

I guess it is because, we just don’t care for the bible, anyhow, the earth according to scientific theories, didn’t always look the way it does today, according to scientific theories, the formation of the earth, all of the planets, the stars and the sun of the universe, was a long process, which required evolution and time.

What a hoax, we are being lied to and, we rather believe the stupid theories and lies of these scientists. Anyhow, scientists believe that billions of years ago, our solar system, was a cloud of dust known as the nebula. Gravity, which we don’t yet know, how that was formed, or where it came from; collapsed the dusty material in on itself, and it began to spin. I am sure, some of you will figure, that a black hole was the result of gravity, well, if that was the case, how come NASA has a hard time finding other planets in the universe, but they do find a lot of black holes.

As the dusty materials began to spin, and collapsing within itself, it formed what we all know today, like the earth, the stars, the moon, and the sun as well. This is of course just a theory or a guest which scientists have formulated because most people didn’t accept the creation story, of the bible and needed to believe a lie, rather than the truth of the bible. Anyhow, according to the scientist, elements that were lighter than other elements were swept away, by the sun’s wind, as they began to rise.

It is totally crazy, that we believe what scientist have told us, about our earth, but we don’t believe, what our Creator has told us about the earth, which He created for all of us to inhabit. Anyways, asteroids, other planets, and the moon were created, because the solar wind had less impact, on lighter elements, which allow them to coalesce into gas giants, according to science. It sounds, like something out of a comic book, but hey, this is what we want to believe, “the big bang theory”, whatever, this is just a theory and we have believed a theory, rather than the truth. Anyhow, the rocky surface of the earth was created first, because of all the heavy elements, that collided and bound together first.

All of this ideology and belief is, according to the theories that scientists, have formulated, nothing really concrete, nothing really certain, and everything is a guess; these are the facts. So I feel as though, I would be wasting my time and your time if I further researched this topic. So I will give you a piece of my mind; I am sorry, I couldn’t take it anymore, but the story of creation, according to man, is a whole lot of lies. If you are a scientist, you know what scientists think, about the theories of scientists. I think that scientific theories, are a whole lot of crap, which they throw at us so that we don’t seek the face of The Creator, and we continue to be a slave, because they don’t want the majority of people to wake up, to the truth of life.

We are not going in the right direction people, because we already have a book, which explains to us, how we came into existence and how we should live our lives. Not only that but, the Bible tells us many stories, which would explain, why the world is the way it is today. Also, the bible references, and is referenced in other books, which would make the Bible a living book, not just a book written by man, but a book, written by the hand of our Creator, through His servants and prophets.

But you won’t believe in the Bible, will you? Because it is too hard, for you to believe that Superman, really existed and that God is a powerful God; who has the power to create this world, you and I, as well as the world of the spirits and the spirits as well. When we think about the theories of creations, we are told that our world, was a product of many materials colliding together and that we are here, by chance, with no purpose or any knowledge of the source of our origin.

We believe the lie, and can’t believe the truth. Maybe many of us, just don’t want, to believe what is real, because it is better than science fiction. How can a whole bunch of colliding gases, all of a sudden form the earth? It couldn’t be possible, besides it would be a mess in the universe if that was the way that planets, the sun, and the earth were formed. Besides, if this was, in fact, the case, why aren’t other planets being created the same way today? Wouldn’t the theory of creation continue, creating planets, the way we believe our planet was created? Do you know why planets and stars are not created, in a big bang theory fashion? Because you and I have been fed lies, and we chose to believe that story, although, scientists tell us that they are just making guesses, we chose to give their guesses more validity, in our lives than the truth of The Holy Scriptures.

I know you have heard, of NASA finding new planets, which they claim were there for years, well let me tell you a secret, which is really not a secret. The Creator, is still at work, creating new planets, for the coming of His day, where there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and NASA wouldn’t be able to reach those planets, because NASA is too dumb to give God His rightful place in history.

Our world is vast and beautiful, and I refuse to believe that it was not The Creator, Who with His hands and fingers formed the earth, the universe, the sun, the stars and everything that is in them. He is still around, and we will soon, find out, whether He means business or whether He is just playing around with humans. We are getting, more and more knowledgeable, every day, but it seems as though, we are becoming, more and dumber, because we refuse to do the work and believe in the obvious truth, which is the Bible is alive, and we ought to obey it, lest we die. I don’t believe that the blue heaven, which is on top of us, was created as a result of a bunch of gas matter colliding together.

I also, don’t believe that scientists, don’t really know how the creation of our earth, came about, I mean it is not a belief, it is actually what I know, because they say, that their creation story, is just a theory, called, “The Big Bang Theory”. I think, science and the elites of our world, and who run this world, know exactly how our world was created, but they refuse to give the knowledge to the masses so that people understand it and don’t reject it.

The same elite group also refuses, to give power and respect to The Most High, because we are a rebellious creation, but The Most High, will revisit our sins against Him. We are so rebellious, that we don’t even care how we live our lives when we wake up in the morning. All we do is wake up and go, we don’t even consider Our Creator, we don’t thank him for the day; but there is going to come a time, when the world will change forever, and I hope that you are ready for that change, because it will not be a smooth change, according to the bible.

The One, Who made us all, is becoming fed up with our disrespect, insolence and idolatry. If you don’t want to praise His name, of your own will, you will praise Him by force or you will fall by the sword that He will bring to our world. Our earth is a beautiful home, it is unique and was perfectly made for us, but we have to learn to take care of it, and we have to learn, that it was created by The Most High Power of Israel, and not by a bunch for materials colliding together. We have to acknowledge Him, in all things, because we didn’t create this world, and we sure didn’t create ourselves neither. Evolution, was not needed, during the creation of the world, and neither was the help of any gases colliding together. The whole Earth, and everything that is on it, including humans, were created in six days, according to the bible, on the seventh day The God of Israel rested, so that he may be refreshed. Creation, was intelligently designed for us, so don’t even think, that we are merely here by chance, and that

The God of Israel is not real. You shall surely find out though, if you have the ability to stay alive, until the day of The Lord, you will see, what I am talking about here. Hopefully, you would have changed your ways, and realize that The Most High, is watching all of us.

Also, the most high is not only a man of love, but He is also a man of war, and if you don’t follow, his laws, statutes and commandments, you will surely be put to death. Creation was given to us for a purpose, and we need to fulfill that purpose, or else it will be taken away from us. Once the earth, is taken away from us, then be ready, because it will be terrible for everyone, who is a human being, and needs the earth to exist. The bible is a book of prophecies, learn to read it, and do what it says, so that your days may be long on this world, trust me, this is not a game people.

Soon, we will stop insulting Him, who created all of us, and we will stop thinking that this earth was a product, of a bunch of gases colliding together. It is truly amazing and insane, how stupid humanity has become, and how we let, the beliefs of the few elites of the world, dictate what most of us think, and what most of us do with our lives. The truth today has been distorted and we don’t want to acknowledge the fact that, we are wrong and that we are going, in the wrong direction.

We simply continue to live in the lie, and we continue to believe that the earth, was created by a big bang. When clearly the bible explains, that The Creator, made the world in seven days, but we shall soon find out who is right, a whole bunch of lying scientist and the world, or the bible, which is the word of The Most High. I could have continued telling the lie, that I found online about the story of creation, but I couldn’t continue to do that, because I know The Most High, because I believe in His word and I don’t want to be burned up, when His Son comes back in glory, ready to establish The Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth, so that everyone is aware, of who created the earth and who The Most High really is.

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